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1 The Walking Dead

I cried when Lew died - AngusCash

Not only the best telltale games the best one ever

No question, hands down. TWD is what made Telltale so famous nowadays!

It's more than a masterpiece!

2 The Wolf Among Us

The wolf among us is a well written game, often you are put in a situation where you have to choose between what is morally correct thing to do and what you want to do based on your anger and the feeling that everything is wrong and you can't make it right by doing the" right thing". This is thhthe essence of a good decision based game. It wouldn't have been this good if your decision were easy or unimportant.

I liked this one a bit more because it was something I'd never heard of before. I've gotten the comic since and really enjoy it

I loved all five episodes this game is my favourite telltale game. Episode 5 Cry Wolf Is My Number one favourite episode of wolf among us (10/10)

This game is almost perfect. Walking dead is the perfection,but the Wolf among us have to be second. The story and the suspense are awesome! The characters are amazing or crazy and this is why the game is so good! - Olive855

3 Tales from the Borderlands

You will not stop wanting to be in the world this game introduced you to. You will not stop wanting to know what happens next.

I mean seriously I have played each and every telltale game they are almost all awesome..even the walking dead..but seriously speaking I didn't find any game more adventurous, funny,well managed and absolutely perfect just like TFTB..In my opinion TFTB is without any doubt the best telltale game ever..telltale should obviously being TFTB 2

How I this number 3 I guess this was an old list because even wolf among us is above this game. This game was by far telltale games best. No really I'm not being a fan boy just google the top ten telltale games series and you will see... Better yet just buy this game you wont regret it, just be warned the characters are miles better than the walking dead so you might end up throwing away the game you have been warned

This should be first, you got to be joking. amazing game

4 Batman: The Enemy Within

Great story, great character development, great plottwists, great villains, and the final episode is just completely different depending on your choices

Easily the best in my opinion. The first was fine, but season 2 gave a much deeper, and intriguing plot, with better written characters, a better conflict, greatly improved visuals, and the best portrayal of the Joker since Mark Hamill's all the way back in batman TAS.

The first season was great, but Batman: The Enemy Within is an overall improvement. New and greatly developed characters, a more sophisticated story and the options to create our own interpretation of the Joker. Also, a lot of hard choices to make throughout the season.

5 The Walking Dead: Season 2

Not as good as the first one but definitely deserves a high spot. While I didn't exactly like the idea of everyone taking advantage of Clementine and the beginning is a major slap to the face of the ending of the first game, I thought Carver was the best villain in the game series and the return of Kenny was a major nostalgia feel. It is still the best sequel for The Walking Dead though. A New Frontier and The Final Season are just awful at the moment. - Daviddv0601

Carver is a great villain
Kenny is a great character
Playing as Clementine is awesome.

This is an amazing sequel to a game and definitely deserves to be higher up.


6 Game of Thrones

This is by far the hardest chose's game I ever played... am not saying this out of nothing this is the best game u ever play : other than knowing the show itself this breaks down all the human nature your loyalty is questioned and even basic survival all of the characters you play whit are memorable and finding them die for the sack of someone else that u love it's all depends on your choice which makes it nerve racking

This should be at the third position it's awesome

Definitely not as good as The Walking Dead but as someone who doesn't watch (And like) the show, this game is really good. I thought the main characters were likable enough and the story arcs for them were interesting. The side characters and the villains weren't too great though. However, that ending definitely left me wanting more. I really hope Telltale makes a second season for this already. - Daviddv0601

Kept me at the edge of my seat. Played Ep1 and right away got the season pass. great character design and plots. Only thing that bugged me was the animation and acting, wished the graphics were better, but overall does not matter. This game will grab you the whole way through.

7 Batman: A Telltale Series

The first one is good but the second is the best!

This game finally gave us the option to have Batman and Catwoman have sex. What's not to like?

Really underrated

Best storyline

8 Jurassic Park - The Game

It is awesome

This game is so good, I love the t rex moments

9 Minecraft: Story Mode

I mean, I love it! - UltraGod29

This game is so awesome! I have five star rates for all episodes! The wither storm in episodes 1-4 was so cool that I think that they should have added it. I know it may have been added, but I think that if in regular minecraft, Someone would be lucky to start their new world like this! Also, the potion effects are so cool! I mean like when you drink a leaping potion, you go super high! If anyone finds out about this game they would be like, this is too good to be true!

My God, this game is indredible. I can't even express my love for it. It is a very meaningful game to me and I am very attached to it. I am voting for this game because it is my favourite Telltale game. It is charming, funny, epic and even sad from time to time. The funny thing is that I'm not even interested in Minecraft that much, but I love Minecraft: Story Mode. I can't even play Minecraft these days without comparing it to Story Mode. Seriously, it's THAT GOOD!

This is such a meaningful game. It has deep characters, like Cassie Rose and Harper. And people who seem like villains, they have a backstory that erases the angry fog. And the protagonists, unlike most games, are thrust from a NORMAL, unimportant life to save the world. I love it!

10 Back to the Future: The Game

The game that brought me into the colorful world of Telltale and the BTTF franchise itself.

The Contenders

11 Law & Order: Legacies
12 Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space

Sam and max forever

13 The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series A New Frontier

This is by far the weakest TWD game in the franchise and really just feels like a plot point to age up AJ and Clementine. The story is so generic and I'm sorry but this game was awful. - Daviddv0601

Short though

Such a great game

14 Tales of Monkey Island
15 The Walking Dead: Michonne

Very short - Ar0nT0pTeNz05

While not as good as the primary game, the idea was interesting. Michonne in her own game with the same play style as the primary games. - Daviddv0601

16 The Walking Dead Season 3

Do u mean A New Frontier? - Ar0nT0pTeNz05

I don't know

17 CSI: Deadly Intent
18 Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People

Better than all of you


19 Sam and Max: Save the World
20 Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series

This game is fun. - Daviddv0601

21 Telltale Texas Hold'Em
22 Minecraft Story Mode Season 2

Played it the day it came out! Plus I bought the whole season and I have no regrets! Introducing new characters such as Jack, Radar, and Stella, along with families faces like Stampy, Stacy, and Nell! Truely perfect and Telltale nailed all the emotions it was trying to capture! Love the Admin character and the long wait for this to come out was worth while! Question - Cake of Pumpkin Pie everybody!

This should be on for the first place! Reply "yes sir" if agree

23 Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse
24 The Walking Dead: The Final Season

The first episode is really... meh. The graphics look kind of better than before but the story is really eh. I hope it gets better. - Daviddv0601

25 Life is Strange: Before the Storm
26 Poker Night at the Inventory
27 Guardians of the Galaxy
28 The Walking Dead: 400 Days

A great dlc to play

29 Hector: Badge of Carnage
30 The Night of the Raving Dead
31 Life is Strange

Epic game eveeer!

32 Pixel Gun 3D (Pocket Edition)
33 Life is Strange 2
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