Best Trivium Songs

The Top Ten Best Trivium Songs

1 Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr

PULL! HARDER! STRINGS! MARTYR! It's a song that you actually want yelled in your ears. Down From The Sky and Dying In Your Arms come very close but this song just takes the cake.

SHOUTING SING-A-LONG GROWLY PRE-CHORUS and a catchy chorus to boot. Great musicians all. Best song they've ever done.

Awesome song! Trivium's astounding musicianship is most certainly on show in this song, kick-ass riffs mind-blowing solos and ridiculous drums are just some of the reasons which make this magnificent song the best in a catalog of magnificent songs.

Great song, I have no idea what Dying in your Arms is doing at the top, top should definitely be Pull Harder on the Strings of your Martyr, Shogun, Down from the Sky or Throes of Perdition. And where is Ascendancy!

2 Shogun

Although not as well known as some of their shorter songs, this is EPIC and it's no. 1 IMO. - petrucci75hammet

Shogun is interesting. All other 10 songs on the record might have you checking to see how much time is left, giving the feeling that some drag on for too long. Shogun is nearly twice the length of the others and yet it flows so perfectly that not once do you feel it drags on. For an 11 and a half minute song, that's pretty impressive. It just builds and builds. A great example of catchy chorus that rivals all of their either catchier songs, an immense second movement complete with a bluesy country styled solo, and a fantastic build up into some of the most epic thrash soloing the band has pulled off. This is the band's crowning gem, and definitely a career highlight

Best Trivium song ever! Nothing isn't even near to compare this Masterpiece! Never!

Shogun is the best song ever. The whole song is just great and the lyrics are so awesome, its really, really awesome! This song for me is much better than most of iron maiden and metallica songs. It should be much higher than num. 7... TRIVIUM ALL THE WAY!

3 In Waves

IT IS THE BEST! Is something different and unique... just cause its new doesn't mean its not as good as the old stuff

Yes, but it isn't as good as their old stuff, should be lower, my opinion - Fakol

Absolutely incredible. Definitely my favorite song by them ever. It's quite heavy and even has a pretty unique and original music video to go along with it. The atmosphere is much darker than any release they have ever done and is just a major headbanger!

Respect this song so much more after learning that this is about the tsunami that had hit Japan. One of the best tribute songs I have heard in a long time

This song is just amazing hardcore riff! Cathy chorus! What do you want nmore caude when listening to this song headbanging to the core!

4 Like Light to the Flies

Definitive song of trivium. Great combination metal hardcore and trash with memerable solo. Dying in your arms is their worst song beceause it doesn't represent them at all. Just a poppy rock song isn't trivium.

the song makes my head spin like no other song in the world! a lot better than dying in your arms actually I would put dying in your arms under my top 10. it's just not the ultimate work of the amazing band trivium

Song is slowly creeping to number 1. Everyone has to vote for it.. It's not only my favorite trivium song, but my favorite song period. don't know how they made such a solid album, but I'm thankful.

The riffs are great in this song. The solos aren't super crazy--they're more melodic. It's one of my favorite trivium songs and its one of my favorite solos by them.

5 Down from the Sky

The opening is killer! This song is very complete it is easily one of their better songs.

this song is peiced together awesomely and gets you head banging

WHY is this below In Waves!?!?!? That right there lets me know that this list is being dominated by people who are new to Trivium who haven't even heard anything else. This song is Trivium's masterpiece. Far better than In Waves. This song has some of Trivium's best guitar work, lyrics, vocals, and represents what's Trivium is all about. Into the Mouth of Hell We March and Throes of Perdition should be higher as well. A joke that this isn't number one. Actually listen to their Shogun album before you even think about voting for anything else.

Down from the Sky is their best song. Just awesome. Shogun in general was their best album, it was truly epic with singing and lyrics that give you chills, great musicianship, and guitar work that was nothing short of legendary. This, Into the Mouth of Hell We March, Throes of Perdition, Pull Harder, Like Light to Flies, Becoming the Dragon, Kirisute Gomen, Anthem, Entrance to the Conflagration, In Waves, Shogun, Pillars of Serpents. Now that's a list. Probably not in order though.

6 Throes of Perdition


The intro to this song is ridiculously catchy. After my 100th listen I still can't help from headbanging throughout the entire thing.

Mint headbang riff and the instrumentals are just epic

Listen to this song.. Before you could ever think it isn't the best.. Love the epic riffs and the part where Matt's vocals go clean... I love this song.. Best song of shogun and so far trivium's best song ever made.

