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21 Target

Japanese? Well it's really Japan-isque version of T-ara songs! And I love it..!

22 So Crazy

And really glad that they made a Chinese Version. Proves that they are working really hard for us Queens

23 Bye Bye
24 I'm Really Hurt

Come on, this is so great.

25 Goodbye Ok V 1 Comment
26 Do You Know Me?
27 Good Person

This song was really nice. T-ara Fighting!

This is a beautiful pre debut song with EunHyoJi and 2 ex members (Jiae (now Hana in Jevice) and Jiwon (now Jiwon in Soica)

28 Hue
29 Bunny Style

:)) even though it has a Japanese lyrics it has a kpop style and very catchy song

30 Day and Night
31 Apple Is A
32 Roly Poly In Copacabana

Music style was good

33 Hide & Seek

I think this song is romantic and sad song. I hope t-ara will be release sad song more...

I think this song brings the best out of Jiyeon and Boram. And the melody is really lovely.

V 1 Comment
34 I'm So Bad V 1 Comment
35 Falling U

The best of the best from absolute first album

36 A-Ha
37 Hurt
38 Don't Get Married
39 Tiamo
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1. Number 9
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