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1 Defying Gravity - Wicked

I love WICKED, but I just saw it in Germany in Oberhausen and without Lucy Scherer and Willemijn Verkaik, but I bought the CD from Stuttgart with them and I like their performances and voices. I like musicals a lot, but I can't visit them often and I just had been in The Lion King in Hamburg, Jesus Christ Superstar in Tecklenburg and the next summer I will visit Marie Antoinette. But Wicked is the best musical I've ever seen and I think Willemijn is a little bit better than her Elphaba-associates all over the world and Lucy Scherer is wonderful, she looks great and her voice is unbelievable (Do you know her version of "Heigeliebt" or "Popular" in English? WOW). Now Lucy Scherer is in Stuttgart in "Rebecca". Who don't see Wicked, is a very poor, poor person. You must see it.

Thank you!

But sorry for my English

This song is perfect. It really shows how Elphaba has become her own person, how she is on her was to becoming the "Wicked" Witch of the West. It is such an empowering song, and it sounds amazing as well.

Best empowerment song EVER!

Amazing, the musical contributes to the emotional lyrics which are just out standing! Kerry Ellis was an amazing in it!

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2 One Day More - Les Miserables

I played in the pit on my school's production of Les Mis and nothing brought more emotion to me than this song. This song and The Confrontation were the two songs I took the time to learn all the words to, and I still remember this as the epic ending to the first act, leaving me even more satisfied than the finale of the second act.

Every song from les mis is amazing so all of them should be in the top ten! This song is particularly good because all of the cast is involved in singing it which makes it so powerful and emotional.

100% the best song from any musical, I get emotional over most song but none to the extent as this song. It makes me cry, laugh and have about 10 minuets after it finishes to get over how spectacular everyone and everything in it is.

This song has brought me back from some pretty dark places. It’s sheer commanding power is so incredible... The last note always has me in awe!

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3 Seasons of Love - Rent

I love this song!

A classic sad musical theater song, and when you play it all theater nerds internally cry. But seriously, so much emotion and love put into one song and has so many meaning other than singing to a friend who has passed. Love this song :(

This is a heartfelt and serious song and the melody is so catchy.

Rent is honestly the best musical I have ever seen and this song in particular is just fabulous

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4 The Music of the Night - The Phantom of the Opera

I love the melody

This song is absolutely magical. I get chills all over when I hear it, and, if you play the melody for someone, I’m certain they must have heard it. It has a beautiful melody, and the way it is used throughout the show (e.i. Down Once More) gives the listener much different perspectives on the song.

This song speaks to me like no other. Every time I listen to it, I swear, I get these crazy chills. Phantom of the Opera is one of my absolute favorite musicals of all time and it's mainly because of the fantastic songs in the production. This has always been my favorite song because it has that chilling sweet tone to it. Love you Phantom!

There's just something about this song... I'm a musician, composer, and singer... And this just so beautiful to me. The pain, the sorrow, the beauty... The melody, everything about it. The story of a man who writes the wonders only music can tell in the dead of night because no one will care enough to listen to it, despite the fact that it's perfection... It's a twisted lullaby, and it's perfect.

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5 On My Own - Les Miserables

On My Own is one of the greatest songs from any musical ever! When you can hear the pure tragedy in Eponine's voice, well, let's just say, your eyes become Niagara Falls. Samantha Barks. That's all that needs to be said.

On My Own has the same exact melody as I Dreamed a Dream. On My Own has such a great sound quality. The Broadway Actors and Actresses do a great job expressing emotion and true feelings, this song is truly inspiring.

On My Own is one of those songs that everyone can relate to. The raw emotion of the song makes it definitely my favourite from Les Miserables and my all time favourite musical song too. Frances Ruffelle's version is my favourite but Samantha Barks is really good too.

Samantha Bark's rendition of on my own made sure there was no dry eye left in the cinema when I first saw it, and every time I have seen since. Wow

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6 I Dreamed a Dream - Les Miserables


This song is the pivotal moment from where you are questioning whether the musical is good or not. This song shows it will be great.

Defying Gravity has nothing on this masterpiece

Beautiful, at least the top three Les Mis songs, along with One Day More and Do You Hear the People Sing.

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7 A Little Priest - Sweeney Todd

Awesome song, I love it, couldn't get it out of my head after listening just once. I love Helena's voice. Even if you haven't seen the musical you get what their doing to the customers. It's definitely my favourite musical next to The Phantom of the Opera.

