Best Two Steps From Hell Songs

If you haven't heard of em, you don't deserve Zimmer's or Newton's or any of the movie soundtracks.

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1 Heart of Courage

The way this song builds up is just amazing. I first heard it on a living planet commercial and thought I it was awesome so later my dad found it and we bought the song (dad is a little hard to please with songs).

This song is great! Though, there is a lot of others I like... But sadly they are not on this list Still, Heart of Courage is awesome. I could listen to it time and time again. In fact this is what will be playing at my funeral. Two steps from hell rocks!

This song is perfect to what I like. It has a good, fast beat. The music is LOUD. The music is epic. It sounds like a hero, trying to conquer the hell this band is about. Gathering up courage for the eventually epic fight. Truly a song from the gods.

I heard it on a domino video and I love it more than almost every song I heard

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2 Protectors of the Earth

This song just makes my heart go numb and broken. It feels as if I had got goose bumps. It always gives me the strength the hope the courage and the will of fire to go and face any problems and to be able to succeed them and fight them to the very end

When listening to this with my eyes closed, all I can think of is me, leading an army into battle, sword in hand, charging against Satan's army. I confront Satan, the battle still raging in the background, as our blades clash, causing a great and fiery twang sound, until my sword cleanly cuts his head, I catch it, and raise it to everyone. The fighting stops, and all kneel before me, forever knowing me as the ultimate protector of Earth.

It is best song ever. I for first listen it in Mass Effect 3 and it is best.

I just love this song. I listen to it every day

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3 Blackheart

Featured in the PS4 commercial... Stunning piece! It starts off quiet and each version of the melody builds up, until it reaches an incredible climax of vocals and horns. One of the best pieces I have ever heard...

Gotta love Skyworld and this song is one of the best from the album.

This song gets me every time

This is absolutely me goosebumps every single time I listen to this...

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4 To Glory

This the ultimate epic song. There's just no other way to put it.

Awesome epic battle music!

So epic you just can't take it.

Not only one of best from TSFH but including hans zimmer

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5 Victory

I really love the way the song builds up. It starts soft and gradually becomes more louder, more powerful. I can actually imagine myself on a battlefield, about to fight the enemy.

Whenever I listen to this song, I can feel tingles going up my spine. The same experience should happen to you when you listen to this brilliant masterpiece.

This song is, in my opinion, their best one. It just has a special atmosphere and tune that gradually becomes more and more epic. I get goosebumps practically every time I listen to it.

This song will lift you even in your darkest hours! Amazing arrangement!

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6 Archangel

Its super awesome and epic at the same time its fast paced.. Makes me think of Avenged Sevenfold crossed over with Pirates Of The CARIBBEAN

Its a magestic song, wich express something that no every symphonic song can express, what I'm trying to say is that the song express that pure majesticness that people is looking on a song without being too complex.

Its such an awesome and the best energy releaser... Kind of gets you into such a real and different world... Mainly helps you to concentrate... You have to experience it to know it. Check it out

My favourite song ever by such a long way. It's so powerful yet calms me down in any situation and makes me feel powerful.

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7 Dragon Rider

The best of the whole lot! It has so much power, passion, strength, and a great beat. Not that "Heart of Courage isn't good, it's excellent! But "Dragon Rider" will always top my list!

As I listen to this song I see myself leading my small but highly skilled Army into battle. I am a shapeshifter, but have not yet had the time to master my powers. We begin the battle, pushing forward as our skill takes the enemy by surprise, and it temporarily looks good. However, they soon recover, and my best friend is trapped in their ring. Reaching inside myself, I become a dragon, flying over them, rescuing my brother in battle. We continue fighting, eventually pushing to a victory. It's a great song.

All of their songs are amazing, but "Dragon Rider" is particularly unique, with its quicker tempo, uplifting melody, and overall power. It almost immediately jumps to the main theme instead of beginning with a gradual buildup as most of the other songs do. It gives a sensation of total euphoria throughout. The only negative is the short duration of this phenomenal song.

Really great

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8 Strength of a Thousand Men

An dynamic song with an awesome beat

If you're looking for the definition of epic, this is what you should be listening to! Awesome melody and tremendous rhythm.

