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61 Subject to Change

Seriously? 61! that's insane this song is so good

62 Reign In Pain
63 We're the Same

One of the most catchy songs! Deserves more popularity

Are you forget this song?

64 Confusion and Frustration In Modern Times

Some of the best lyrics and guitar riffs (listen to the intro and the bit after the chorus) Sum 41 has ever written, look:
Up in smoke pop goes the culture
The tension blew it up
While choking from my bleeding ulcer
We eventually threw it up
So what went wrong?
Where's the voice of reason?
It's long gone, we lost it long ago
Apathy plus-sized filled the void of motivation
I can hardly breathe at all

Confusion's all I see
Frustration surrounds me
Solution's bid farewell
Sedation? What the hell

The rifts in this song is amazing! The lyrics are great also. Seriously Pieces number 1? That song isn't even punk rock.

Wow! How is this not in the top 10!? Do you how many bands have tried to cover this song live and failed? This is a great song, one of the best from Underclass Hero. Should be in the top 10! Vote!

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65 So Long Goodbye

Just look up to the stars, and believe who you are... I love this song

Kidding me? This song is perfect, I'm a guy and this song made me cry. Should e in top 20 at least

Such a beautiful love song.


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66 Hyper-Insomnia-Para-Condrioid

This song is ultra cool, it has great lyrics come on tis should be way higher, better than the bitter end

67 Goddamn I'm Dead Again

Best song off of "13 Voices" and definitely ne of the best from Sum 41.

Brilliant masterpiece by the sums. The sarcastic, witty tune and dark lyrics ties in perfectly with Brownsound's best guitar work to date. The Drop C tuning and guitar solo(s) are an eargasm.

This song has to be my favorite off of 13 Voices and one of, if not my favorite song from Sum 41. Sad to see it be so low on the list :(

68 Twisted by Design
69 What I Believe
70 Sick of Everyone

How can this be down here?!?! This song is the best not exaggeration at all and deserves to be 1st!

Wow so far down! My favorite on the album.

71 Take a Look at Yourself

Guys please listen to this song. You don't have to like it but give it a chance this Song is amazing

People really have to discover this amazing bonus track! My favourite from underclass hero!

72 Intro

One of the deepest melodies I've ever heard. - mattlol

It's in my top 3

73 Hooch

This song is an excellent closer to DTLI and it should definitely be higher. It has an amazing guitar solo and a bone-chilling speed change

I love the contrast between the beginning of the song and its end!

This song rocks it's solo is clolose to metal solos, dave is shredding insane!

74 Billy Spleen

One of the best Punk Rock songs of all time, one of the best solos ever and an awesome riff. Makes Green Day look like crap.


75 No Apologies

This song should be WAY higher

One of the best Songs of sum 41!

With this song you can only dance and sing, so coool!

76 The Fall and the Rise

By far their best song. Their new album is certainly different from, really, any of their others, but for anyone who loves their heavier, more metal songs, this is the song for them. SOOO GOD.


77 This Is Goodbye

Oh that's incredible how this so could be so low!

78 All She's Got

Really good song. One of their first song!

I think this song has something "true", for me that the real Sum 41 style.

This song should be in the top 20 at least. Love this song! - caseyk1218

Holy ! What is this song doing down here?
I think its pretty good. Not very popular, but pretty good.

79 Welcome to Hell

...bull. This song is so good and so raw, how could it be so low?

80 Happiness Machine

Sure maybe not top 10, but this song is AMAZING!

Iconic intro in my opinion

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