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1 The Phoenix

Whoever said that save rock and roll album is the worst I totally DISAGREE! It's an awesome album it surely is my favorite and this song is so catchy come on who wouldn't like it? It's also very unique and makes me feel pumped when I'm angry or upset. Good job Fall out boy

Why is this only number 3? Don't get me wrong I love my songs know but the Phoenix is so much more powerful and empowering-I feel like it's written specifically for the fans

Best song ever = The Phoenix! FOB are the best rock and roll savers ever!

Best energetic song EVER! if you are a SPORTY person, I totally recommend this song to you. listen to this song when you are doing exercise

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2 Save Rock and Roll

This should be number 1 song You are what you love Not who loves you In a world full of the word yes I'm here to scream No, No are words to live it means to be different from everybody else and I think that's awesome

This song may be slow, but it had quite an impact on me. I just love Patrick and Elton's voices together - imagineowlboy

This song has the most meaningful lyrics. My favourite fallout boy song of all! It isn't really fast paced like the others - I like it!

Best song ever; from the sound of Elton John to the gorgeous lyrics, there is no reason why this isn't the first song.

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3 Alone Together

My favorite fall out boy song period and one I was obsessed with before I started listening to general fall out boy

That was the first song I listened to when I started listening fob and it will always stay my favourite song!

This is one of my favourite songs on the album.

Say yeah lets be alone together

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4 My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark (Light Em Up)

Best song ever! Addicting and catchy... Can't stop pressing the replay button1

Clearly the best song on the album. It was the first single and went 5x Platinum in the US alone. So catchy. Initiated Fall Out Boy's comeback.

This is a new fall out boy and this song introduced that new fall out boy.

This song rocks! So catchy...I sing it in the shower!

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5 Just One Yesterday

My personal favorite on the album the lyrics put me in a mood of just thinking about those people who have unfortunately left my life for a better place this song makes me think of the times with them and what I would give to have those times back that's just how I hear the song though-emotionally compromised 17 year old

The best song on the album. For once, someone finally made a slower song that still has upbeat rhythms and catchy lyrics.

This song has one of the best lyrics I've ever heard, Silent Film Stars Stuck In Cinema Light

1. just one yesterday
2. the phoenix
3. alone together
4. young volcanoes
5. save rock and roll
6. miss missing you
7. the mighty fall
8. light 'em up
9. rat a tat
10. death valley
11. where did the party go

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6 Young Volcanoes

This song is so catchy and really describes our generation to the heart!

One of my favorites off the album. It's catchy, fun, and great to play.

Honestly my favourite song of all-time! So much passion with a catchy melody!

My reason is because it describes my 2 BBF'S and me, we are always in trouble or just being complete idiots, this song is amazing

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7 Where Did the Party Go

I'm actually really surprised this one didn't become a single. Totally the sleeper song of the album. Who can't resist singing along with 'na na na na na na na na? ' I can't.

I didn't like this song the first time I heard it but when I listened closer and understood the story behind it, I fell in love.

It's the best song on the album - O2llover121


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8 Death Valley

Although this is arguably one of their worst albums, they were try to get more of the new generation to listen to their music. The list should go:
1. The Phoenix
2. Death Valley
3. Young Volcanos
4. My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark
5. Rat a Tat
6. Save Rock and Roll
7. The Mighty Fall
8. Just One Yesterday
9. Alone Together
10. Where Did the Party Go

How is this at the bottom?! The dubstep-like clip after -

'We're gonna die, it's just a matter of time,
Hard times come, good times go
I'm either gone in an instant or here till the bitter end, I'll never know
What I've got will make you feel more alive,
I'll be your favourite drug, I will get you high'

- is genius against the heavy drum beat and guitars riffs. Definitely more of a dance song, but you can't call it terrible. FOB are trying new things, and in my opinion they're doing a brilliant job of it. They've definitely got a new fan in me!

Love this song- I always do a weird, not at all cool dramatic dance when it gets to the dub step breakdown lol

This should be at the top!

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9 The Mighty Fall

Why is this at the bottom-it's so cool? I don't like rap but I admit it all works really well on this track

I don't understand why this one isn't on the list. I personally like this song better than death valley.

Gosh, I LOVE this song! It really describes the hardships in life, and just helps release my anger.

I love the song but I prefer the version without Big Sean.

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10 Miss Missing You

Such an amazing power ballad. The chorus and bridge are perfect. Pete Wentz once again writes beautifully with "the person you'd take a bullet for is behind the trigger"

The lyrics are just amazing I'm sorry but if you don't like this I can't speak to you

Love this song- amazing lyrics. Don't panic no not yet cause fall out boy are back

"Sometimes before it gets better/The darkness gets bigger/The person that you’d take a bullet for is behind the trigger/Oh, we’re fading fast/I miss missing you now and then"
I personally love SRR, but Miss Missing You is the best song in the album. The lyrics are and the music matches the nostalgic mood of the song perfectly.

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11 Rat a Tat

This is such a good song! It is really catchy and should be further up the list!

This should be number one! Courtney Love makes a wonderful addition to this song. Patrick Stump's voice is amazing, as always.

NO this should be first because it's my favorite song from the album and death valley should be higher to the website stinks at rating things!

This song is awesome, but courtney ruins it

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12 Dance, Dance

Not from Save Rock and Roll and Still their best song!

13 Grand Theft Autumn/Where Is Your Boy
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1. Alone Together
2. The Phoenix
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1. The Phoenix
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3. Alone Together

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