7 The Sin and the Sentence

First time I listened to it I was like what, this wasn't like previous albums (holy crap those drums). Listened again, holy crap that was really good. Third time in a row listened to it and thought this was probably the best I have ever heard from these guys. Talk about brutal lyrics, smash your head against something chorus, no riff (and there are many) got boring, every aspect of Trivium that I ever loved just got mashed into one song. Not to mention Matt's extensive vocabulary again showing. F'ing WOW

The guitar and vocal harmony is basically a steroid-loaded orgasm.

Return to amazing. Best drumming to date.

Absolute monster - EvilAngel

8 Strife

Strife is my favourite one. It deserves to be higher. Just give it a try!

When they played this live, there was so much power and emotion, I'm glad I got to see them in concert, and am going to again. This is a masterpiece and deserves top 5 at least

#33? Are you serious?

Has to be my favorite song by then. The guitar work is incredible, it's a catchy song with good meaning behind it. They have many good songs on this level and this has to be one of the top five if not their best.

9 Into the Mouth of Hell We March

You hear it and you like it! No doubt this is a great song of them, deserve to be in top ten. Come on guys, vote for this outrage pumping song! VOTE!

The song has sickest heavy metal guitar riffs I have ever head in my entire life. It also a very brutal guitar solo. When listening to this song it feels as though the world is covered in flames.This is not only my favorite trivium song but also my favorite song in the heavy metal genre. A true masterpiece

Great song that completely to went to my heart. Yep great guitar playing and great composition guys. This should be in number 1. But no problem. Because it will take place itself.

The bridge in this song has got to be the greatest thing in trivium discography

10 Dying in Your Arms

This song should be number one for sure. It is the best mix of hardcore sound and amazing vocals by Matt Heafy. You can feel the emotion in this song.

Its an awesome song, I heard it when I was a kid, now listening to it as an adult, and I get goosebumps, if I had a choice of having nonstop sex for the rest of my life, or listen to this song by trivium, I would choose this song.

The best metalcore song... A legendary trivium song... The guitars and solo is just too good

I agreed with the mate who says it's the best mix of hardcore sound and amazing vocals by Matt Heafy. I love the words of the song.

The Newcomers

? What the Dead Men Say


The Contenders

11 Kirisute Gomen

Very technical song. I love how Heafy incorporated his Japanese heritage into their music.

I never thought I'd like Trivium, I've heard a few of their songs and thought "meh, they're very talented but nahh". Never really cares for their stuff. Then I checked out Shogun... and the title track... this song... now I like Trivium.

One of the heaviest songs ever, especially the fast picking parts with the seven string. Ties with "down" as best from shogun

In my opinion this is Trivium at its best. So well put together, so heavy, and musicianship second to none.

12 A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation

Can't believe this isn't even in the top 10. ever since I've heard it its easily been their best song to me.

Crazy guitar solo, and an amazing composition.
Miles better than dying in your arms.

Amazing solo.. For me this is their second best song (after DOWN FROM THE SKY) And it is much better than Dying In your Arms

Best song by far. From start to finish this song is pure gold. The solos and that guitar harmony are just utterly unlike anything else trivium has ever done in their songs before or after.

13 Built to Fall

The perfect mix for a song, this is the single of this album.
The chorus is one of the best of Trivium, and it contagious the power of the group.

Is the one of the best song

I don't know how many times I've listened tis one... - Yunis

I just love the feel of this song. Riffs are just perfect!

14 Torn Between Scylla and Charybdis

This song just gets heavier and heavier as the song goes on! Talk about a massive climax! When you see this song live and matt and corey are sharing vocals it just kicks ass! This song should not be 17th what a joke! My other favorite song "He who spawns the furies" Is currently 36 what?

That intro is sensational, and the bass solos in the middle are pretty cool. Also having a catchy chorus, this song has all the elements of a top 10 Trivium song. Spot 15 is far too low!

Absolutely amazing, as I was left in awe after listening. This song will definitely leave you hungry for more Trivium!

Well rounded best song by Trivium. Paolo's two bass solos are what makes this song that awesome.

15 Ember to Inferno

How the hell is this all the way down here?! This song is the spark of the entire first album! From Ember To Inferno! Trivium has risen and evolved since! This is top ten material in my opinion.

Absolutely amazing song, should at least be middle of the top ten but because its from their debut album people don't know it as well.

Old song but the epic one

I listen to the album on repeat, let alone this song

16 Until the World Goes Cold

This song is a masterpiece. A slow, chugging groove, with a hell of a consistent drum beat backing up the guitars. It isn't the fastest song in their catalogue, however, the lyrics are wonderful and the instruments build off one another.

Just an amazing song which will make you realize that metal bands can make a slow song which can beat all other singers songs.

Just what trivium was missing. A greatly vocalized song. Soft but well thought!