Best and funniest song in the world to perform if you've got a good partner!

I just love this song so much. When I first discovered the musical I listened to this over and over and over. Don't shot me people but I prefer the film version with Johnny and Helena

Lovely play AND my school friend was in it... THE, Victor Garber. We were in grade school, lovely family Is there any way I could email Victor, have tried with little sucess... Perhaps, you could help.
Jane E Messer..519-9155121. Thank you so very much.

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8 And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going - Dreamgirls

One of the most powerful ballads I believe ever written it is purely beautiful from start to finish... depending how it is performed of course :) in other words Jennifer Holliday performing this = PURE GOLD

This song has so much meaning. for most people, it symbolizes the love one has for another. I, however, find that, not only does it have THIS effect on me, it makes me think about what I would do if the shoe was on the other foot and if someone was telling me this. I find that Jennifer Hudson's rendition of the song makes me much more excited that Jennifer Holliday but still, hats off to both

This is my absolute favorite songs!

Jeniffer hudson rocks this song with passion and pain in her voice. The song fills my body with goose pimples and brings a tear to my eye every time I hear the song, love love love it!

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9 Anthem - Chess

Should be number 1. Leaves you feeling so emotional. Never tire of listening to it.

Passionate, rousing and a patriotic song that stirs up emotions in all my body. Brilliant!

I will not stop voting for this song until it reaches its rightful place as number 1. - davis16

Heart rending song. The choir I belong to sang it at our last show. Amazing feeling and amazing reception from the audience.

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10 (Ya Got) Trouble - Music Man

love it

Super fun

The way that he spins every sentence off of the last is just wonderful, the tune is fantastic, the words are humorous, and overall I think (ya got) trouble is an amazing song and definitely one of the top 10

It's unfair to try to speculate the "best" numbers of all time. Having said that, "Trouble" must be in the conversation. It's brilliant, upbeat, and Robert Preston's delivery is impeccable.

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? Friend Like Me - Aladdin (2019)

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11 Popular - Wicked

I love popular

Popular should definally be more popular than this

Popular is an awesome song!

It's a fun upbeat song! What's not to love. I am auditioning for a play and this is the perfect song.

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12 All I Ask of You - The Phantom of the Opera

This song is the definition of love. Although I wish Christine could have gone away with the phantom, because Gerard Butler and Michael Crawford are AMAZING, this song is true beauty. It is the art shown in this movie and play. Why you would rank any song over this song completely BEWILDERS me! It is a matter of opinion, but anyone with a brain LOVES this song.

I can't believe that this is any higher up this is way more amazing than annie of defying gravity. Any thing from phantom of the opera is great!

You can hear the love and compassion in this song and that they only want one another to be free with each other it's just such a lovely emotional song.

Raoul and Christine have a beautiful story and this song represents that

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13 Seventy Six Trombones - Music Man

The song that you must have heard somewhere, but you don't know where...

I was in the music man 2 years ago and I still sing “seventy six trombones in the big parade” - lbelle0527

14 Think of Me - The Phantom of the Opera

WHY ISN'T THIS SONG IN THE TOP TEN?!? It is art! It is the heart of this story! Not just any buffoon off the street can sing it! It is excellently composed. I could listen to just the instrumental any day. The fact that the composer had the successful idea of adding lyrics proves he knew what he was doing. TRUE MASTER PIECE! I live for this play, movie, song, and of course the phantom!

YESYESYES! LOVE THIS SONG! It's an amazing song! THe background music is wonderful, and it is filled with so much emotion! I tear up just hearing the background music! Her voice is wonderful, and it brings joy to my soul!

I sang this song for a recital and I agree, not anyone can easily sing this, so this song definitely should be in the top ten

If you have a high voice this song would be perfect- just don't sing it Carlotta way!

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15 Over & Done With - Sunshine on Leith

In some ways this is Sunshine on Leith's Oom Pah Pah.

16 Non-Stop - Hamilton

This should be number one! Best song in Hamilton!

I don't think that that non-stop is the best song in Hamilton, but its good.

Hamilton is an amazing musical and the song is great as well

The best song ever written

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17 I Belong to Me - Elisabeth

This is theone with the best message to women ever

18 The Phantom of the Opera - Phantom of the Opera

A beautifully intrinsic piece, this song carries itself like a machine, especially with the bass line. It has a haunting beauty that no other song has, particularly when Christine starts vocalizing. This is no ordinary pop ballad that one finds in any musical. The Phantom of the Opera is a different type of music: a type that makes any in-depth description laborious to think about as one can never stop thinking of this song's wonder.

