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41 Triad

So primal... Just as you think the song is over it just comes back with the same brutality and takes you away, once again

This is my absolute FAVORITE SONG ever from tool. I can headbang to this song until I get permanent brain damage. this is just a perfect song for when you want to ROCK!

Very underrated song. this should be at least the top 20. this is a great song, great guitar, probably one of my favorite songs off of lateralus, besides parabola and of course the title track.

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42 You Lied

Wish there was a studio version of them doing this song, isn't very well known but its one of my favorites. "YOU LIED! "

How isn't this higher

43 Lost Keys

That single, bending, grating guitar note that pervades the album just makes me grit my teeth every time I have heard it.

I don't know what that person over there is saying in Spanish, but it is a really good song!

I don't know if anyone has heard this dong but you raelly need to and I am sure you will vote

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44 Intension

Really relaxing and if you play the intro backwards, theres a hidden message - redbluedeath

Love the drums in the second half of this song. listen to this song with right in two and it will give the illusion of being one song.

45 Mantra

The slowed-down sound of Maynard squeezing his cat. Masterpiece.

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46 Eon Blue Apocalypse

Everyone keeps forgetting that you can't have the patient without eon blue apocalypse. If you haven't listened to these songs then do it!

This song is actually about the guitarist, adam jones' great dane named eon who died of bone cancer

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47 Wings for Marie Pt.1

I love that part near the end of this one with that amazing guitar and drums. After listening to both songs I realized that both songs end the exact same way, but on wings for marie it is more out of place if ya know what I'm saying

Are you kidding me?! Number 46 under Mantra, this song is fantastic and it's crazy how this is only at 46 - Quart

This is a good song. but why so low?

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48 Parabol

I love the buildup to Parabola (Parabol) even more than Parabola itself.

49 Merkaba

Very creepy song it is

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50 Descending

Hell yeah! I love this song! I heard it live and I'm dying to hear it again!

51 Useful Idiot V 1 Comment
52 Message to Harry Manback

What a beautiful piano tune. Just love it.

53 L.A.M.C.
54 Learn to Swim

This song is better than lateralus

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55 Message to Harry Manback II
56 Lipan Conjuring
57 Cesaro Summability
58 Gaping Lotus Experience
59 Viginti Tres
60 Schism (Lustmord Remix)
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