Love love love this song!

17 Of Prometheus and the Crucifix

Original, well designed song. Will definitely be listening to this one for tens of years to come

The Drum Fill, and The Actual riff OMG TRIVIUM ROCK and this song is them all over - aaronjones666

Don't like "too-much" screaming songs in general, so this is the best trivium song for me. its technically the heaviest without being too harsh vocally


18 Drowned and Torn Asunder

Very meaningful song. True masterpiece! It has insane riffs in the intro that just makes me wanna break something! Trivium all in all is the best however, this is on my top 5 at least from them.

Awesome switch in vocals giving great balance and sound to the song

This song is very epic from the intro to the end of the song

This song had one of the greatest Chorus from trivium. - Metalmaniakkk

19 Ascendancy

How the hell did this song is at the end of the list? It's their best!

I love the chorus of this song.

Just a pure banger, the solo is excellent


20 Caustic are the Ties that Bind

I just don't understand its not in the top 10 or even in top 15 or 20... This is the best song of the new record and got everything... Great lyrics, great breakdown etc.

I truly believe this is the best song off of in waves and definitely in my top 5 Trivium songs, while not my favorite it definitely deserves to be higher on the list than it is. Every second of this song is fantastic

That bridge could be the greatest section from any trivium song, love this song to bits

Amazing Riffs and great solo! Come on people listen to this song.

21 Entrance of the Conflagration

This needs to be higher! Way higher! This song is so thrash like and its amazing. The solos, the riffing, the vocals, everything is great

How is this song 34th? Its solos are amazing

Way underrated

How is this 27? the opening riff is a monster! and the hole song is an absolute thrasher!

22 The Revanchist

This one is so unique and melodic, it really stands out. My current favorite trivium song

23 Departure

What? This song is amazing, should be on top 10 at least

Fantastic guitar, should be higher!

Beautiful ass chorus

Very close to being up there with PHSM. One of my favorite metal songs

24 Forsake Not the Dream

This song deserves to be higher in the list - at least in the top 15. Keep voting people and forsake not the dream people!

Such an amazing song. Super melodic solos and a super melodic song in general. Very underrated song and wish they would play it live

What.! This song is suppose to be at number 1


25 Other Worlds
26 Anthem (We are the Fire)

Number 18 this song should be in the top 10, because when I listen to trivium I always seem to say (we are the fire). It is the number 1 song by trivium

Probably my favorite it reminds me of classic awesome 80's thrash

How is this not number 1! Seriously!

Tf? Why on no.56?

27 This World Can't Tear Us Apart

It's such an amazing song and means so much to me and my big brother

28 Through Blood and Dirt and Bone

Sustains high energy throughout the song. Never gets old.

Awesome guitar work at the beginning! One of my favorites

I just love main riff

Bad a

29 Declaration

As a great closure to the album, this should be a bit higher, but being at 30 among plenty more amazing songs from a amazing band I think its in a fair place.

This is the definitive Trivium song. Every real Trivium fan should at least have this in their top 5. Everything about Declaration is perfection.

Such an epic song, everyone should love this! - 8724Evad

The most epic song ever! - DesL42

30 Becoming the Dragon

This song is just enourmous. It starts off like a surge of dragon fire and ends like the most powerful dragon roar the universe has ever witnessed. The thrashy verses, the heavy chorus and the absolutely bone-crushing bridge along with the thunderous bass solo at the end makes it such an amazing piece of METAL that it deserves without doubt #1 spot on the list.

31 Black

Really? 36? You people can do a lot better than that! Black is the best. By far the best! - Jetticus12

Most Underrated Trivium song, Awesome riff, Awesome Lyrics, Awesome Vocals.

Come on?! 78!? What the hell guys?

26? Go to the hell - this deserves the top!

32 Beyond Oblivion

This combines everything Trivium has done in their history of stellar songs. Hoping to see this make the top 10. - KillLaBill

Absolutely fantastic song. Possibly Trivium's best, then definitely Top 3.

It is the best song of the new album hands down 🙌🏼

33 Of All These Yesterdays

Not the typical Trivium song, but it sets off In Waves in the best possible way with that interlude at the end. Underapreciated song.

This song always brings tears to my eyes, so many memories! This is definitely top 10 material. Vote this up people!

This not fair for this song in 48th rank. This song is different one and nice one.

34 The Heart from Your Hate

' awesome song! I have had this song on repeat since I got the new album! Perfect blend of great lyricism, heavy chugging guitar riff & ultimate killer chorus. Sung exceptionally well by Matty & a song that should end up in the top 10! WHAT WILL IT TAKE?!?!

Killer song from a killer album!

