Best Songs From Volbeat's Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies


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1 Lola Montez Lola Montez

Needs to be number 1. Such an awesome and catchy song. - Justin-Itforthemen

2 Doc Holliday Doc Holliday

The intro alone makes the song deserve number 1

Very western feel, which is cool - SeanW

3 The Hangman's Body Count The Hangman's Body Count

Starts out with a western feel, and then it hits you with the Volbeat power!

This song is simply amazing. My favorite from Volbeat so far

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4 Dead But Rising Dead But Rising

I love the heavy ass intro, it is such a perfect song and it is pure volbeat

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5 My Body My Body
6 The Nameless One The Nameless One

This song is too good to be #5! -. -

7 Pearl Hart Pearl Hart
8 Cape of Our Hero Cape of Our Hero
9 Black Bart Black Bart

Unbelievable! My Body at # 3 and no mention of Black Bart?! Black Bart = # 1, Doc Holliday # 2, Hangman's because # 3, Ecotone # 4, Dead But Risiing and Room 24 are also good songs and The Lonesome Rider is fun. The rest of the songs are a bit disappointing.

10 Room 24 Room 24

The Contenders

11 Lonesome Rider Lonesome Rider

Dessert is served! Enjoy!

12 Our Loved Ones Our Loved Ones

This in my opinion is the best song on this Album! After 3 or 4 listens it gave me goosebumps down my spine!

13 Ecotone Ecotone
14 Let's Shake Some Dust Let's Shake Some Dust
15 The Sinner Is You The Sinner Is You
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Top Remixes

1. The Hangman's Body Count
2. Dead But Rising
3. My Body
1. Doc Holliday
2. Lola Montez
3. The Hangman's Body Count
1. Dead But Rising
2. Black Bart
3. The Nameless One



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