READ: This song is by far one of the most amazing songs! This will make you push that last rep in, that last mile, or that last problem on your math test. I am telling you, this the reason why I love Epic Music! This song right here, is your ticket to epic completion!

Good song

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9 Winterspell

Best, no question. Archangel, do you even lift? This song really rocks, especially at the end of a workout.

What a epic song!

This song makes me feel so inspired. I feel like it's generally pretty overshadowed, with black heart taking so much of this albums spotlight, and it makes me really happy to see this amazing song so high on the list.

Amazing song! So emotional, yet intense at the same time. By far, this is my favorite TSFH song.

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10 For the Win

Oh goodness. Did I just defeat darkness? Save the world? Read the best book in the universe? See the best movie in the universe? Win an epic sword fight against the enemy of the free-people?

I didn't? Well it sure felt like it. This song is amazing. It's made up of courage, strength, the overcoming of struggle, hope, leadership, majesty, and the power of good. Rethink it all, because this song, is your fantasy dream.

This sound is really for the win. Great built for an ultimate finish battle. Amazing song.

Really is the best. go for the win it sound like heart of courage

This song is the best TSFW out there.

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11 Nero

This song is making its appearance everywhere lately and the music has a haunting and light-hearted quality to it. I've heard it in the trailers of Anna Karenina and Joss Whedon's film adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing. There is a certain magic to it that you just can't deny! It is a perfect blend of epic triumph and refreshing innocence.

One of the best they have ever made! The simple piano piece introduces you to this masterpiece and the playful way it builds up and connects to the main melody is just breathtaking. I'm always in awe when I'm listening to this cream of the crop.

It's the perfect soundtrack for a special event the way it goes in crescendo. Nice and beautiful.

So emotional. One can come up with so many stories to match the music. Whether romantic, heroic, or nostalgic this song is my third favorite TSFH song.

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12 El Dorado

Great song from beginning to end. Has that South American feel to it, that builds into an epically paced blockbuster near the end.

It's just so awesome listening from two thirds of the way in. It's like you've just discovered a massive secret to the universe, somewhere on the planet from the movie Avatar.

Great mix of different styles. The songs builds up greatly, with one of the most epic melodies at the climax. Never gets repetitive or boring, and succeeds in entertaining you throughout the whole experience.


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13 Freedom Fighters

Slow but unbelievably majestic. Buildup is super steady and the climax is prime. The loudest point reminds me of that last push in a competition that propels a team to victory. All around great song

Such a slow and magnificent buildup. Heard it more than 700 times and still loving it. Gives me goosebumps every single time.

This single best song I ever heard.

I play this song when I am playing strategy games. - Tornadocracy

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14 Norwegian Pirate

Tension, drama, momentum and joy. Epic dynamic piece.

Will conquer the sea alone without a pirate

Amazing mystery, wonder, and immense power in one song that I argue easily rivals Protectors of the Earth and Heart of Courage.

One of the best, if not the best, pirate songs ever written. Amazing.

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15 Final Frontier

This song is awesome, calm at the beginning to become very epic, it reminds me the greatness of the space and its void.

This should've been in the Interstellar soundtrack, not just the trailer lol

By far one of the best songs. Should be top 5

16 Impossible

I really like this song. It has a good beat and rhythm, and the guitar solo is just epic! - yoloshadow

The longest and the most epic!

17 Enchantress

Really descriptive, beautiful masterpiece of music

Listening to this makes me enter a magical imagination of places

What this song is 48?

18 Magika

This should easily be top 3.

Please listen this.

The best score

So powerful.. So positive. Every time I heard this song, I smile, instanly brave.. And I feel not alone..
Best epic song ever!

19 Star Sky

The build up in this song is so great. It starts quietly and builds up from vocals to an ultimate instrumental climax at the end. Especially the second part of that instrumental climax gives me goosebumps all over the place.

How this one isn't number 1 or at least top 3 is beyond me. The build up, The powerful female voice, the amazing melody, the climax, its all perfect. I am actually going to say it: Star Sky belongs in the all time music top 100.

Love this song, gotta be in the top 3 best ever from TSFH. Personally I prefer the instrumental version over the vocal one, but either one is a powerfully emotional love song. The climax is what does it for me, the culmination of contained passion exploding out in such a dramatic way stirred me to the very soul.

