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61 New Abortion

New Abortion is here? Come on people, this is one of the heaviest slipknot�'s songs ever, is top 10 at least!

How is this not in the top ten? Are you people to busy with the new album to remember their BEST era?

So underrated but definitely one of my favorites

I got a new abortion the other day

62 If Rain is What You Want

This is the darkest and most emotional song of the band and do not in top 20? What the hell is going on here?! I love the lyrics, but specially the riffs in the song. They are so dark and so meaningful. Ahh come on guys this song has to be in top 10..

"Close your eyes" and disappear into this atmospheric work of art. You can feel the hurt and pain through Corey's vocals. Absolutely amazing. So powerful

A really good song should be in top 20 if not even top 10

Most dramatic song ever. 'enough said. - theNightKiller

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63 Goodbye

I'm literally crying at the fact this song is 76.

So deep and sad... it should be more higher

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64 Be Prepared for Hell
65 Snap

One of their best songs ever. I don't see why it's so low. Seriously, maggots! CHECK THIS ONE OUT!

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66 Only One

How the hell is this not in the top 10? It's so amazing! Lot's of good hardcore energy! A (sic) song to mosh to!

67 The One That Kills the Least

Seriously? This is one of a very few song that I loved from new album. The phrase, the tone, the atmosphere. I can't get this song out of my head

This is bloody marvelous

Definitely one of my favorites of the new album.

68 Stamina

Stamina is 25?! Stamina is N.3! Paul Gray goods riffs and good drumming Joey and corey is total super! This song is real name a Slipknot RIP paul gray

69 Interloper

Is a roadrunner record demo. and you can't thumbs down because it's a fact

This is just part of diluted

70 Me Inside

This song is just outstanding... If you don't like this song you are not a true slipknot fan, it has such an amazing build up into that part when he says "I WASN'T PROMISED A THIING" just so good.

71 Blackheart V 2 Comments
72 Slipknot
73 Despise

If you love Purity, you will love this song because it's the original "Purity". I actually like both versions of the song so yeah. You wont regret taking the time to listen to it.

If you love Purity, you will love this song because it's the original.

74 742617000027

Shouldn't be in the top ten but it's totally sic man...

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75 My Plague (New Abuse Mix)

I like this version better than the original, for some reason it was nominated for a grammy, this should be higher

76 Dogfish Rising
77 Confessions

Am I the only one who loves this song?

One of my favourites from the MFKR era, the bass in this song is simply sic!

78 Do Nothing / Bitch Slap

Th this is one the bbestslipknot songs that I personally like other than some songs. This song deserves to be in at least top 20. The top ten chosen songs are too mainstream.

79 The Burden V 1 Comment
80 Sucks
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