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41 Funai V 3 Comments
42 Telefunken

The best the best I have 1 from 5 years very good

Not bad at all
Less expensive and have fare more option that other brands

Great T:V - bought this 32 inch Freeview play, reasonable price and I cannot fault it. Very pleased with this product.

V 4 Comments
43 Konka

I bought konka for 4 years from now and it works really good

I like the stunning picture it displays

It is made in korea

Konka is good

V 2 Comments
44 Proscan

I have one really sharp and clear. Should be in the top 10. And it is great for gaming

I've had it for seven years and still like new. Very pleased!

I've had a proscan hdtv for almost 6 years now, and the picture and sound are still great. Underrated brand

This is the best T.V. I've ever owned. Have never had any issues! The only thing I can say is work on the volume!

V 2 Comments
45 AOC
46 Zenith

I have an old Zenith floor model T.V. and it works better then my flat screen. Great pic/sound

It's a very good T.V.

47 Sceptre

I have had this T.V. for 3 years now! Never had a problem with it! Cheap & good quality. I would recommend this T.V.!

Had a 31 inch 1080p for over 2 years now and is still going strong. However, there are like 2 dead pixels on it.

Needs a clearer view, and my volume goes up and down on it own sometimes. Just purchase it Feb. 2014.

48 Walton

Excellent T.V. with low price.

49 Itechie V 1 Comment
50 Diunamai
51 Thomson
52 Mitashi

This is not bad, well its even better than RCA

This item's not bad, its even better than RCA

53 Dynex

I have a 37 inch Dynex that my father won from his job and I never heard of this T.V. before. It surprised me how good this T.V. 's picture is because I have never seen anyone have this T.V.. The picture is awesome and I've been owning this T.V. for about 4 years.

My 32" LCD dynex that I bought at best buy gave out after almost 2 1/2 years. Screen went white and then the outer screen cover actually seems melted. Do not buy this brand ever.

I Have one and I don't want to get rid of it

V 2 Comments
54 Konika

Best T.V. in the world

55 Polaroid

Bought 55 inch took back 4 new T.V.'s in 6 months. Junk

You are very lucky if u manage to get more than 5 years out of this thing. There are no cooling fans inside these. that's why the price is so cheap

Great T.V.. Highly recommend.

56 Avera
57 Orion

After only a year and 2 mo my Orion SLED 4668w lost its picture. I've been told it's the back light inverter but Orion will not sell me the part! Terrible after sales, will never buy another of their products

Had an orion 32 inch hd ready lcd T.V. for over 5 years and no problems. Sold it to a neighbor who has had another 3 years of trouble free viewing.

V 1 Comment
58 Elekta

Remarkably good compared with its price and options

Just bought one. Very cheap (50", 346.40 $) full HD. Picture looks good. The sound isn't to my liking. I've been playing a game and gunshots sounds like your shooting underwater.

Can anyone tell me whether there is service centre in Tanzania for Elekta T.V.

I like Elekta T.V...nice picture nice's good

V 1 Comment
59 Soniq
60 Xiaomi

Awesome Phone dual sim all the bells and whistles save about $600 on similar big name phones here in Australia.

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