Best Santana Songs


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1 Smooth

Obviously the best Santana song - bobbythebrony

Great guitar

Deserves no. 1 place

Such a great song.

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2 Black Magic Woman

Not quite my favorite, but it's up there. My favorite is Victory Is Won,

This is The Bast Gitarre.For Carlos Santana.

Fleetwood Mac made the original


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3 Europa

Anyone who knows real music will understand the beauty of this song. Smooth is just a commercial pop song. This is from the heart.

This one has meaning.

True masterpiece. - Metal_Treasure

4 Corazon Espinado
5 Samba Pa Ti

awesome! - Metal_Treasure

Muy Bien

6 Evil Ways

Game of Love can't be better than this, you've got to change your evil ways

7 Oye Como Va
8 The Game of Love

This is probably the only song I heard from this guy. But the way the girl says Why is so addicting. That's why I like the song. At least listen to the part where the girl says Why in a sweet voice. Before you judge the song.

9 Soul Sacrifice

Whaaat? Just number 12? Should be higher, at least in top 5 - juan101

Bad Ass


10 Everybody's Everything

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11 Maria, Maria

The best music of carlos santana

Great rhythm and vocals.

12 Jingo

Tie between this and Soul Sacrifice. Surprising that both aren't higher.

One of the essential tracks in the history of pop-music.

13 Into the Night

The singer sounds like Chad Kroeger of Nickelback. Guess what! It IS Chad Kroeger! - Metal_Treasure

14 Hope You're Feeling Better
15 Primavera

Best guitar solo

16 She's Not There
17 Just Feel Better

This is a great song. Plus, it features the lead singer of the greatest band of all time, Aerosmith.

Steven Tyler of Aerosmith sings it - Metal_Treasure

18 The Healer
19 Why Don't You & I
20 No One to Depend On

Needs to be higher up. - LizardKing99

21 Put Your Lights On
22 Blues for Salvador

Hidden gem. I really think this song should be more appreciated.

23 Aquamarine
24 Revelations
25 Let the Children Play
26 Winning
27 Song of the Wind
28 The Calling
29 Watermelon Man
30 Stormy
31 Let It Shine
32 Love of My Life
33 Hold On
34 Veracruz
35 Well All Right
36 Changes
37 Migra
38 (Da Le) Yaleo
39 Africa Bamba
40 Eres la Luz

From album "Shape Shifter".

41 Toussaint L'overture
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1. Europa
2. Corazon Espinado
3. Smooth
1. Europa
2. Samba Pa Ti
3. Smooth
1. Smooth
2. The Game of Love
3. She's Not There

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