Best Songs from Queen's "A Night at the Opera"

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1 Bohemian Rhapsody

This is my favorite song of all time, and probably is a lot of people's as well. Who'd've thought one of the best songs ever would be a 6 minute long song, with an operatic section, and words like Galileo?

It has to be this track, the greatest song ever created. Will never have an equal and will never be bettered. The entire album is classic/ progressive rock music at it's finest. Brilliant.

The greatest song of all time. Never gets old..Queen showed their creativity here. Only they could put out a 6 minute, three sectioned, chorusless song. Freddie's vocals were perfect, May's guitar solo was legendary and the whole band just nailed it. That's how you write a real memorable song.

Easily the best Queen song, the 2nd best popular music song of all time (after Imagine-John Lennon) and arguably the most original song of all time.

2 The Prophet's Song

I love this song. To me, this is the ultimate Brian May Queen song. I actually like this one more than Bohemian Rhapsody, believe it or not. No disrespect towards Bohemian Rhapsody, though. Bohemian Rhapsody is still a classic, and is also among their all time greats. - Metarock

This song got me to listen to Queen more properly. I remember clicking a video link to watch Bohemian Rhapsody Live but instead clicked this. My computer froze but the audio was fine and I fell in love. This song and Sweet Lady deserve recognition.

This song is mays beast! I think it was to compete with bohemian rhapsody.

That vocal part makes me feel like in a trip.
Also beginning instrumental...

3 Death on Two Legs

I can understand why Freddie wrote this one... he was so right, when he did it! I listen to this song almost every day and think about those kind of people he had in his minde, so f... true every word of it. Love this song and dedicate to...

This is one of my favorites of all time! Dedicated to Norman Sheffield, my dears. It was their abusive manager. Or similar. I also ADORE Seaside Rendezvous. :D

Should have been a single

Awesome opening song! - Misfire

4 '39

I was going to vote for Bohemian Rhapsody, but I decided to give another song a chance. This is very good. Simply beautiful...

Amazing song. Its about time travelling. It's a man who went to space, and it was 1 year in his calculations, but when he comes back to earth, its been 100 years for all the people. Beautiful song.

5 You're My Best Friend

I honestly prefer this song over Bohemian Rhapsody. It is the best love song made, and it was written by John Deacon, the bass player. Us bass player know how to kick ass

Even though it could be seen as being overshodowed by Bohemian Rhapsody, You're My Best Friend is a perfect pop song. John Deacon shows his talent as a songwriter.

Sung this song in my 6th grade talent show

What? It should be 3rd or 4th place - SammySpore

6 Love of My Life

This song should rank higher. My favorite love song of all time!

This song is a pure gem! It is the best love song ever written! Must be N2 after Borhap.

7 I'm in Love with My Car

Should be top 5

Roger Taylors Best Song!

8 Sweet Lady

This songs sucks. Get it down to 12

Sick riff, sick song - dubsinthetubs

You call me sweet like I'm some kind of cheese? - Misfire

9 Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon

This song is so much fun to listen too :D I love it and always have it on repeat. LISTEN to the sample please, you'll love it

Freddie sounds so English here. I mean, not that he isn't. - Misfire

10 Seaside Rendezvous

Queen is one of the only bands of the 70s who can pull off the 20's and 30s music vibe without it being corny. This showing the perfect example!

I voted The Prophets Song, but this is too far down, it's so over the top but amazing because of it, you got something different going on every second! From mouth trumpets to finger tapping and the Piano is just magnificent, this song is incredible, it's hard to make a top ten on this album because everything is just simply mind-blowingly amazing!

I am dying from the cuteness of this song. - Misfire

One of the best 2min songs ever. - MaxPap

The Contenders

11 God Save the Queen

Definitely not the best song on the album, but the final song that wraps up the album. This deserves some recognition.


12 Keep Yourself Alive

This song is from the album Queen I, Not a night at the opera.

Well it was rerecorded around this time frame

Huh? I thought this was one of their earlier songs...? - Misfire

That's not a valid answer - waldo

13 Good Company

Though this one is no so well-known as other tracks from this masterpiece, I think it deserves more attention to it than, for instance, '39 written by May also. It's one of the most underrated Queen songs, overshadowed by many other songs. The melody, philosophical lyrics and the great May singing lead and performing the whole jazz orchestra by only one guitar! Highly recommended!

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