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1 Batman Arkham City Batman Arkham City Product Image

Really good game, with good plot. Batman seems as dark and brooding as always and the addition of a remembrance area where his parents dies is kind of nice. Graphics are alright but this game is seriously good. The fighting is good and I enjoy hearing the crooks talk as I fly over them and if I feel like it... bash the living daylight out of them

Nothing will come close to this. This game makes you feel like Batman and that is what most fans want, the experience. The way Batman plays. The way the story is. It has epic music during protocol 10. It had great Easter eggs. Amazing voice actors. The only thing missing was the experience to free roam as Robin and Nightwing. We got it with Cat woman, why not with them too. Overall best Superhero game ever made!

Probably my favorite game ever, best combat and stealth, best storytelling I've ever seen in a video game, it has the best soundtrack of any other game too, I hope if they ever make another batman arkham game it will come close to this but I just don't think it's possible. Asylum was good, but this just expands on it in every way. I've probably played this game over 5 times. Great job Rocksteady for making the best game ever!

I can't explain how much excited I was while playing this game, this is the best game I have ever played in my life so far. The story is magnificent, voice for every characters are epic and all the suspense for you is too well in the end. Direction is extraordinary and Amazing, I reckon they should create this a movie as well

2 Batman Arkham Asylum Batman Arkham Asylum Product Image

Though Arkham City improved on the gameplay and upped the villain count, Arkham Asylum is not only the best Batman game, but the best superhero game ever.

This game has offer you can't refuse...

Joker and scarecrow are amazing

My favorite Batman arkham game!

3 Marvel's Spider-Man Marvel's Spider-Man Product Image

The most fun I've had playing as a Superhero. This game does a great job at making you feel like Spider-Man. The story, the gameplay, the world, everything about this game is spot on!

The greatest Spider-Man video game to hit shelves since Spider-Man 2 in 2004. Heck, it's probably the best superhero game of all time! While it has its ups and downs (the web slinging mechanics are amazing, but the MJ stealth missions are a bit repetitive), it still proves that it IS possible to make a good superhero video game.

The story is well constructed the gameplay is smooth, and there is plenty to do after the main story is over.

The best game ever!
-Friendly neighborhood Spiderman

4 Batman: Arkham Knight Batman: Arkham Knight Product Image

It's fun when you're outside the Batmobile and doing car chases, but the Batmobile sections that aren't car chases are awful, and the ending is the worst way to end a Batman series, whether it's the Arkham series or not. It's terrible for any version of Batman. If you want to know why, watch GodzillaMendoza's Batman Arkham Knight videos.

The perfect end for Batman in the Arkham games, AK finished the venerated series on a high note. The batmobile sections can get a bit repetitive and the fact that the real ending is locked behind riddler trophies can be a pain but the polished to perfection combat as well as a perfect performance by Mark Hamill and the rest of the cast cements this game as the very best the Arkham series has to offer.

A great addition to the long running arkham series with the best graphics and map yet

Great storytelling, and more to do than in any other Arkham game

5 Injustice: Gods Among Us Injustice: Gods Among Us Product Image

Bought this yesturday. Had doubts at first and I thought I made a mistake. Maybe I should've thought it through more before I bought it. Anyway I got home started playing it. I'm now addicted best fighter game I own by far

It is the best fighting game. Marvel can never make a fighting game like this. Their games are weird. But games like inj, batman series are the best.That games have cool characters, cool combats and moves. Marvel can never beat DC's games.

Awesome game love it would recommend for any Street Fighter or Mortal Combat fans.

One of my favorite fighters, and sometimes confusing but great story.

6 Spider-Man 2 Spider-Man 2 Product Image

This game all the way! This should be number one, not Arkham City! (Don't get me wrong, that game is fantastic also). Nostalgia overload!

You think the game is best because of nostalgia, play the game again and let's see what you think

If the question is "which game makes you really feel like a superhero? " This is it hands down.

The only game that beats Arkham city!

Best spider-man game!

7 Marvel Ultimate Alliance Marvel Ultimate Alliance Product Image
8 Injustice 2 Injustice 2 Product Image

Believe me, it is better than Injustice gods among us and many other marvel games like contest of champions, strike force, future fight. it has cool graphics and fighting moves, and above all, one of the best stories ever.

