Best Songs by Jonathan Coulton

Jonathan Coulton is an American singer-songwriter, famous for his songs containing themes of geek culture as well as his rise to popularity through the use of the Internet. This is his Top ten songs!

The Top Ten

1 Still Alive Still Alive

This song is awesome! But why isn't Want You Gone here? Not to complain, but hey, the sequel needs a little recognition here. Please add Want You Gone to this list! Thanks

2 Re: Your Brains Re: Your Brains
3 The Future Soon The Future Soon
4 Code Monkey Code Monkey
5 Baby Got Back Baby Got Back
6 Tom Cruise Crazy Tom Cruise Crazy
7 Creepy Doll Creepy Doll

Scary, yet awesome. I love this song, vote for it! YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO VOTE FOR THIS SONG! This=epic as pie with whipped cream! Please vote for the coolness.

A horror story... IN SONG! How this song is only #10, I honestly have no idea. Well, if it has more votes than I'm Your Moon, I guess vote - wise, it's #9. But still, the end lyrics are really mysterious...

As the smoke fills up your tiny room, there's
Nothing you can do,
Far too late you see the one
Inside the box is you...


8 When You Go When You Go
9 First of May First of May
10 I Feel Fantastic I Feel Fantastic

The Contenders

11 I'm Your Moon I'm Your Moon
12 Redshirt
13 Ikea Ikea
14 Skullcrusher Mountain Skullcrusher Mountain
15 Chiron Beta Prime Chiron Beta Prime
16 Shop Vac Shop Vac
17 Want You Gone Want You Gone

Surprised this wasn't on here yet...

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