Best Songs By The Sword


The Top Ten

1 The Black River

Brutal, Pounding, and consistent, this song will have any lover of The Sword headbanging and coming back for more. My absolute favorite.

The tribal sounding drums in this song are excelante. In fact, this entire song is excelante.

2 Freya

Great song, but Lament for the Aurochs is better!

This is the first sword song I heard and its definitely one of my favorites.J.D. cronise's vocals are really cool in this song!

3 The Veil of Isis
4 How Heavy This Axe

Amazing intro. Amazing chorus. Amazing song altogether

5 The White Sea
6 Maiden, Mother & Crone

Best song by the sword by far. The main riff is one of my favorite riffs of all time!

Best song by the sword by far - AggressiveBlaze

7 Winter's Wolves
8 Cloak of Feathers

Another great example of J.D. 's improved vocals. The best parts in this song are when the music stops and he sings.

9 Execrator
10 Iron Swan

The Contenders

11 Tres Brujas

My favorite, but in truth, there are many that could snag the top spot. What a good band...

J.D. cronise's voice wasnt especially good in The Sword's first two albums, but in their 3rd album Warped Riders his vocals improved quite a lot. This song is a perfect example of his new and improved vocals.

12 Fire Lances of the Ancient Hyperzephyrians
13 The Frost-Giant's Daughter
14 Barael's Blade
15 Seven Sisters
16 Apocryphon

My favorite song from the sword's newest album. The best thing about this song is the keyboard intro. That's right, keyboard! The new element of the keyboard really brings something great to the entire album

17 Dying Earth

The strange synth at the end of this song is what put it on my top 10

18 High Country
19 To Take the Black
20 Lords
21 Ebethron
22 March of the Lor

Like bands such as Metallica, Rush, and Liquid Tension Experiment, The Sword are very good at writing instrumentals. This is their best one. This 8 part song shows how skilled of musicians they really. Its no La Villa Strangiato but its still a great song.

23 Lament for the Aurochs

An epic cut. This is the song that really epitomizes the sword to me.

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