Top 10 Greatest Fighting Game Franchises

Fighting games were very popular in the '90s and that's where most the most acclaimed franchises we know today got their start, but don't forget about the newer ones. And here they are.
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1 Tekken

I'm a fan of all fighting games but I believe
Tekken is much better than MK because it has a much complicated and professional gameplay.

But unfortunately Tekken's developers are terrible at marketing, which I think makes their games low budget.

And I think that's the reason why MK has much more content, it has better story modes, better entertaining features like fatalities, brutalities, krypt, etc.

So yeah, I think Tekken 8 will be able to compete with MK11 because they made a lot of money with Tekken 7.

But again, it won't sell as much as MK, because Japanese are geniuse at creating art, but terrible at marketing (Comparing to US)

Tekken takes the 1 spot because the graphics are just damn beautiful and took the 3D fighting game style from Virtua Fighter and made it better in every way. It also features original and unique characters such as Yoshimitsu and King. Namco made a great idea for making each button controlling one limb, and many, such as I, grew up with this game. And, finally, it sells the best out of any fighting game in history!

More diversity within the characters... 3D style... Many more things about this that I prefer.
Tekken appeals to me for many reason, but the main reason that it appeals to me is probably because it's educated me on how badass martial arts are. Like, without Tekken, I wouldn't know about capoeira (thanks Eddy! ). It easily beats out the other games in gameplay too. I just enjoy the style of the series in general.

Tekken is awesome! The 3-D graphics are amazing! It should definitely be #1! I have played it since I was a little kid, I grew up playing it; and I still play it to this day. It would have to be my most favorite fighting game of all time! Tekken has created powerful, awesome fantasy characters into my life such as Lili and Xiaoyu.

2 Mortal Kombat

I've been a MK fan since the 90's when I was only three years old. My parents didn't fail at trying to keep me away from violence. I went out of my way to see the movies and play the games. In other words, there was nothing stopping me from seeing and playing Mortal Kombat. I would go to the arcades with friends and play MK1. Skorpion has always been my favorite character but I did give Johnny cage kudos for punching Goro's nuts! Haha

One of the finest Fighting Game Franchises to exist. Since its debut it has influenced other traits now seen in modern games such as combo juggling and finishing moves. Without it, franchises like Street Fighter & Tekken wouldn't have been pushed to the heights they are at now.

I love this series so much, with all the different characters and all the awesome moves, and who doesn't love a good fatality? My love for mileena and Baraka will never die...

Definitely the best fighting game series ever made. Yes, it's too much bloody and brutal but so entertaining and cool at the same time
Finish Him!

3 Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros is the celebration of gaming. If I were Masahiro Sakurai, I would utilize artificial intelligence to expand the franchise/series and include every video game character in existence as a playable fighter.

Watching videos of various fighting games they all look similar to me. Aside from their own little differences (like MK's gore) they have similar designs. Smash stands out, being far different from any other game but still being fun and requiring as much skill as any other fighter. And not only can it play with more than two players, it can play up to eight at once. That's amazing.
But then there is of course it's biggest catch: it's roster. Mario, Sonic, Ryu, and Pac-Man can all fight each other, and they feel pretty true to their series. Not only can no other fighting game too the magnitude of smash's roster, but no game at all.

How could this not be number 1? Not only is Smash the most innovative fighting game franchise it is also he 3rd best selling fighting game franchise with all 3 installments being in the top 10 best selling fighting games. The original is the 6th best selling, Melee is the 3rd best selling and Brawl is the best selling fighting game ever.

SSB is my favorite fighting game (SSBM is the best, but SSBB and SSBU are also great). It has a large roster, both casual and competitive ways to play and a great community, Close second to Capcom vs. series (MVC2 is amazing, UMVC3 and CVS2 are also great), but I've played smash for longer. 3rd is Mortal Kombat (UMK3 is the best, MK2, Trilogy, 9, X,11 are great also), 4th is Killer Insticnt (Original is fantastic, 2 and the reboot are also great), 5th is Street FIghter (grandfather of fighting games, 2, 3, Alpha and EX series are the best), and 6th is Tekken (TTT series, 3 and 5 are good).

4 Street Fighter

I love Fighting Games. Mortal Kombat, Tekken, king of fighters and all, but in my opinion, Street Fighter is the best. The characters are really interesting, and almost every game is amazing.
Yes I know, Street Fighter V wasn't really good in the beginning, but I think SFV Champion edition is one of the best Street Fighter games out there.
But anyways, Street Fighter is a legendary franchise.

The fact that Mortal Kombat is currently in the lead is really depressing to me. The only good MK game since MK2 was the reboot in 2011. People need to look at the series, not just one good installment. As a series, Street Fighter is undoubtedly better in both mechanics and critical acclaim. SF4 single-handedly revived the fighting genre in the current generation as well.

No way in heck should Street Fighter be #4 on this list...
How in the world is MK #2?! @
They are so hit and miss... Mostly Miss...
Though MK X is very promising.

Without street fighter none of these other games would even exist.

5 Soul Calibur

The combat is some of the best of any fighting games I've ever played, The character creation is really cool, the use of created characters in online play is awesome, the guest characters are great, and the story is pretty interesting. Really looking forward to SCVI, whenever that comes out.

