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1 Once in a Lifetime

You may find yourself on a top 10 Talking Heads website, and you may think yourself a little confused with the results, and you may ask yourself, "Why is 'Once In A Lifetime' not number one? " and you may tell yourself, "Well, maybe I should vote for it! "

Yesterday I was walking/inspecting a wide field of steel reinforcment away from the 68 year old project superintendant waiting to hear my verdict. I (also 68) cracked up when I realized he was over there recitig (not sining) the lyrics to great song!

Life is good.

What can you say about such a cool song? It's an absolute jam and it's so inventive, classic talking heads.

2 Psycho Killer

I used to like Once in a Lifetime better, but now I personally can enjoy this song more for hours.

I don't know why prefer everyone Once in a Lifetime better, I think this is their best song!

This one is definitely one of their catchiest and best songs.

3 Burning Down the House

Best song to scream out loud to! Both the recorded version and stop making sense live version are amazing in their own way.

Probably the best of their songs to listen to with a group.

4 This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)

This is my favorite song of all time. It's a rare to see David Byrne put so much emotion into this song and here it creates something beautiful. It's simple and sweet and makes me happy.

Isn't as groovy as some of the others, but has a genuinely heartfelt quality that they'd never achieved up till this point.

I typically don't associate Talking Heads with beautiful love songs. This is the big exception.

5 Life During Wartime

Just the best song, builds and builds, then finishes in a great crescendo, can't get sick of listening to it. David Byrnes voice, Jerry Harrison on percussion, Steve Scales and all the backup, Stop Making Sense... Just the best of Talking Heads!

If you don't love the version on stop making sense, you're just a horrible person and I don't want to have anything to do with you.

What a song. Studio version is great, live version is great. It's in rarified air in its ability to capture a moment in time.

6 Wild Wild Life

Got some wild, wild life! Just an incredibly happy song tahts fun to sing along to!

My personal favorite Talking Heads song!

7 Born Under Punches

Definitely their most unsettling song, and I love it.

Who could do this except David Byrne?...Brilliant!

This is the grooviest and best thing they've ever done. should be higher

8 Thank You for Sending Me An Angel

Their best opening track from their best album- sheer nonsensical beats and riffs coming together to form something amazing, all exmplified in this song.

9 And She Was

I love the music, and the lyrics are fantastic as well!

10 Take Me to the River
The Contenders
11 The Great Curve

"The world has a way of looking at people, sometimes it feels like the world is wrong." Some of the lyrics in this are just so powerful, and with those instrumentals this makes one crazy good song.

Sounds like a whole orchestra. Everything fits together so well. You always hear something for the first time when you listen to it again. Comparable to Tff's "Shout"

12 Cities
13 Houses in Motion
14 Road to Nowhere

Impossible! This song should be at least in the top 3. Any self respecting Talking Heads fan should know that.

I like the singing near the end. "There's a city in my mind.. " that was my favourite part of any talking heads songs

The most contagious of all TH songs. It could be listened over and over again.

15 Girlfriend is Better

"I got a girlfriend with bows in her hair, nothing is better than that. Is it?" Listen to the Stop making sense version, it's so much fun. Top 5 of their songs easy.

Way too low. I especially love the "Stop Making Sense" version.

This definitely deserves to be higher.

16 Crosseyed and Painless

Listen to the Stop making sense version, its such a jam and so much fun to listen to.

Too many great songs to pick. Today I pick this one!

17 (Nothing But) Flowers

Should be higher in my opinion, once in a lifetime shouldn't be number 1

18 Found a Job
19 Stay Up Late
20 No Compassion

I think this one's the best on the album, even better than "Psycho killer". The transition through different sounds makes it just like a mini progressive rock song though.

I love the transitioning in this song, it almost makes it feel like he's arguing with himself about whether he should be more caring or not

21 Uh-Oh, Love Comes to Town
22 I Zimbra
23 Artists Only

From humble and mad beginnings, the sing branches out into a superb guitar fade out.

24 Making Flippy Floppy

Second only to Moon Rocks on Speaking in Tongues, mad and brilliant.

25 Listening Wind

One of the best songs ever. Great words...

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