Dear Agony. Best album ever . The story .

I'm not going to talk of how this is the most special , beautiful, stunning, powerful , gripping album ever , because people already know my opinion of it as I have stated on my remix of the best albums of all time which is my top remix. So rather than repeating myself , I am instead going to inform people of the story Dear Agony as a whole tells which I have discovered only today.

The tracklist is in perfect order , placed in that order for a reason. It tells the story of someone losing somebody close to themselves , and feeling they cannot go on without them , leading to the breaking point which is the title track in which they commit suicide , then starting the cycle for those they've left behind. The album is a parallel universe to Bens own life. The album is dedicated to his grandad who died the year before the release of Dear Agony , it tells the story of his emotions and journey up until the title track at track 9, in which it then branches off into a second path , where instead of fighting through the despair and moving on like Ben did in real life , instead he takes his life in the song , and then track 10 Into The Nothing tells of his story moving on into the afterlife and leading the dead , with the final track Without You being sang from the viewpoint of who he's left behind , with them stating the exact same thing as what Ben earlier said in Anthem Of The Angels : that they can't go on without the person who they have lost . Crawl, Hopeless , and What Lies Beneath state through their lyrics that they hate parts of the person in question , which is basically a human response in which you try to pretend the death doesn't bother you much so as to try to get through it.

If you listen to Dear Agony in the track list order , you will find the story too. It is a deep and dark story , with this being the only album I know which tells a story perfectly across an album. It's made me love my favourite album even more. How ironic that I have found this from listening to my physical copy, the actual album. Dear Agony tells you to take Bens path rather than the path taken in the album, to never commit suicide as it isn't the way. Without You shows the cycle will continue , and you're remaining loved ones will be crushed and may also commit suicide due to you doing so.


Dear Agony=Best Breaking Benjamin Album - bobbythebrony