At least in this game you can't possibly win by buttonmashing and spamming, 8-way moving system is a must-have. Smooth gameplay. In the more recent SC games you have a detailed character creation, So you're not obligated to play with the same guy/gal over and over.
The story is absolute crap, but that's not that important in fighting games anyway

Fighting game with enchanted weapons? I'll take it!

Way more fun than Tekken. Should be 4th in this list.

6 The King of Fighters

This is so underrated. The King of Fighters is a great game, and the character storylines are well told through the characters such as Athena.

Easily the best! Sadly forgotten today, but back in the 90's it RULED the arcades.

Without The King of Fighters '94, we wouldn't have KoF series in first place.
KoF is awesome!

It is not just OK, it is Amazing.


The biggest fighting franchise that does not involve death, but delivers enormous amounts of violence.

8 Marvel vs. Capcom

The series became one of the most recognized franchises ever.

9 Guilty Gear

A series with gameplay that truly puts your technical skills to use, with blindingly fast pacing, a refined engine, and a stunning variety of combos and techniques. The overall depth and variety offered by this combat system is difficult to match, and has done a lot of evolving since the unorthodox, yet intriguing original game.

The hand-drawn, sprite-based graphics are beautiful, especially on the part of the character models, and the backgrounds are breathtaking. Daisuke Ishiwatari's compositions for the soundtrack provide an energetic and uplifting feel, and compliment the furious action perfectly. The overall artwork of this series is creative, original, and well-conceived.

The characters are all very unique, likable, and inspiring, with surprisingly involving storylines and backgrounds, and strong, memorable personalities. Their names, moves, clothing, and overall design are full of rock and heavy-metal references. The franchise is almost guaranteed to introduce ...more

Even if I don't really play many games and I am not really familiar with the series, I think GG is really awesome. And plus this is coming from someone who loves KoF!
If you like fighting games, you might love Guilty Gear. Cool characters and awesome combos, and I don't know, I am too speechless for this awesomeness.

One of the best fighting games I have ever played, it had good graphics, fun gameplay, amazing music, and memorable characters that are all unique

Good franchise that needs recognition.

10 Virtua Fighter

It doesn't have any magic projectile blasts like other fighting video games, just good ol' martial arts skills. At the time of Virtua Fighter 2, it was the most ground-breaking video game of its time (graphics, gameplay, fun factor were all #1).

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11 Killer Instinct

Fighting games have been a staple for me since first laying hands on Street Fighter II as a kid. As an adult, I've waited for a long time to see the comeback of Killer Instinct. The new game delivers in a way I hadn't expected.

This is the first fighting game I've played that truly feels like it's you vs your opponent, not you vs the input system. Commands are easy and intuitive, and the breaker/counter system makes for the most mindgames-intensive experience ever. When you beast someone it's obviously because you outplayed them, not because you managed to pull off the most damaging combo/special first.

My number one fighter of all time.

Loved this game in the early 90's, waited almost twenty years for it to come back and bought an Xbox one for this game specifically. One of the best games I have ever played and hands down the best fighting game in my opinion. I love Mk, sf, Mvc, two ken, etc. but none of those games are as fun and have nothing on killer instinct gameplay wise or anything else. The only thing that the new ki2013 lacks is finishers, bring back no mercies and ultimates ASAP, having only ultras and stage ultras gets kind of stale, having more options would help!

This game is the reason I spent $500 for the day-one edition Xbox One. Do I regret it? No. Killer Instinct is my favorite fighting game of all time and ever since it was announced for X1, I knew it would be worth every penny. I play everyday with friends and we never get tired of it. The new seasons keep the game fresh and the soundtrack enhances it even further! Greatly recommend it to anyone who has an Xbox One.

Easily the best fighting game I've ever played is Killer Instinct 3 on Xbox One. Its constantly evolving with new characters, its very footsie oriented much like Street Fighter but more mind games involved thanks to both the Combo breaker and counter-breaker system. All characters are very different whether you want a rushdown character like Sabrewulf, a zone-trapper like Kan-Ra, or mixed character like Jago. Phenomenal design, phenomenal gameplay

12 Dragon Ball

Dragon ball is epic!

13 Dead or Alive

In my opinion, Dead or Alive is one of favorite fighting games of all time. Unfortunately the series is only recognized for jiggle physics and sadly people only focus on that instead of the fun, over the top gameplay. Despite the franchise but memorably great and I pretty much love the modes in the game (like tag team, survival, story, etc. ) and have been playing the franchise since Dead Or Alive 2 on DC and PS2 in which I eventually played the rest of the series on Xbox consoles

14 Darkstalkers

Don't forget about the other fighter Capcom made, not as popular as street fighter, but still a solid game.

15 BlazBlue

One of the most fun games with the coolest cast of characters I've ever played

16 Capcom vs.
17 Rival Schools
18 Skullgirls
19 Fatal Fury
20 Naruto
21 Injustice

Most playing games.

Best of the best

22 Samurai Shodown
23 Variable Geo
24 Fight Night

Not your usual fighting game. Even though your only able to throw punches (and headbutts) the game play is really unique and its really hard to win by spamming because of the energy bar unlike with most other fighting games

25 Battle Arena Toshinden
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