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1 Over the Wall

I just like this song. I've listened to other songs by Testament and I just keep coming back to this one.. :3 I guess I have good taste in music :P laugh out loud

It's the best song, way better than Souls Of Black

Easily the best Testament song. It was great when it first came out and still kicks ass. Skolnick shredded this song as a teenager. Amazing!

Best part is when he shouts: "Hey! That bacon's mine! "
Anyone else?

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2 Souls of Black

intense intro and totally kiscks ass. like this song got me into thrash metal altogether. go souls of black! whoo

AMAZING INTRO. This was the first song I ever heard from this band and from then om I was hooked to it like crack.

Their best song! This bands thrashes really good! - rock2metal

Just kickass

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3 Return to Serenity

Sweet solo - this song seems like the Testament equivalent of Nothing Else Matters. - petrucci75hammet

Isn't the tone of the guitar just perfect in this song. The solo totally melts my face and the voice just lingers in my head long after the song is over. Musically I would say that Testament have not made a better song. (With the exception of Musical Death maybe)

The best Chorus ever made in the history of the thrash metal and the riff is AWESOME! Best Part of the song is the SOLO! And the best ever song from testament far better then over the wall.

Great song.

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4 Practice What You Preach

this song is a true thrash metal classic and has an amazing solo. Souls of black and over the wall are good but nothing compared to practice what you preach.

Really hard to choose between this song, which has fantastic rhythm and tempo and strong lyrics, and Electric Crown, which has great variety. This was my favorite for the longest, so I will worship it here.

Brilliant song... First testament song I listened to! Like chuck billy's vocals and the amazing guitar work!

Very best

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5 More Than Meets the Eye

doesn't need an explanation, its the best song

As a bassist, I still feel that Souls of Black is highly overrated. I still love the song and always will. Testament's a GREAT band; as good as the Maiden crew. Great live, great studio. Gotta love them!

I voted for More than Meets the Eye cus real favorite is DNR but it wasn't on the list... though More than Meets the Eye is a close 2nd for me (those 2 songs are actually quite similar).

Crazy song...and the drums are just beyond commendation.. Testament is one of the best thrash bands.

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6 The New Order

This song kicks so much ass the entire 4:27 seconds you hear it. Everything from the post- apocalyptic intro to the last epic chorus, it grabs you by the balls and you enjoy it. Best off the album by far.

This is their finest song from their finest album. The New Order nails it on all fronts. It even beats over the wall. Souls of Black and return to serenity are way too overrated.

This is my favorite song by them to be honest! I don't know y but I get this giant smile on my face whenever I hear it!

This is the line between thrash and death metal. Truly awesome.

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7 Into the Pit

Brutal, powerful, melodic. Combines the best elements of first three albums. Heard it live on Clash of the Titans and been amazed... For the next 23 years:-)

Classic track from a classic album, however Testament has plenty of damn good or utterly outstanding "caught in the moshing pit" songs anyway in the whole genre (The New Order, True Believer, A Day In The Death to name my favorites). Testament, Overkill, Death Angel, Dark Angel, that's the Big 4 in my eyes... (not to mention last two studio releases by Death (Symbolic, TSOP) which are another pinnacle of progressive thrash metal together with hidden gen "Time Does Not Heal"! ). Anthrax, Megadeth, Metalica, Slayer are so-so rock bands, the pulled off some classic material, but also lots of crap, way more than this underrated (or just simply because of number of sold units) four way better bands than those fanboys and mags like rolling stone (Slash as best guitarist, laugh out loud! ) rave about.

Epic Song much prefer the 2001 version though.

The Best for Moshpit

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8 Electric Crown

Excellent song it got me into this band, the thing I most like about it is that they are iron maiden inspired. It is very rare to find such bands also try EDGUY.

If it wasn't for this song, I wouldn't even like testament!

Testament is so so much better than Metallica!

First testament song I've heard - SoldierOfFortune

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9 D.N.R. (Do Not Resuscitate)

The gathering was an amazing album, and d.n.r. started it off greately

My favorite is More Than Meets the Eye, but it was already rated pretty high.D.N.R. needs some more love!

More than meets the eye is one of my favorite songs ever but this is almost just as amazing! I love the whole Gathering album and this one sticks out the most

The one-two punch of "DNR" and "Down For Life" are epic. Blistering.

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10 Disciples of a Watch

One of my favorite songs of Testament! OBEY or I WILL BURN YOU TO THAT CROSS! Really good song, check it out!

Agreed, this is old school. Very awesome. This is probably my favorite

This song must be included in d top 5! The solo is awesome!

Solid track from Testament! I'd totally recommand this to any metalhead. The beginning of the thrashing part is surprising and delicious and it goes way better the more it's listened.
I just don't get the persons who consider "More Than Meets the Eye", "Return to Serenity" and "Souls of Black" as Testament's best songs ever... Like, have they ever listened to other songs than those? Seriously?

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11 True American Hate

Very solid metal song from their new album, with a sweet guitar riffing and also nice drum beats!

My favorite is Practice What You Preach but I voted for this because it is so low. Need more stuff from Dark Roots of Earth

It's so awesome how Gene's drumming remind you of Death. Listen to this it will remind u of Zombie Ritual. So cool.

One word: kickass!

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12 The Legacy

Equally as awesome is trail of tears from low. Kick ass song.

This is one of their best should be on the top 5

This song is so damn good, one of their best!

"6 out of 5" - IGN

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13 Trial by Fire

its a trial by fire! such a good song. this song makes me like them almost even more then metallica. almost...

My personal favorite of Testament's music. Really great song overall. - Element119

All I can say is "A TRIAL BY FIRE! "

HEY! THIS IS WHAT THE PEOPLE SAY! This is the best testy song

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14 Burnt Offerings

Over the wall was good but this has badass guitars

Their best song... absolute classic

My favorite Testament song

Best riffage ever! One of the best riffs in thrash metal in my opinion - hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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15 Alone in the Dark

Should be first! Great song with epic riff.

I really never like testament, I think alex es one of the greatest guitarrists ever, but for me is really difficult to understand the testament music, anywhay, this is a killer song

16 First Strike Is Deadly

How is this number 28?! This is the song that got me into the band and the solo is one of the most eargasmic things you can ever hear in your life

"Fresh" - Rotten Tomatoes

Perfect song

I do not contain the one of the best solo ever.

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17 Legions of the Dead
18 Down for Life

This album kills! When it came out it was one of the hardest albums around. Almost like death metal vocals, but not.

One of the heaviest, most hard-hitting riffs I've ever heard.

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19 Sins of Omission

great intro, great lyrics and great solo - rock2metal

It is so dramatic and intense! It has a super intro and riffs and they all melt together in the mood, besides it just makes you wanna thrash it all!

The song that got me into Testament. Amazing work from Skolnick and Chuck. The perfect combination of heaviness and melody.

This should be in the top 3. It's way better than Over The Wall.

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20 Apocalyptic City

Not my favorite album but I think this is the best song out of all of them - LMARINE

38? While Return To Serenity is 4? You people are idiots.

My favorite Testament tune... I can feel the fire!

Together with Fall of the sipledome my favorite Testament song.

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