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101 Drowning Man

Frigging love this song. So beautiful and underrated.

And bit repetitive, but a great acoustic guitar song.

102 Hawkmoon 269

Probably their best song to date. Best bit is when Larry first comes in with the drums on top of the organ. Should be a Top 5 track.

Probably one of their most unknown songs. I love it.

103 When Love Comes to Town

I am a big fan of bb king and U2 and I love the way they joined just to make this quick and enjoyable song and it is my favorite. I am born in England and I am born close to Bono and his mates

I'm in shock by how low this is. Obviously it isn't their best, but at least in the top 20. people need to get this higher!

Great, bluesy rock song, full of powerful song writing, rhythm and guitar. BB King's voice is icing on the cake.

104 New York

This so is from the album all that you can leave behind.

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105 A Sort of Homecoming

This is the quintessential U2 song. Better than anything on the Joshua Tree Album. This is how U2 sounded when they were still great. U2 should listen to The Unforgettable Fire Album more often...

This is and will ever be the greatest U2 song. Forget about all the stuff on the terrible Joshua Tree. The Unforgettable Fire and all songs on it will always be the quintessential U2 album.

Great Song if you are long away from home! My all time Favorite...

I prefer the live version of this song, but it is great. - Jiorl

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106 Elvis Presley & America

Unarticulated lyrics, no "proper" song form, a magic spontaneous moment captured forever. This song reminds me of my teenage years, high-school friends, uncertainty about what I will become, my most romantic side, my fears, the first cold winds when seasons change, the first ladies who became unforgivable loved ones and others lost somewhere on the road. I can listen to this magical piece of music over and over and feel almost protected from anything that's evil.

While I do not think that this is their best song, I am amazed at how much people overlook this song as one of U2's finest. This song was almost entirely a spur of the moment creation, and feels very emotional, rough and jagged at times, and Bono's swooping vocals and Larry mullen's repetitive, raw drumming are highlights in this undiscovered gem - Jiorl

107 Van Diemen's Land

Such a sad song with such a powerful message.
How can this be so low?

108 Raised by Wolves

It's a catchy song that deserves to be on the list

109 Dancing Barefoot V 1 Comment
110 White As Snow

This is a beautifully written song that describes a soldiers last thoughts as he dies in combat. This song is a masterpiece with the Edge's plucking hauntingly melancholy notes peacefully backing up Bono's spectacular emotional performance, with a powerful instrumental piece in the middle. This has brought me to tears more than once.

111 Silver and Gold

For me this song is really amazing (one of the best of Adam Clayton). Should be in the TOP20.

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112 Indian Summer Sky

One of my all time favourite U2 songs, totally forgotten. Such a classic U2 sound, hard to believe it was only played 9 times by the band live.

113 Is That All?

76? Come on guys! This has to be one of the best songs ever by U2. It deserves to be higher up.

114 Fire
115 Please

Not necessarily the best song, But one of the most powerful and important. Bono's views on the tragedies in Northern Ireland change my views & many others. This song was their capstone on the peace process. It was such a stupid and futile fight, I am glad it is over... Almost. - Peatvon

116 Souls
117 Fez: Being Born

Should be at the top man

118 Love and Peace or Else

One of the best songs in the album

119 Your Blue Room V 1 Comment
120 Iris (Hold Me Close)

This song should be in the top 25! Seriously guys, this is my favorite fom Songs of Innocence because it is the epitome of the album name. Its about Bono's mother and growing up and emotions. It's just great. And it has a beachy sound to it too. It doesn't sound outdated.

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