I started listening to Trivium thanks to this song

Killer opening of Sin and The Sentence

35 As I Am Exploding

Really good song, deserves to be way higher. Enough said

Love this song. Deserves more credit. This whole ablum does actually

36 Wake (The End is Nigh)

It should be longer because that fading out doesn't really make sense when the songs could go on for one more minute or so. Still one of the best from Vengeance Falls and show that Trivium can sound different only if they try to.

This is Vengeance Falls's swan song. This track displays some of the best depictions on Heafy's vocals and the intensity built up, in the beginning, is very well developed. Furthermore, the aggression in the chorus is pounding and engaging and the lyrics can be interpreted in many ways, such as a physical battle or a psychological struggle. The climax is what makes the song really worthwhile; it's melodic, beautiful and wraps up the song (and album) masterfully. - CrimsonShark

"With my hands around your throat." Definitely in my top ten.

Such an amazing song

37 Suffocating Sight

Always loved this song, still one of my favourites to play on the guitar

Underrated. The screams toward the solo is chilling and epic. Should be at least top 10.

Amazing Breakdown, Totally metalcore, way better than Dying in your arms. This should be in top 3.

This is just a brilliant song, the speed and power of the screaming is tremendous!

38 Unrepentant

The Crusade gets a bad reputation for being a Trash metal influenced album in 2006 and I'm sick of people treating it like "trash". 'Unrepentant' is not riping out 'Trough the Never', that's a visible influence because music isn't structured of thousand scales so bands can't really make a song that doesn't sound or resemble an already existing one.

39 Dusk Dismantled

Needs to be higher, because it's a great song

I don't think this song is one of triviums best songs, but very underrated though! - Flav

One of the most perfect songs ever :( so heavy but it all works so well. people need to hear this song! Needs to be way way way higher :|

40 Catastrophist
41 Silence In the Snow

This song is awesome, the vocals are fantastic. Some nice guitar work too.

Amazing vocals, trivium is evolving.

Should be way higher than 37!

The intro is the best I've heard from Trivium

42 The Deceived

This is one of the best songs of trivium... Awesome intro, stupendous chorus, mind blowing breakdown and the solo will literally give you goose bumps... The best...

How this Is 33?

It should be in the top 3

This has song has everything!

This song has one of the best Chorus' Of the whole album

Always been in my top 5 Trivium songs

43 My Hatred
44 Master of Puppets

This song is conceded best metal song... Metallica is my favourite and and I love this song... When I herd this cover from trivium I was in sock... They really have done a good job.. This song is great... Metallica and trivium both bands are awesome... Love these both bands...

45 Requiem

Listen to it and you'll never leave this apart in your life.
This is the best song in ember to inferno and it definitely deserves among 7th or 8th place.. Dying in your arms isn't that good.. This song surely takes over it..

This is all time favourite Trivium song, it's so good and deserves a higher spot

Listen to this then you'll know...

Easily the best song, hands down

46 No Way to Heal

What a monster of a track - brilliant guitar-work, insane bridge, and one of the best choruses Trivium has made. Way better than more than half of the tracks above it. Real pity

This is an awesome song doesn't deserve to be this low on the chart

47 Endless Night

Easily one of Trivium's most underrated songs. It doesn't matter to me that it's lighter than most of their stuff or that it isn't a drawn out masterpiece like Shogun, this song hits you right where it hurts. It's a perfect description of human pain and depression rolled up with Matt's amazing vocals backed by perfectly done guitar, bass, and vocals. They aren't overblown to the point they cover up the vocals, and they aren't quiet enough that the vocals sound alone. Not to mention the phrasing and gaps in the song add a texture to this song that I have never heard used to this effect.

My favourite Trivium songs. Its diffrent and it should be

A great song with a deep meaning behind it.
I don't know why so much people don't like its superb and one my favorite songs from them in years.

48 Insurrection

I'm sorry but this is their best song. Why is it not even on the list?

Much good, Such orgasm.

How is this only on Number 67?

49 Watch the World Burn

Awesome riff! An quite a good balance between screaming and singing. I recommend this song! This definitely needs to be higher on the list.

THIS SONGS NEEDS TO BE HIGHER! The chorus is perfect, and the guitar solo is so AWESOME! 00

One of my favourite songs.

Love it. Great musical rhythm, but kinda sad drumset part.

50 The Ghost That's Haunting You

Wow...there's no way this should be 88. Great intro and gnarly guitar solo before the final chorus. Not only one of the most underrated Trivium songs but underrated in the entire world of metal.

Just discovered this after 3 years of only listening to the first three albums.

I love this! Reminds me so much of Corey Taylor with Stone Sour

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