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1 Black Bird

This bird is awesome because it blows up half the screen and it deserves to be the second-best bird after mighty eagle. This bird is awesome! Great bird! It even blows pigs up without touching them!

Why do you people even LIKE Black Bird. Orange Bird is WAY better then him! I think you guys just like him for his color and what he can do! Please leave a comment to my opinion. Thanks.

It's the best. It's the bomb, literally and it was the only bird able to destroy a whole pig tower while the rest failed and I think it's the best, I don't know your opinion, but bomb is definitely the best to me

2 Orange Bird

The orange bird is the smallest bird, but this bird can puff up into a colossal size balloon bird. This bird is the biggest (before the mighty eagle) and the smallest. This bird can destroy wood and glass easily, but it can't destroy stone that easily. Its puff up power is really powerful, better than the black bird's explosion. Two or three seconds later this bird gets fired away after using the puff up ability. It can still attack while getting fired away. This bird is the best!

I know all the real names.
Red bird: Red
Yellow bird: Chuck
Blue birds: The Blues (Jim, Jake, and Jay)
Black bird: Bomb
White bird: Matilda
Big brother bird: Terrence
Boomerang Bird: Hal
Pink Bird: Stella
Orange Bird: Bubbles
Mighty Eagle: Joseph (just kidding it's mighty eagle)
New Gray Bird: Silver
I think I named all of them. Did I? Am I the only person on Earth who knows all the names of the birbs?

The orange bird is the best. I think it is much better than the black bird. I don't know why people put him in fifth he should be first. The orange bird is my favorite! I think the black bird should be last because he doesn't do anything!

3 Yellow Bird Chuck is the deuteragonist of the Angry Birds series of games created by Rovio Entertainment. He was introduced in 2009 as a member of the core flock. After his first appearance in "Poached Eggs," Chuck has become a very prominent character in multiple installments for the series.

Chuck is the best in the world! Chuck must be the leader of the flock from now. He will also have a video game series starring him( and a cartoons series)and he will be famous than ever! Everything on Earth must have a yellow bird in it and he will take over the world! He is awesome!

This bird is small but it can sure pack a punch! Mighty Eagle is good but you need to pay, Black Bird is good but its heavy and it explodes and big brother is useless. This bird tears up anything!

I love Chuck. Because he it's too famous. And he must have got a video game series, a toons series, a plushies series, a movie series, a books series,... And now I'm drinking Angry birds-Juice(in Yellow bird edition).I have also got a PEZ candy dispenser with Chuck, and an ultra rare cap(it seemed a lot with the caps who are wearing minion piggies in angry birds toons season 1 episode Chuck Mania.).

4 Mighty Eagle

Mighty Eagle would help you through any level because it kills the pigs easily and its 100% certain to pass the level. The only thing that sucks is that you have to pay for it in the app store.

My second favourite would be the Black Bird because it explodes when you tap it and that's a real good help to get through levels with stone blocks. Big Brother is useless its just a fat version of Red Bird it has no power its just stronger.

Ok, ok... Does anyone else think it's unfair that mighty eagle and mighty dragon are on this list? I meant he mighty eagle kills all the bigs right away, so ya of course he's gonna be the best one. I don't understand why mighty dragons last, but he's very very very cheap in my opinion. Also, I don't know why everyone hates on the white bird, I mean, if you time him just right, he'll drop his nuke-like egg and DESTROY! In my opinion, the list should be 1. Big Brother Bird (or Big Red Bird) 2. Bomb Bird (Can get through rock and wood easily on its own and then blows the rest up! ) 3. Orange Bird (if you get him in a little craves between wood or any material that the pigs sit on, he'll blurt up and kill) 4. White Bird (already told why he's good) 5. Yellow Bird (he's so fast and kills'em pigs! ) 6. Pink Bird (her bubble attack is very good against wood and glass, BUT sucks against rock) 7. Boomerang Bird (he's good against wood and glass, but isn't the best, that's why he takes number 7... ) 8. Blue Bird (he's ok, cause he splits into three and is great against glass, he's better then the red bird, but he isn't really that good) 9. Red Bird (sucks... ) And that's my list, I don't have a number 10 cause I'm only using like normal angry birds and I couldn't think of another.

5 Big Brother

I think big brother bird is my favorite because he kills pigs for revenge rovio, big bro should be the leader and king of the angry birds flock from now on. Big bro should also have a video game series starring him and be famous than ever!. Everything on earth should have big bro in it and he will take over the world!

Obviously the strongest also known as Terrence it is actually confirmed that Terrence and Red are not related. He destroys everything in the path and also. Look at him in angry birds toons! The mighty eagle and mighty dragon don't really count so... Terrence (big brother) >>> Bomb

Big brother(Terence) is amazing! He is very cute,big,clever and beautiful. He must be famous! It will be made a series of toons starring him and he will take the world! So, Terence is is one of my favourite birds( my top 3 birds is: 1.Red 2.Terence 3.Chuck) All the people in the Galaxy will have a big brother bird in it!

6 Blue Bird

It is a triple threat bird which will take out anything and you will have a 3x better chance on hitting things that you are trying to hit! I love the blue bird vote for it!

The Blue Birds has practically 3 times the radius of any bird. (No, not including the Mighty Eagle. )
And the Blue Birds, Jim, Jay, and Jake, are certainly the most adorable.

