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1 Imagine

I wish I could have saved him. I wish I could take a time machine and stand there, as an invisible shield, and taken those three shots. I wasn't around at the time, but if I was, you would have seen me as his shield, protector. I bet he is up there right now, taking little dolls that represent humans, and moving them, and changing them, to make the world the way he had imagined. I know that some people thought that the fans of John Lennon weren't close to him, but they really were. They attended to concerts, they had albums they admired as if it was the only thing that mattered, they looked up to him. I wish I could have saved him.

There is something hauntingly beautiful about this song. Lyrics are simple and the message is clear. However, the way John delivers it is totally out of this world.

This is simply the best song ever written. The clarity, simplicity, honesty and beauty of the thoughts it evokes really does make you sit and "Imagine".

2 Instant Karma

Gets you right from the start!

"Instant Karma gonna get you, it's gonna look you right in the face"

Really good songs steven king even got the title of the shining from this song

3 Working Class Hero

This is the most impressive song I ever heard.

This perfect utopian society with no conflict.

Amazing lyrics. what a voice listen carefully and see the beautiful lyric

4 Jealous Guy

This is really amazing... Lyrics are so true... It tells that how we lose real meaning of love and become jealous and insecure and then make the one who we love cry

Everyone is a fan of imagine. Don't get me wrong it's a great song, but I think jealous guy is the best song on the imagine lp.

Amazing song. Relates to my story and maybe everyone's...

5 Woman

Simply beautiful and heartwarming!

I now pronounce you husband and wife.

Can't stop listening to this song!

6 God

This is too perfect for God to handle.

I would actually rank this one at number 4 in my top song list. Great

It's too bad he left the Beatles.

7 Watching the Wheels

This song has a great tune to it. I was tossing up between this and imagine but I voted for this. Anyone want to listen to a great song listen to this one. Beautiful lyrics!.

Forget Imagine and Woman this is the greatest Lennon song it's complex in its arrangements yet perfectly describes where he was in life...

This song says exactly what I like to do, sit down and watch the world.

8 (Just Like) Starting Over

It doesn't matter to me that this beautiful song just slipped the top ten - it will always be number one to me.

Love a of Lennon's music, shame he died so young! He still had so much more to offer!

This song should at least be in the top ten; it's so beautiful!

9 Stand by Me

When the night is cold and the land is dark and the moon is the only light we see VOTE 4 ME!

Doesn't beat imagine, but still a great song and deserves to be in the top ten easily.

I prefer the Ben E. King version.

10 Happy Xmas (War is Over)

Hard to choose as there are so many masterpieces. This, along with Across the Universe stop my heart each time I hear it!

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11 Mother

This is a sad funeral song. Children lose parents. Both mom and dad die in various ways. Take care of them and love your parents while they're still alive.

Lennon's powerful voice and forceful singing makes this my favourite song by him of all time.

Absolute masterpiece, one can clearly see the pain in the screams

12 Love

First off, River quote!
And this is one of the most beautiful and honest songs ever written. It makes me cry more than any of John's other songs and it just embodies him so much. I miss him like crazy.

I still think Imagine is the best but this should be second. It is one of the most beautiful songs ever composed and yet so simple. But in simplicity there is truth.

13 Nobody Told Me
14 #9 Dream

Although Imagine is my favorite of his (I know, how typical) but this song is a close second. Could this be his best song? Yes, let's be honest, it is. The vocals in this are superb. You can't go wrong with a little mystical vocals. Great track, his best.

Biased here, but it's my favorite song ever sung. Of course I want it higher.

This song defines ethereal...and I love ethereal.

15 Real Love

John Lennon recorded this song shortly before he was assassinated, but it was a poor quality demo, so the Beatles finished it in 1995 for their Anthology 2 album. Although I prefer The Beatles' version, Lennon's solo effort is still beautiful. A very underrated Lennon solo song.

What an amazing song! The song was recorded after John Lennon was murdered. It was originally a Beatles song written by John Lennon, but it didn't get into an album so John Lennon rewrote the lyrics and performed it himself

Doesn't really count. But it's still one of my top 15 songs of all time.

16 Mind Games
17 Oh My Love

Used this track for the moment my Wife to be walked into the room...lovely track, can't believe its not in the top 3. If you have never listened to it now! Wow, John's voice is gorgeous on it. God Bless you John.

Perhaps my favorite song of all time. Joyfull when I'm happy, melancolic when I'm sad, it is hauntingly beautiful, simply amazing. If you've never heard it, give it a chance.

No words for this song...

18 Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)

Great song! This one was Paul McCartney's favorite from john lennon. It made him cry when listening to it. Love this song!.

"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans" so true, beautiful song

19 Give Peace a Chance

Best song ever, I love it as much as imagine. Peace& love. Forever John Lennon lives in our hearts.

Should be #1. If only humanity could do it.

20 A Day In the Life

Actualy, this song is a collaboration. John Lennon wrote 2/3 of this song and Paul Mccartney wrote the middle part. (wake up, fall out of bed, drag the comb across my head. )

21 Cold Turkey

Why is the song just so down?

22 How?

This song is the best song ever. It helps me relate to many other things in life. I am surprised this song wasn't even on the list. It at least deserves to be in the top ten.

23 Help!
24 How Do You Sleep?

Though not my favorite Lennon song, I think it deserves recognition. I love Paul, but the pure sound of this song is beautiful. It also gives the feeling that Paul is getting his dues. You can almost feel the words sink into Paul's skin.

25 Come Together
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