Your kidding right? , some of you people should listen to a song called BEFORE I FORGET, I love psychosocial and all but this doesn't deserve number 1 maybe 4 or 5 but not 1, also am I the only one here who loves Vermillion or Iowa?

Yes indeed the best song ever by slipknot but its really doesn't seem nice to see vermillion down there. From my point of view the best sonds are as following-
1 Psychosocial
2 vermillion
3 Wait and bleed
4 duality
5 eyless
6 My plague - Slashhead

better than before I forget, you can listen to this song when ever you want, if you have _ _ _ with your girlfriend, if you are angry, if you want to lift weights, just like that and more more more other times where you can listen to that song, I will never be boring

I'm obsessed with this song.. I know every lyric. The psychosocial baby combination is crap though. Corey adds great powerful lyrics to it, mick and Jim brings a riff that everybody knows and this song amazes me.

Indeed the most hardcore Slipknot to date. The mixing of growling vocals and harmonic singing makes one great mix to earn the best of both worlds. Not to mention the music video... - runeon12

Before I heard this song, I despised Slipknot and any band like them. Then I found it and something told me to listen to it. Now I absolutely adore Slipknot and this is my favorite song. I LOVE PSYCHOSOCIAL.

Way better than Before I forget!
The 'Before I forget' song is almost just power riffs.
Psychosocial has the best 'duet' between Singer and Drums and Guitar from Slipknot
Should be #1! - joaocarvalho

Psychosocial is the best! Awesome riffs, awesome drumming and also the best screaming vocals by Corey Taylor. When I listened this song for the first time I only had one word in my mind... Awesome

Although I really hate slipknot despite listening to metal, I found that psychosocial and there Other song before I forget was quite good.

I'm sat awake wide eyes with this in my earphones at full blast because my flat mates banned me playing it out loud... Nothing can make you feel the same, pure energy! No way I'm sleeping tonight!

I love this song because it changes pace and tone and just a great mix of what they can do, hard work for the singer especially cause he has to change from metal voice to decent singing voice over and over again - Readytofall

Amazing! Before I forget is only more popular because it won a grammy award. Psychosocial just has better lyrics and everything. Not to forget the amazing guitar opening

I have to say this: I am not a slipknot fan. In my mind, they're just an ok band with several good songs. However, psychosocial, snuff, duality, and dead memories were exceptions.

This song is great its got great lyrics and its one of SLIPKNOTS popular and best song. You guys should also listen to slipknots disaster piece

. . . and the rain killed us all, I loved that part of the song most because the riff at that part rocks babe ;) Other songs of slipknot does not contain melodic parts.

There is this argument about slipknot. in my opinion, Corey has potential, and so does the guitar. This is a perfect example of what they can do. - gemcloben

Those who don't understand the reason why Psychosocial should be number one shouldn't visit this site. This is the best and maybe among the only 5 songs that are good.

Yeah, I think This song is just epic, the best song Slipknot ever made, and an awesome guitar riff and an awesome vocal by Corey, SLIPKNOT 4 EVER

This song is SICK! I love it! In my opinion, it is by far the best song from Slipknot, Gotta say that I LOVED the music video to this song as well.

I listened to this just yesterday and started listening to more and they became my new favorite band and this my new favorite song

Psychosocial is the best!
Before I forget does not deserve on 1 from the list
Psychosocial are awesome, before I forget cannot beat that, I though you can choose wise but you rank before I forget, you sucks man

The music I listened at the very first and found this to be the best heavy metal... This is just awesome.. Makes me feel energetic every time

This was one of my first Slipknot songs... and one of the best I have ever heard. The music is great, and the lyrics are awesome as well

Later Slipknot is so much better than their first two albums, they are still aggressive, but more complex, melodic, and mature.

Probably the best song of Slipknot. Awesome guitar, killer drums, just epic. One of the best death metal songs I've ever heard.