Biue bird can break through ice but if the ice is thick it can spear into 3 blue birds. Red bird is my favorite bird and can cost less damage.

7 Red Bird

Red is my favorite hero. Why? 1.He appears on all toys, Lego sets, clothes,... 2.He is leader. 3.He is the most famous and popular bird. 4.Is the tradermark and mascot of angry birds and the main protagonist. So, he take the world! (Read more on Angry birds Wiki about Red) I love that hero!

RED... Loved him in the movie, saw myself in his character... He shows that leadership is just a plus, he led the happy, calm, detached birds against the pig hoards, with no leadership in him... But in times of great necessity, they followed him... And thus proved to them the Anger is worth the liberty... Mighty Mighty Red u rescued me, defender of our homes and liberty!

Red is the best bird! Vote for Mighty Red! We wil never forget him, he is the first bird to play! We will NEVER forget red, who wil always remain in our minds. Without he, the players cannot solve lots of important levels.

8 Willow

Her character design and personality makes people fall in love with her. She's also very talented.

I relate to her so much. Arty, shy and grumpy. Willow is also one of my favourite names!

Willow is adorable. I like her without the hat too.

9 Boomerang Bird

This bird is such a good bird. It can be used for rock hard fortresses with 50 TNT's behind. His color looks great on him and his ability is useful. He was also voiced by Anthony Padilla from Smosh in the Angry Birds movie. Admit it, he is way better than Red Bird.

Hal is the best he looks funny in the movie and is the best bird he is the coolest he is so cool and in the toons Hal looks so tropical like the real toucan! The real worst are the popular ones (red,chuck,bomb! ) the get all the glory they suck!

He is pretty useful. In fact a few days ago I ordered a boomerang bird plush! He is awesome as heck!

10 Pink Bird

Stella, the pink bird, lifts the pig's fortifications away from them, high into the air. a few seconds later, the pigs watch in horror as their "unbreakable" structures plummet downwards, effectively destroying all pigs caught in the storm of debris. She can also become super-charged and bounce off of structures into other structures. Stella, the pink bird, is truly overpowered.

Pink Bird is so cute! (As seen in the Back to School short movie) Pnk Bird is clever and tricky.
My list is:

1. Orange Bird
2. The Blues
3. Pink Bird
4. Space Egg
5. Terence
6. Mighty Dragon (It's free, unlike the Mighty Eagle. )
7. Yellow
8. Bomb
9. Boomerang
10. Ice Bird

Pink Bird (Also know as Stella) the newest bird. Please vote for her to pass Mighty Dragon and enter the top tens!

The Contenders
11 White Bird Matilda is the secondary tritagonist in the Angry Birds series of games created by Rovio. She was introduced in 2009, as part of the original 5 birds of the flock. After her first appearance in Poached Eggs, Matilda has become a very prominent character in the installments that followed.

The white bird's egg absoletely blows pigs up. You have to agree this bird needs to be ranked 4, big brother 2, black 3, yellow 5, and of course, mighty eagle 1.

Nigel is the main antagonist of Angry birds Rio, and the villain behind Red, Yellow and the Blues being sent to Rio.

I don't understand why Matilda is so low. She is a great angry birds character, and a lovely mother.

12 Stella

She has an amazing and effective power against the pigs. I also like her character design.

13 Silver Bird

Silver is so smart. Red shouldn't have been mean to her in angry birds 2

14 Chuck Chuck is the deuteragonist of the Angry Birds series of games created by Rovio Entertainment. He was introduced in 2009 as a member of the core flock. After his first appearance in "Poached Eggs," Chuck has become a very prominent character in multiple installments for the series.

Yep! Chuck is really funny and cute, but when he cries, I feel bad and sad for him. I feel like wanting him to be my dad.

Amazing cool looking and in angry birds go he uses rocket racer in stunt

15 Mighty Dragon

Best because he kills all the pigs and does it more quickly than the Mighty Eagle.

This guy should be 2nd. It's a dragon that is the same thing as the Mighty Eagle!

Only in angry birds seasons year of the dragon he is basically the eagle but a little bit stronger

16 Bubbles

Awesome, amazing and cool looking and he's not smaller than blues though you think he is and he powerful and in go in air he has woodwind

17 Bomb

The most powerful he can destroy anything in ab space he is legendary

18 Matilda Matilda is the secondary tritagonist in the Angry Birds series of games created by Rovio. She was introduced in 2009, as part of the original 5 birds of the flock. After her first appearance in Poached Eggs, Matilda has become a very prominent character in the installments that followed.
19 Terence

An overwhelming ton of power ready to demolish everything in the way, Terence is so good that he doesn't need any special skills to do tremendous damage!

20 Fat Pig
21 Green Bird

Why is it so low on the list?

22 Brother Pig
23 Mustache Pig

Mason Mustache rocks! By the way, his name is Mason.

24 Darth Vader
25 Hal

I sometimes wish that funny toucan was my uncle because one he is my favorite uncle two he deserves a ship with Stella three I love toucans four he should be in angry birds two.

The spinning treat that all pigs should fear!
he demands that you be smart, calculating and precise in aiming and have a good sense of the laws of physics, an excellent bird mainly in AB2 and very cool.

He boomerangs back and kills all the pigs and is the most exotic bird because he's a toucan.

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