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1 A Few Good Men

Talk about creating drama in a courtroom!

A great movie, with some memorable quotes and excellent moments! Tom Cruise stars in this interesting court room drama

My favorite film and performance of Tom's. Gotta love that courtroom scene with Nicholson!

Great movie. Up there with Tropic Thunder for him

2 The Last Samurai

Come on this should be no1

What an epic movie. Before this movie A Few Good Men was my favorite but this trumped it. Scene where he keeps getting up in the rain was amazing - tacitus23

One of the worst films out their

They all suck!

3 Mission Impossible

the best mi3 movie ever!
cruise rocked alongside some great performances by reno and the rest of the cast, truly awesome in its time!

This is an awesome movie! The action is so exciting! I love mission impossible 1,2,3, and 4! Tom Cruise was amazing in this movie!

Classic at its maximum! This movie is pure nostalgia! - cbrann10

This is so amazing and I love it. Tom cruize rocks. 10+ and I cannot wait to see mi 2😀

4 Top Gun

It's only one of the greatest movies ever! Plus Iceman is amazing, but this is about Tom Cruise. Anyways, I LOVE Top Gun and it should be way higher on this list.

What a movie definitely one of the best Tom Cruise films of all time

I don't know why this movie is not in the top 5 come on guys...

That also used to be a ride at Kings Island. - Connor360

5 Rain Man

I love this movie!

I love this movie. I love watching Rain Man with my family. This movie came out when my parents were kids in 1988. Rain man came out in 1988, eleven years older than me. I love Tom Cruise in this movie, Dustin Hoffman did a great job in this movie as well.

Rain Man won Best Picture for a reason. Because it's a great film, unlike Last Samurai or Top Gun. This should rise into the top 3

How is this behind last samurai, and how is last samurai first?

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6 Collateral

It'd be nice for him to play Deathstroke in Justice League 2.

Cruise does an incredible job of creating a likable villain. At the end of the movie you are not sure who you want to win. He is just so intelligent and engaging I found myself wishing he would succeed and escape.

It's better than Heat. Tom Cruise was very convincing as a hitman. - MissionImpossible

7 Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol

Vote for the jump of burj khalifa in this movie guys
It should be above from 9

Why is this not #2, it deserves to be after Last Samurai

This is his best movie ever! -. - - Hameedbingaf

This should be the best 1
Number 1 of tom cruise reddy

8 Jerry Maguire

I am a huge tom cruise fan. I think jerry maguire is the kind of performance, where cruise really gets his game on.

Show Me The Money! I Just Love This Movie It's So Inspiring It Taught Me That No Matter How Broke You Are Never Ever Give Up It Taught Me Never Let Your Loved Ones Go. Tom Cruise Deserved Oscar For This Film.

9 Edge of Tomorrow

I loved this film! It was action packed, but it had comedy which was refreshing. I saw it in theaters with these seats that jerked around do it was like YOU were on the helicopter. It's a very good movie and it held my attention - baconyum

One of the greatest, exciting, dramatic action movies Tom Cruise done lately - MatrixGuy

Its Groundhog Day as an action

This is one of the best Tom Cruise movies. It is exciting, clever, and has some humor. Both he and Emily Blunt do an amazing job in portraying their respective characters, and the rest of the cast was chosen expertly.

10 Magnolia

His style was perfect

I think it is the best performance of cruise.he did an incredible job.i like this movie a lot.and it deserves to be in top 3.

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11 Interview with the Vampire

Tom Cruise was the perfect choice to play Lestat, he was even better than that loser Brad Pitt. - MissionImpossible

12 Eyes Wide Shut

Its very hot

13 Minority Report

What a fantastic movie for God's sakes!

very good sci fi by spielberg and cruise holds his own too!

14 Risky Business

Love that movie!

Such a classic

15 Tropic Thunder

An all-star cast and amazing humor, if a bit slapstick.

16 The Firm

I can't believe the firm and rain man are not in the top ten. Is everyone out of there mind! Let's fix this A.S.A. P!

One of the all time best Thrillers. This movie has everything; action, drama, romance and lots and lots of RUNNING.

17 War of the Worlds

Very good

Absolute masterpiece, better than the original. He tells a story of an alien invasion, and humanities will to survive. Tom Cruise, Dakota Fanning stun this movie. - roblist

one of the greatest blockbuster box office record breaking movies of all time! - robertoantonioortuso

Love this film with Dakota and Cruise!

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18 The Outsiders
19 Mission Impossible II

I don't care what others think, MI 2 is awesome and has the best action scenes thanks to Tom who does his own stunts like a pro and no actor can pull it off like him. - MissionImpossible

Slick action scenes and plus, it's directed by John Woo, so you know it's going to be one hell of a ride.

This movie is terrible leads to a stupid love relationship that nobody cares about and has over the top explosions you'd think this was a Michael bay movie

20 Knight and Day

Great cast, good action and entertaining movie

21 Legend
22 Valkryie

Loved it!

23 Mission: Impossible III
24 Oblivion

Perfect for Tom Cruise and to appear on a science-fiction adventure. Oblivion only represents his religion of Scientology and it's good.

It's very underrated. The critics were idiots for disliking such a sublime movie. - MissionImpossible

25 Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

The stunts were sublime especially the airplane scene. Hats off to Tom Cruise for being the bravest actor in Hollywood. - MissionImpossible

I Say #1

26 Vanilla Sky

Though this movie still made over $100 million at the box office, I still feel like it is underrated. This is probably the most impressive performance Cruise has ever given in a movie (and he has many). This was truly an award-calliber performance and an extremely intriguing and thought-provoking movie.

It's an underrated remake of the Spanish movie. Tom and Penelope had great chemistry together, not to mention that Cameron Diaz was amazing as the jealous lover. It's among my favorite Tom Cruise movies. - MissionImpossible

Huh! What's this movie doing down here? It most be at the top of this list it's such a powerful moviem a very heart touching movie, so sad

Favourite movie ever! So emotional and thought provoking

27 Mission: Impossible – Fallout

I love Tom cruise

What a Movie

28 Far and Away

This movie always gets forgotten because it wasn't the major blockbuster so many of his other movies were. I think this movie is timeless. It is emotional and exciting and powerful. Cruise and Kidman are great together in this one.

I love Tom Cruise. I hate Nicole Kidman. - MissionImpossible

29 Born on the Fourth of July

As far as Performance wise goes, This is Tom Cruise's best film. - Drewstar


30 Jack Reacher

Awesome movie! Flawless direction!
If you need a movie which would hit your brain, this is it. This is a movie for people with high IQ who always look for flaws in a movie. I challenge you find me a single directorial flaw in this movie.

A smart action thriller... Worth watch movie

He's the perfect Jack Reacher. The action scenes were superb. - MissionImpossible

31 Days of Thunder
32 Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

One of the best movies of tom cruise

AWESOME MOVIE: Bet you that U will surely enjoy it!


33 American Made

Awesome movie. One of the best crime movies in the recent time. Well this movie deserves to be compared with epic crime movies goodfellas, godfather..

34 Cocktail

That film is the reason why bartenders look cool, and let's not forget Tom who did an amazing job and still deserves credit for being an iconic actor. - MissionImpossible

35 Endless Love
36 The Color of Money

I like this movie

37 Rock of Ages
38 Lions for Lambs
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