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1 Song Ji Hyo

She is smart and strategic! She is capable of doing missions as quickly and exciting at the same time! She is incredible and that's why she is called Ace! We love you!

She is smart and she is able to compete in missions against strong competitors. She could strategize and choose the right thing easily and fast! She has the ability to think effectively which is great! Without her, runningman isn't fun at all!

She is amazing. She is cute and amazingly beautiful without even trying. She can be graceful and super funny at the same time. No other actress could have pulled off her role in the running man

Definitely the best among them. Smart and pretty!

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2 Kim Jong Kook

He's strong and smart

He has it all, ain't no doubt that he's the best.

The charming person, he's so kind for lady

I love him

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3 Lee Kwang Soo

He's handsome, funny, and he loves his fans so much. He evens follows his supporters! I love lee kwang so so much!

Deep into his character, so funny

He's my favourite since episode 1

He is super funny, so good to his fellow members, kind-hearted, loving,handsome,caring,suffer all the penalties,wonderful actoretc etc etc etc..

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4 Gary

Amazing member, cute & handsome

I love you so much. I hope jihyo will be your wife.


5 Haha

He 's funny and makes them laugh he also has his time on being the smart one.

He's funny and witty. I love his character best!

Witty funny cutie character

6 Yoo Jae Suk

He is always friendly and nice. Best character

The best funny man

Yoomes bond! He very smart!


7 Song Joong Ki
8 Ji Suk Jin

He's really funny and amazing!

9 Kwon Ryeol - Jae Suk's VJ
10 Lizzy

The Contenders

11 Jeon So-min

Many people hate her, but she's actually really funny.

12 Kim Jong Kook - Henry
13 Yang Se-chan

Don't know his character yet, but still a great addition.

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1. Song Joong Ki
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1. Song Ji Hyo
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1. Song Ji Hyo
2. Kim Jong Kook
3. Lee Kwang Soo

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