Top Ten Touhou Characters

The top ten most liked characters from every Touhou Game.
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1 Marisa Kirisame

Marisa Kirisame is the best Touhou character I have ever seen! She is the reason why I like Touhou! She was born as a human without powers but she works so hard to get these results. Unlike Reimu Hakurei, she was born with powers but is lazy.

And I like Marisa's personality too! She is a very determined and strong girl. She won't show her weakness to others and fights with all her strength. She is very honest and a funny burglar too.

Marisa is THE proof that hard work (and some pragmatism) could get you a standing in a world dominated by overpowered beings. Despite countless beings underestimating the "ordinary magician," she proves to them in each and every game that perseverance could get you anywhere.

2 Reimu Hakurei

Reimu is the main protagonist! She is considered one of the most badass and powerful characters in Touhou! I love her design as well. Red and white for the win!

Reimu is honestly the best. Flandre is overrated. Everyone likes Flandre, which eventually gets a bit annoying.

Reimu is the reason I discovered Touhou. Best design and her looks overall!

3 Reisen Udongein Inaba

Well, I think that all the characters are sexy, but compared to this, it's nothing.

I find the ability to control sanity to be quite original, as it's different from indirectly controlling sanity via mind control.

Reisen has been my favorite Touhou for a while!

4 Alice Margatroid

"Danmaku is all about brains, it's common sense."

Alice Margatroid is special in that she never uses her full power. She is a living example that strategy can overcome pure destructive ability if used right. She is cute too, of course.

Her canon personality is awesome, unlike the tsundere one in fanon. Alice is one of the most badass characters. She hasn't even used her full skill yet. Besides, Shanghai and Hourai really add some bonus.

I like her personality and her dress. She is very beautiful and I like her dolls. They are very cute!

5 Sakuya Izayoi

Graceful, elegant, and has almost complete control of time. Sakuya Izayoi is my favorite character and the first character I was introduced to when I started playing Touhou! Seriously, she can beat Yukari by just stopping time and aiming thousands of silver knives at her.

For those Pokemon fans out there, she is the Touhou equivalent of Dialga! She is a beautiful maid that throws knives with deadly accuracy! She can stop time! And she's got pa- *knifed*

Time manipulation, serious attitude, and being a maid make for one hell of a great character. Why is she #10? Because Yukari is a sore loser, that's why!

6 Cirno

This is by far the strongest character in Gensokyo. Hail Cirno, the strongest.

The fact that she is not #1 at the moment is insulting.

Cirno, I don't know what to say. She is just awesome.

7 Yukari Yakumo

Yukari may as well be called God. I mean, honestly. Nice figure, classy attitude, and the absolutely mind-blowing ability to distort the boundaries of anything. And I mean ANYTHING, peeps. She could literally look at the horizon and grab it. Even that counts as a border. Yukari could make monsters from your dreams become real by separating the boundaries of dreams and reality. She could mess up the boundaries of good and evil, pink and green, the universe, and existence and non-existence.

So yeah, she is PRE-TTY strong. And, well, she is just so laid back and lazy! She is awesome. I would propose to her if I was a guy (and get rejected).

8 Flandre Scarlet

Flandre is definitely the best character out of all the other options. Her design is so cute, especially the rainbow gem wings! And her power is really cool. I mean, she can destroy anything by squeezing it in her hand. Her outfit is so cute! She is such an awesome character.

Most abilities in Touhou are very complex, but Flandre's ability is simple. She has the ability to destroy absolutely anything just by squeezing her hand. How awesome is that! To top it off, she's a vampire, which means her physical abilities are super advanced as well. When U.N. Owen Was Her starts to play, run.

9 Koishi Komeiji

Koishi is powerful and just wanders aimlessly around, giving her the image of a dumb and cute character who is actually very powerful. Her theme is absolutely amazing.

Interesting backstory and just a lovable character altogether! Koishi also has a great design!

She closed her third eye to stop hearing thoughts but accidentally became unconscious. Now she walks around completely unconscious, doing whatever. Best character. If you saw her, you wouldn't know it, as she is only detected by the unconscious mind and cannot be remembered.