Best fighting superhero game I've ever played in my life. It is the best graphics fighting game among the all fighting games that have been ever made. Love this game.

9 Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Product Image

Almost every (awesome) marvel character and amazing gameplay. This is the game that had marvel geeks screaming for joy

Thinking of buying this or arkham origins?

You stole my list you mofo

10 Batman: Arkham Origins Batman: Arkham Origins Product Image

Better than the other batman games and that's really saying something.
Great gameplay,
Great story,
Great multiplayer

If you haven't got this game yet get it!

Just as amazing as the other entries in the Batman: Arkham series, I'm surprised to find it this low on the list.

One of the best Superhero games realesed on 2013

Great,great game!

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11 X-Men Origins Wolverine X-Men Origins Wolverine Product Image

Gruesome and satusfying and a lot of fun an outstanding hack and slash game and one of the best in the genre

12 Lego Marvel Super Heroes

While Arkham City and Asylum are (also, a lot darker) better in graphics, plot and controls, there are many reasons why this game is better tan the others:

-Less complicated plot
-Great gameplay
-Almost every single marvel character playable.
-A Gigantic map almost or probably BIGGER than the ones in the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

I like how you can drive cars and planes or boats in this game its like Grand Theft Auto.

I like this game, but could argue it killed the LEGO series

13 DC Universe Online DC Universe Online Product Image

This game is awesome. I love the huge cities and character customization.

My dad plays this.Look for a player named Vasuman.that's him.I want to play,too.I think I'll be able to because my dad has a second ps4 controller,but he only plays nowadays when he wants to blow something-or a supervillian like HIVE queen Zazzala or Joker-up.

14 Spider-Man 3 Spider-Man 3 Product Image

Actually this game is terrable I hate the 1st mission the most.

Amazing game, but very hard.

15 Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 Product Image
16 X-Men Legends X-Men Legends Product Image
17 DeadPool DeadPool Product Image

A gem! As good as the movies we're, probably even funnier.

Most funniest game ever!

18 Batman Begins Batman Begins Product Image
19 Incredible Hulk Incredible Hulk Product Image

Better than ultimate destruction. But the 2003 game is slightly better. Only a few games comepete with this one, arkham City, arkham Asylum, spidey shattered dimensions and ultimate alliance.

Is it me or does it feel like playing prototype.

Pure awesomeness!

20 Lego Marvel's Avengers Lego Marvel's Avengers Product Image

This game sucks

21 Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Product Image

Amazing visuals and ashtetic

The best game of spidey everr

22 Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Product Image

This is a great game, yeah sure the story is bad, I mean it got such a great plot but the story is bad and some of the missions are boring, and also the spider sense felt unnecessary but for the most part this is a good game, the web slinging is the best since spider-man 2 and the boss fights are fun, the black suit is great but for me it looks to purple, and the voice actor for spider-man sucked and the webs on the original suit may look horrible but it's still over all a fun game, you can go on team ups (but I don't really use it), and there's a lot of fun things you can do in this game

How the is this lower than batman begins? that game is not even that good

Should be higher

The batman games pale in comparison to this game. The arkham series felt like you're trapped in a box with a grappling hook as your only way of getting around. But WoS lets you feel fast, free, like spider-man! The story with the symbiotes is awesome, the costumes are awesome, and YOU CAN PICK UP CARS! Plus, you can switch from the red/blue suit to the black symbiote. The suits made you feel different. The red/blue made you feel helpful, heroic. And the black suit made you feel more powerful, more aggressive. The crossover with wolverine, luke cage, and moon knight was awesome, and it made you feel like you're in a corrupted city with people to stop it. While I don't like no goblin, I can get past that. Venom's cool too. Also...
-since when does batman have super senses?
- boss fight is boring!
I can go on.

23 Freedom Force Freedom Force Product Image
24 Spider-Man (2000) Spider-Man (2000) Product Image

9/10 my favorite childhood game

25 X-Men Legends II Rise of Apocalypse X-Men Legends II Rise of Apocalypse Product Image

9/10 almost as good as the first one

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