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41 Tik - Tok
42 Never Gonna Be the Same V 1 Comment
43 Give Me the Light
44 Entertainment
45 She Makes Me Go V 3 Comments
46 Hey Baby
47 Lately
48 What About Us
49 Ebony Eyes

One of the best of him this song also should be up.

50 Make It Clap

Just listen to it am sure it will be in the top 5 soon

51 Greatest Gallies
52 Baby Girl

God, this song was not there before I put it on the list. I guess it was Sean pauls first hit single. It deserves a place in top 10. It's a very good song. This song made Sean paul what he is today. By the way Sean, your new album Full Frequency rocks to the core especially other side of love and turn it up. Sean Paul is the best singer in the world. Best of luck for your next album Sean. I am waiting eagerly for it. Keep creating good songs and albums like this in the future. People please vote and please listen to this song

Harsh 101

53 Turn It Up

! Its all most been a month since its release and it was still not on this list. Great music and beautiful vocals by Sean. I love it!


54 Hair V 1 Comment
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