10 Patchouli Knowledge

She has the ability to manipulate seven elements, while only five of them are enough to create life on Earth. Just with five elements, "Fire Water Wood Metal Earth Sign: Philosopher's Stone" has already been one of the most powerful spell cards in the game. If she didn't have poor health and physical abilities, imagine what would happen if she were able to research and really cast an amazing seven-element spell. She's the best witch/magician in my opinion, far more powerful than Marisa and Alice. I mean, without her casual asthma.

The Contenders
11 Utsuho Reiuji

Best remixes, best art, best design, and good character. She is practically the only Touhou character that tried to take over the world. Oh, and she's a great main on Hisoutensoku.

She has the power of nuclear fusion. She has an awesome design and is probably the hardest non-extra boss.

She is one of the hardest Touhou bosses to beat and has the power to use an atomic nuclear arm cannon. So pretty badass.

12 Remilia Scarlet

Incredibly powerful vampire who's relatively harmless. Light-hearted girl who can be very serious when necessary. Septette for the Dead Princess. All your arguments were just made invalid.

She's the charismatic vampire mistress of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. That's pretty cool in my opinion. Also, she is very cute.

She is kind of like my older sister in real life. Remilia knows how to be the adult when there is no one else to be. But she also knows how to exaggerate and have fun.

13 Mima
14 Youmu Konpaku

Cute face, dresses, and personality. She may not be as elegant as Sakuya, but her serious attitude is really cute combined with her personality. She also has a cute portable flying ghost-half pillow.

Who dislikes a half-ghost kid with swords?

No, no, Youmu. You're the cutest person I've ever had.

15 Fujiwara no Mokou

For goodness' sake, she is immortal! She may feel injuries, but still, she can't die. Honestly.

She manages to be cool even with all her bows. Her theme is absolutely amazing.

Hottest Touhou. (See what I did there?)

16 Mizuhashi Parsee

Parsee is my favorite Touhou character!

17 Kotohime

She's weird. I think I could just relate to her.

18 Byakuren Hijiri

Byakuren is one of my favorite characters because: 1) She has one of the best themes in UFO, 2) She has a good backstory, helping youkai and humans, 3) She is nice to almost everyone (no wonder they call her Saint!), and 4) Her combat moves are really cool. I think my favorite spells from her are Great Magic (Devil's Recitation) and Heaven Sign (Great Trichiliocosm Master).

One of my favorite characters. Awesome backstory, probably one of the nicest characters in the series, and she's really pretty.

19 Medicine Melancholy
20 Shinki
21 Sagume Kishin

Her design is top-notch. The fact that her one wing and silver hair resemble Sephiroth is also a cool detail. Not to forget, her ability to affect the future in the opposite way of her words is really unique and cool.

22 Yuyuko Saigyouji

Her power is almost the ultimate power of all. She can manipulate your life if she wants to, and she can control departed souls. She is almost invincible due to the fact she is already dead and thus cannot be really wounded.

But also, she has knowledge about the situation. She usually talks with nonsensical and bizarre remarks or overlooks the obvious, but she really has an extraordinary amount of knowledge. Also, she is cheerful and friendly. Yuyuko for the win!

Fandom treats her really bad. She is not a vacuum. She just eats a little too much. I also like her past, design, and her attacks! Her danmaku is beautiful, especially when she opens her fan. Beautiful butterfly lady for life!

23 Suika Ibuki

Suika is incredibly strong. Being able to control density, she could just spread herself as mist throughout Gensokyo. In terms of raw strength, her power is unmatched.

I also love her chill character. She's not the type of person that gets mad. She just really loves her sake.

She has a gourd that produces infinite alcohol. Sidenote: A very good character lives inside said gourd.

How come two of my favorite characters in fiction have Ibuki in their names? Damn, son.

24 Sekibanki

I want her head. Without the joke, she seems like a really shy and cute person/little monster. Not scary, but she can be.

25 Minamitsu Murasa
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