Best Soap Actresses of 2010

This is a list of the best actresses working in soap operas today. Who are the women who can make us laugh and cry with them, whose pain we feel and whose crimes we can forgive? Who are the ladies who truly give us powerhouse performances and make us root for them?

The Top Ten

1 Kelly Monaco

Beautiful, but also very talented, her Sam burst on the scene on General Hospital as a con woman with a shady past, Kelly Monaco quickly showed us the nuances of her tough, but emotionally fragile character when she became pregnant with GH crime boss Sonny Corinthos child. Unable to claim the child, Jason Morgan, Sonny's right hand came to her rescue and they found true love in each other. Kelly's greatest performances were the scenes in which she learned of her daughters death, which made us sympathize with the pain of losing a child. She is part of one of the soap world's greatest and most popular soap couples, dubbed Jasam. Unfortunately currently underused by GH, here is to hoping they give this talented actress a storyline worthy of her abilities. -

Kelly is so beautiful and talented she really lights up the screen when she is on. No one does the emotional scenes better than Kelly. She also sparkles with the romantic scenes, she and Steve Burton has the greatest chemistry on the soaps. Then scenes that will aways stand out to me were her baby's death and when Jason had amnesia they were spell binding. Hope the powers to be wake up and start using her more and giving us the fans what we want to see her sparkle on screen. We also want a story for JaSam where she and Steve can shine.

Kelly Monaco always leaves me wanting more, whether in a scene alone, with her family, or with steve burton who plays Jason Kelly is fantastic. I love to watch her and will watch her where ever she goes, I am praying GH untilizes her talent and gives Jason and Sam a story they deserve.

kelly is by far the best actress on daytime television, the raw emotion she gives fans is amazing and her chemistry with steve burton is off the charts and thats why kelly is deserving to be nominated as a best actress! JASam rock...

2 Michelle Stafford

Michelle Stafford is a remarkable person and a very talented actress. In the Soap, we discovered a complete actress who can pass a mother caring for a psychopath, while keeping the plume is calculated to Michelle. Our Phyllis unstable start to gave way to a woman of great generosity who sacrifices all the time for the happiness of his family. A trait that is probably a reflection of the personality of Michelle.

PS: sorry for my English but I'm French and I'm not very good

3 Sharon Case

This is one powerhouse performer. The last five years on the Young and the Restless have seen her lose a teenage child, lose another child in stillbirth, lose the love of her life, get remarried, have an affair with her ex-husband and one true love, deal with his volatile wife, go through a nervous breakdown and an unplanned pregnancy and have her baby stolen by her current husband. Through it all Sharon Case has given incredible performance after incredible performance, showing us the pain, but also the dignity and faults of her character. It's not for nothing that Sharon Case is called the 'Kate Winslet of soap actresses'. -

4 Jeanne Cooper
5 Erika Slezak
6 Robin Strasser
7 Laura Wright

While I always didn't like Laura Wright I can say she has done and outstanding job as Carly with the Michael shot & prison story line. I can't wait to Laura playing Carly giving Dante and LooLoo what they deserve! By the way how was she not nominated for Emmy when Michael was in the hospital?

8 Victoria Rowell

She might be gone from the Young and the Restless, but she is not forgotten! -

9 Maura West
10 Bree Williamson

The Contenders

11 Vanessa Marcil

Only the return of Vanessa Marcil to General Hospital could bring me back to a soap opera where the writers and producers care so little of what their viewers think or want. She was the one bright spot on what General Hospital has deteriorated to. It was not like the hay days when she was there originally - when the writing was excellent and time was given to talent on-screen but time spend watching Vanessa is time well spent. I am so glad that she left the show though. She tried to shine through the changes they were making to her character which should be sacrosanct but no one is beyond the reach of Brian Frons to pimp his favorites.

12 Kassie Depalvia
13 Lara Parker
14 Julie Mullins
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