The exchange between The Phantom and Christine during this duet is exquisite. Christine is terrified of this man in a mask and yet so...entranced.
Sing once again with me, our strange duet. My power over you grows stronger yet.
Christine is falling in love and is powerless tn resist. It's just beautiful the way this song grabs at your heart. Wonderful! - Britgirl

This song should be so high up there!
Look it up right now. The Phantom of The Opera is the best song in the musical. The Oregon's simple yet dark chords are just exhilarating! Every time I listen to it it gives me the chills. The duet is also just amazing. Great job Andrew Lloyd Webber!

Saw this show on broadway, this was one of my favorite songs and inspired me to start singing opera! Now I take vocal lessons and sing some opera so this song is very special to me.

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19 I'm Here - The Color Purple

This song is the core of musical theatre. It is simply Celie finally seeing she is worth much more than she ever knew. TOP TEN!

20 I'll Make a Man out of You - Mulan

! I love this song, it is absolutely one of my favorites and I was obsessed with it for the longest time, ask anybody!

Love this sing, it's so empowering and fun!

So much fun to sing hanging out with friends!

I love singing this song!

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21 He Lives in You - Lion King

Was scrolling through the list and when I found this one, Immediately clicked. I played Rafiki in a local production of Lion King, so I was lucky to be able to sing this. It's such a powerful solo plus I got to whack Simba on the head with a stick (not hard though lol). It was probably one of my favourites to peform, right after Circle Of Life.

Great song telling the story of however you lose someone they live on in your memory where they will remain, especially a family member as many people will say they look like you. Hence the words he lives in you.

Wow I really love this song and lion king. I have to say that lion king is the best movie ever. He lives in you is also probably the most exciting son and farther kind of moment that I love. Thanks

This is a great song because it shows if one of your relatives die then there still here but in you

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22 Let's Get Married - Sunshine on Leith
23 Sky Takes the Soul - Sunshine on Leith
24 Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story - Hamilton

R.I.P Alexander Hamilton. He died so young... Eliza and angelica were full with grief. I always get emotional around the bits "But when you're gone, who remembers you're name, who keeps you're flame, who tells your story? " And "Every founding father story gets told. Every founding father get's to grow old." This emotional musical is amazing tells you about war, explores history. There will always be a place for Hamilton in my heart.

Sung by Alexander's wife, Eliza, after her husband's tragic death, at the end of the show. She tells the audience that instead of wasting her remaining time on tears, she will continue her husband's work to make the world a better place. By her death at the age of 97 (wow), she had spoken out against slavery, funded the Washington Monument, and founded the 1st private orphanage in NYC. I looked it up on Wikipedia, and it's all true. She was an incredible woman, and this song is so, SO moving. Lin Manuel Miranda is a genius.

This song is full of emotion! This isn't the only great song from the musical! I suggest listening the entire musical!

I love this song so much as well as the whole musical even though it always brings me to tears!

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25 Der Guten Tag Hop-Clop - The Producers
26 Empty Chairs at Empty Tables - Les Miserables

Saw the show and have never loved this song as much as I did then. I now have a new appreciation and love for this song

Agreed this song should be in the top ten without any question. I still get chills every time I listen to the song. The dynamics are incredible! 10/10

So beautiful and sad. Maybe I shouldn't say this since I don't know a lot about les mis, but I disagree with all the les mis fans calling Marius a fop since he sings this incredibly moving song about his friends who died fighting for freedom.

This song IS the feels

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27 La Vie Boheme - Rent

This song is insane, over-the-top, and ballsy and I love every moment of it.

Rent is my favorite! I learn this song in two days and I sing it every where I go. My best friends even know the lyrics because I sing it so much!

I convinced my friends to sing this song at the lunch table with me. That was fun. This song rocks.

A fun jam, love to sing it with friends.

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28 I Am Changing - Dreamgirls


29 For Good - Wicked

I was so blessed to go to this show, and this was one of the only songs that got to me! It was so beautifully performed and has such a great and so sweet message. This is one that you just have to listen to to understand, and I would recommend it to anybody.

This is such an amazing song and it really can make you cry! It's so beautiful and Wicked is such an amazing musical. And to be honest, I love this song more than Defying Gravity, I think it's just because it really just gets to your emotions and it's so beautiful overall!

