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1 Rocky

Rocky is the film that made Slyvester Stallone big. More than just a boxing movie, Rocky is an underdog story about an unknown club fighter who overcomes the odds in his life and in the ring, going the distance against Heavyweight Champion Apollo Creed.

I will say that if Rocky is number 1, First Blood is right behind it at 1A. A lot of Stallone movies are just straight up action films, but First Blood was so much more than that. I believe the film was an example and a statement that stood up for all Vietnam veterans who were mistreated as they returned home from a war that everyone wanted to forgot.

Many of our vets couldn't forget the war... In many ways... Although I'm sure they wanted to... This film is for those heroes and represents a hard lesson for all of us in regard to how our soldiers were treated after all they endured over there.

Both films are classics, and I do like Over the Top a lot. I think Over the Top is a different role for Sly, but it's a ...more

Rocky is the movie that changed my life. Aside from being plain old EPIC it has a story and unlike most movies of today it has a plot and not just meaningless crap designed to make a buck. This movie is about both Rocky Balbola and Sylvester Stallone's big break. And captures so much more than a normal film of any time except for Popeye of course.

The best movie ever. Fantastic storyline. Fabulous acting. Spot on! Bergis Meredith was superb throughout the movie and so wer sylvester stallone and carl weathers...

Rocky series is the best. Other wise sly is far better than
Tom cruise and arnold. Compare any of the terminator or MI
Movies with rocky series you will get your answere

2 First Blood

This movie is a old school classic and this is what a mediocre movie would be like in the 80's and if it is that good, then you know what films were like back then!

Very good movie.. Especially among the Vietnam vets who give there life for war.. And judging them is a very wrong wrong

Great movie. Before Rambo II, I and Rambo. There was John J Rambo a war veteran who was vagrant and made a one man war for resisting arrest

Great movie amazing and just great good to watch and its always there for you.

3 Rocky IV

There were emotions in the last fight. Rocky was fighting not for trophy, but to take revenge for his coach and friend.

I remember being in the video shop with my dad went his first came out and the price to buy it was £80!, you can buy the DVD and a player to play it on now for that price.

Rocky Balboa vs. Ivan Drago, amazing fight, Balboa's hardest challenge

Awesome had a great story line.

4 Cliffhanger

May be the best action movie ever made, so many stunts, so much great scenery, just great!

A great adventure

5 Demolition Man

! Awesome movie. Stallone is one of my favorite actor, come on now, you gotta love this guy even if you hate life itself. Stallone is super awesome!

Hardcore action with amusing phrases, Stallone and snipes compliment each other so well, it makes the movie amazing.

Love this movie! Amusing, action packed and includes Wesley Snipes, Sandra Bullock, Benjamin Bratt and best of all, Denis Leary!

I mean the Rocky and Rambo movies are obviously his best, but I've always really enjoyed this one. Snipes was great in it as well

6 Rambo

I'm a real Stallone fan and have all of his movies but this for me was the best, action from the word go, or as I sometimes call the a blood and guts fest. And this is from a lady of 65 he can act write direct what can't he do.

This movie was awesome. Just straight violence I loved that it didn't have to much of a story plot just simple to the point.

I really love the way action were taken.
Violence seems realistic. And really it brings passion while watching this.

Rocky is my favorite but Rambo is close behind. Total action throughout the movie.

7 Cop Land

Along with his films, Rocky and Rocky Balboa, it's Stallone's best acting performance; and great acting from his co-stars and an excellent cast with Robert De Niro, Harvey Keitel and Ray Liotta.

Everyone should watch this movie including Stallone haters. You may change your mind. Sly can act very well

8 The Expendables

Excellent to see Sly with Jason as his side kick!

I like this movie very much I really want to have 3 part of expendables

The best movie

Hi sir I'm dilip from Nepal your big fan I'm my best movie The Expendables 2 and all movie

9 Rocky II

Awesome story and awesome picture...

10 Rocky Balboa

Easily top 3, it doesn't get the credit due to Stallone's advanced age. It had a great story, new infusions to the cast, and Rocky had deeper thoughts/emotions. Escape Plan deserves more love to, it's way better than Cobra, Over the Top and Judge Dredd.

My third favorite of the Rocky franchise, could be a few spots higher. Expendables 2 is way better than the original and Escape Plan needs more love too.

This movie is really inspiring. This movie makes me think about life and anything can happen if you really put your effort into it for the full 100

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11 Over the Top

He drives trucks and breaks arms. That's the plot of this movie.
Probably my 2nd favorite Sylvester Stallone movie.

It was such a touching movie about a father & son. I will give it five stars. It is a movie I will watch over & over again

This movie was very dumb, I enjoyed every second!

Great movie. I always enjoy watching it!

12 Lock Up

Love this movie. I m the big fan of his movies

I very like to see her any film.

This is the first western movies that I watch ever, I was 5 years old when 1 watch this one, it's so best of the best film I think,

My favourite stallone movie because it had a emotional content

13 Rambo - First Blood Part 2

This was pure iconic Stallone. He used his skills and gadgets to decimate the Russians. Best Rambo movie, Best action movie, and by far the best Stallone movie! (As good as First Blood and Rocky may be)

How is this not higher... where I come from this is probably his 2nd most popular movie.

This movies story was in my opinion better then the first, it combines action with elements from the 1st film

14 The Expendables 2

That was the best action film I've ever watch imagine all the Hollywood stars are in that movie

15 Cobra

Cobra is an awesome, entertaining, and just amazing movie! It is extremely underrated. A lot more people should see this movie!

How is Cobra not in the top ten?! This is the ultimate tough guy movie. Action packed! Beats out all other Stallone movies!

This movie special so please vote for it will ya? I mean this is one the movies that set the standarts for years to come!

Always loved this movie...can't believe it's so low down on this list

16 Creed

Terrific movie, Sly's acting is just perfect in this movie, no doubt, he should have won best supporting actor.

17 Rambo III

Perfect action movie great seens in afghanistan and also some parts of pakistan. Rambo is looking perfect on his muscular body

Rambo 3 is super movies... Its super action

18 Nighthawks

One of the best thriller-suspense movies ever made. SLY in a brand new beard look. Something that's worth your time.

19 Judge Dredd

One of the great movie... Much better than the "2012 dredd".. Sly rocks. He looks great in the judge dredd role.

20 Tango & Cash

Tango and Cash is definitely one of Sly's most bad-ass movies of his whole career. Full of humor and action. Tango and Cash is definitely one of Sly's best movies of all time

WHAT? Have you people never seen this movie? Classic... enough said.

21 Rocky III

Obviously the correct answer is objectively "Rocky", but this is the best of the sequels and deserves to be a LOT higher. People really think "Rocky IV" is better? Weird.

Totally the best rocky movie and coolest Sylvester Stallone. Rocky lll for life!

This movie shows the real life experiences when you get overconfidence.

Best film ever. Eye of the tiger man.

22 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Just a cameo appearance!

23 The Specialist
24 Antz
25 Assassins

Good movie I really enjoyed watching it.

Very good movie with banderas; time didn't "eat" this movie too much

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