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Looking for the best songs by the rock band Triumph.

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1 Lay It on the Line

Has the grind and the vocal that defines their edge. This brought them to the main stream.

The truth, honesty, something the world needs to re-learn. Don't waste my time if you choose to lie. Thank you Ric for telling it like it is. My #1 song.

There most well known song. Plus sick guitars drums and vocals. Definitely a classic rock staple!

My favorite all time classic rock song.

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2 Magic Power

this song defines Triumph - ALD5033

By far their best

Like a "monalisa" of songs.

so amazing

3 Fight the Good Fight

Definintion of Triumph= Fight the Good Fight - fireinside96

Literally one of the best drum intros of all time. Gil Moore is a underrated drummer and had exceptional skill.

They combine morality and energy with a fantastic intro that holds its feel through the end of the song.

Best triumph song by far

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4 Somebody's Out There

Great song! Triumphs highest charting single in the US at #27

5 Spellbound

Spellbound is definitely the best. - hype

6 I Live for the Weekend
7 Hold On

He sings this song for the common man and for the people in dispair. he brings this song into the world and he sings it everywhere.

I love how he talks about how much value can be found in music. It's the greatest message in any triumph song. I heard this song on the radio and it instantly became my second favorite song ever (nothing can beat bohemian rhapsody)

Words of wisdom, "Hold on to your dreams." - theforgiventeen

One of the best songs in history of humanity, must be number 1!

I think this song and lay it on the line should switch places.

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8 Rock 'N' Roll Machine

Faster than you've ever seen...

Rock And Roll Machine Faster Than You've Ever Seen! It's an amazing mix of Heartbreaker Led Zeppelin, Speedking Deep Purple and Stone Cold Crazy Queen! YEAH!

9 Follow Your Heart

i love the song and he gets so high!! needs more options

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10 Tear the Roof Off

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11 Never Say Never

That's not only number one, its one of my favourite songs.

12 A World of Fantasy

My favorite Triumph song. Love the arrangement, and Emmett's vocals are great on this track. Fond memories of the video on MTV, too.

Should be better than 11th, and the album is Never Surrender.

13 Ordinary Man

Love the lyrics

14 Say Goodbye
15 Blinding Light Show
16 A Minor Prelude
17 I Can Survive

Magic Power is actually my favorite. This needs to be up the list. It is their most rocking song. This is what started Triumph for me.

18 Just a Game
19 When the Lights Go Down

Great show opener.

20 Writing on the Wall
21 All the Way
22 Rock Out, Roll On
23 Young Enough to Cry
24 Tears In the Rain
25 Midsummer's Daydream
26 Suitcase Blues
27 Woman in Love
28 The City

Emmets best song, unbelievable guitar playing. by the way how tf is this a newcomer

29 Never Surrender

Killer solo and good vocals too

They have some other good songs - all of them at the top of the list -- Lay It On The Line, Fight The Good Fight, etc. But this one is the best. Come on people -- let's move it up the list!

How is this so low? - Tiggre

30 Allied Forces

Easily Triumph's best tune. Very underrated.

31 Killing Time
32 Fantasy Serenade
33 Hot Time (In This City Tonight)
34 On and On
35 Little Boy Blues
36 Too Much Thinking
37 Don't Love Anybody Else But Me
38 Time Goes By

Great song; the best the band has to offer. Power, musicianship, stirs the soul

39 Nature’s Child
40 Movin’ On
41 American Girls
42 Takes Time
43 Bringing It on Home
44 24 Hours a Day
45 Street Fighter
46 Just One Night
47 Long Time Gone
48 Stranger in a Strange Land
49 Fool for Your Love
50 Let the Light (Shine on Me)
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1. Lay It on the Line
2. I Live for the Weekend
3. Tear the Roof Off
1. Lay It on the Line
2. Fight the Good Fight
3. Magic Power
1. Somebody's Out There
2. Spellbound
3. Lay It on the Line


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