This song is truly stunning! The thought of never seeing your best friend again is chilling, the lyrics represent the understanding of friendship, listen to it if you haven't.

What a heart felt song of life. It's our shared experiences, and, those that make a difference. This song transcends life's purpose. Touch the life of another.

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30 A Little Fall of Rain - Les Miserables

I love this song! Eponine and Marius sing a lovely duet, and it is obviously extremely heartfelt. This should be much higher on the list than it is!

Great song with so much emotions

I can't stop crying when heard this song - this love story

When I grow up, it is my plan to play Eponine! This song is so sad but sweet

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31 Uncle F**** - South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut

This song is just amazing!

32 Haben Sie Gehort Das Deutsche Band - The Producers
33 It's Your Wedding Day - Wedding Singer
34 You Can't Stop the Beat - Hairspray


This is one of my favorite songs ever and it is constantly stuck in my head but I love it! I love singing and dancing around with it's catchy lyrics. I cannot believe it's not higher ranked

This song is so energetic and catchy! I can't believe it's not higher ranked!

It's hard to find a catchier song. One of the only songs I enjoy being stuck in my head!

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35 Epiphany - Sweeney Todd

Best song in the whole musical. I certainly think it should be in Tue top 50, in my opinion but that's just what I think. This was an amazingly written song and the way that the emotion comes out in this song is just delectable. I would love to see it sail to the you ten, it would make my life complete.

36 Superstar - Jesus Christ Superstar

carl rocks


37 What Is This Feeling? - Wicked

Love this song! I think if it was in the most fun Broadway songs, it would be #2. (Behind Popular, of coarse. )

This is so catchy! How is it not higher?

It's so fun! Great duet. I've sang it with my older sister lol

Who hasn't felt like this at least once in their lives?

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38 On the Street Where You Live - My Fair Lady

Most perfect song ever!

A beautiful love song. It is a pity to see how people have forgotten the grandeur of the 50s and 60s musicals... :(

39 Time Warp - The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Love rocky horror!
I know it all off by heart! Its amazing!
now I can't get it out of my head!

Fantastic song, even better musical

I remember
doing the time warp!

40 I'm Super (Thanks for Asking) - South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut.

I love Big Gay Al.

41 Sun and Moon - Miss Saigon

I love this song so much. misss saigon is definitely my fave musical.


42 The Contest - Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Sacha Baron Cohen does fake Italian pretty well

43 All that Jazz - Chicago

Very sexy. I've never seen the musical but I own the score. Yes, very sexy indeed. - Britgirl

A perfect opening for one of the greatest Broadway shows ever.

Love this musical! Amazing song!

This needs to be higher on the list. Best song ever.

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44 Can You Feel The Love Tonight - Lion King

One of the most iconic songs in Disney musical history! A true piece of art right here!

Elton made this fab.

45 Any Dream Will Do - Joseph

Simple but very uplifting! What a wonderful lyrics and melody!

46 Close Every Door - Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

This is a comment for the other commenter. Phantom came out 20 or so years later than Joseph so fairly certain Lord Webber did not rip off his own song that he had not made yet.

ALW ripped of his own song 'cause the tune of this is similar to Past the Point of No Return from Phantom of the Opera. Still an awesome song though.

47 Memory - Cats

This is an amazinc closure to the musical phanomanon, cats and definitely deserves a higher place in this top ten. It is so meaningful and can make even the most manly man fall to tears.

This is such an amazing song with such deep meaning. I would definitely have this as #2 or 3 in top 10. (My #1 would be Joanna from Sweeny Todd the Demin Barber of Fleet Street)

I think this is one of the most amazing musical songs ever and deserves a higher place, I find it a very emotional and meaningful song

I heard Jackie Evancho sing this when she was age 9... I sure hope she sings it again now that she is older, because she'll knock it out of the park for sure.

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48 Cell Block Tango - Chicago

Definitely the best song from Chicago. Also, the 'ah ah' Hungarian lady says:
"What am I doing here? They say I killed my husband but I didn't. I keep trying to tell them, but they don't understand. I should not be here! "

But did you do it?

Ah ah... Not... Guilty!

He had it coming huh I still wonder what the uh uh one says

Amazing musical, amazing song

This one is just too cool.

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49 The Wizard and I - Wicked

Great song! Should be higher.

Our first close contact with Elphaba. And we're hooked.

50 Friends Is What We Is - The Wind In the Willows
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