Best Songs From Lou Reed and Metallica's Lulu

Lulu is a collaborative album between rock singer-songwriter Lou Reed, and heavy metal band Metallica.

The Top Ten

1 Junior Dad

By Far the best song on the whole album! Very touching riff and lyrics! The riff gave me goosebumps - dragon13304

The best song on the whole album. You know you have a bad album when the best song is a 3/10.

There are literally no good songs on this album. Every single one of them is trash.

This and ice honey are the only 2 good songs on the album. Otherwise, it’s just $hi+.

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2 Iced Honey

Only good song on the album. - Caleb9000

Good Riff and this is te only one song when Lou really sing...
I like also the view, junior dad, and the Brandenberg gate.

3 Dragon
4 The View

If James hadn't of said he was a Tablet, then I probably would of said this was the best song.

I am the table! - MKBeast

Only good song on the album

5 Cheat On Me
6 Pumping Blood
7 Misress Dread
8 Little Dog
9 Frustration

Because this album is a frustation - malamJONES

10 Brandenberg gate

For me, the best song in the album.
Simple but a great riff.
The vocals of james hetfield are great.

This is the song from the album that I have listened more.

The very first line to the album is "i would cut off my legs and tits" - Metalmaniakkk

Horrendous hippie rock, horribly repetitive and overwrought lyrics. - Caleb9000

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