Haunted female vocal, abstract lyric and great music. Best song no doubt

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20 Skyworld

Not only is this song ' epic, it's one of the best motivational pieces TSFH has released. That's saying a lot considering some of the other awesome songs that have topped this list. It simply moves me in so many good ways.

Just plug this song, mute the volume of the final fantasy 14 battle with dragon video, and see the song give meaning to the video

This song builds up so much tension, at the last 30 seconds I was in the battlefield itself. The song overall is just so close to perfect. This should be in the top 3 in my opinion.

It should be in top 5 in my opinion, really good song

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21 Merchant Prince

How isn't this in the top five? It's so unique, epic and beautiful. How come nobody knows about this? It's driving me insane, so many people know dozens of crappy teenage songs but nobody actually knows about this beautiful song and appreciates it! I'm literally ashamed of living with these people without the sense of 'real treasure'. The people who have read Little Prince, the Alchemist and stuff will know what 'real treasure' is. And humanity has never been so apart of it as they're now.

I love Merchant Prince. It's a top notch song, one of My personal top tens. - NymeriaWaters

This song really needs to be higher. It's beautiful melody is so uplifting and emotional. Such amazing use of the choir, such amazing use of soundwaves period.

This song is amazing, definitely a song that needs more appreciation from fans of TSFH

22 Evergreen

I love the time signature, how well it dances. - NymeriaWaters

23 Remember Me
24 Black Blade

Love the ending! Very fitting piece of art for a professional trailer. I have used it in my videos before, great piece of music, everyone should listen throughout the whole thing

Just the one. Simply a masterpiece in the all epic music world. I think the song is the more intense of the two steps from hell discography. The rising and the moment that the song explode is just... unbelievable. I have shivers each time I listen to it T. T

An amazing piece of music, gets your blood pumping and your heart pounding. I am surprised this piece is not further up the list. Also works very well in the Mass Effect 3 Cinematic trailer, well worth a view!

Simply: a masterpiece.

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25 Invincible

This is too far down for such an epic song. Should be in the top 10

The most epic song. When I hear it, I imagine myself fighting thousands of enemies in fantasy world. Drums are the best in this song.

This song makes me feel invincible

By far my most favorite TSFH song, when listening to this I perform 10% better in EVERYTHING.

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26 Blizzard

Just fits very well its name, getting more and more powerful.
A very deep track.

You get "chilled" when you listen to this track. Best name for the song and best song for the name.

The song begins with a soft snow flurry and builds into the most intense blizzard imaginable. This is an absolute masterpiece and will forever be my favorite TSFH song. So sad to see it this low on the list.

Should have been top 15

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27 United We Stand, Divided We Fall

This song is intense. While other songs have a build up to the intense portion of the song and then fall off toward the end, this song gets you going from the 1-second mark. For example, Heart of Courage has a slow build up to an elating, yet simultaneously mono-paced, mid section before dying like a dog toward the end. When comparing these two - as well as comparing many others - United We Stand, Divided We Fall will almost always win because of its consistent intensity and ability to evoke a physical reaction within me like I'm getting ready to fight.

I've had trouble waking up to my alarm in the past, so I replaced it with this. Problem solved. It's hard to sleep when your whole body is convinced that the final chaotic battle for the fate of the cosmos is happening a few inches away on your nightstand, gilded with the crescendos of wailing angels. This needs to be number two behind To Glory.

The unrelenting intensity of this song is simply unparalleled. Tormented solos, heroic buildups, and defiant/relentless stretches of steady pacing all have their place in the genre of epic music, but this is not the song for them. This is the song for action.

Trop de PUISSANCE...

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28 Master of Shadows

What the hell has everyone's sense of music gone nutss this deserves place in top 5
If you don't vote for it I will find you and I will kill you and then I will haunt your ghost

Such a fantastic piece! :)))

29 Across the Blood Water

This song is so good, severely underrated. - NymeriaWaters


30 Path to Earth
31 Hypnotica
32 Strength of an Empire

By far my favorite, surprised it ranks so low!

33 Flight of the Silverbird

Flight of the Silverbird is a rare accomplishment in epic music. It's impressive overarching leitmotif combined with an ingenious use of instruments thought primitive in earlier times come together for an orchestral experience unlike any other song released to date. This song builds fantastically and lives, breathes, and evolves throughout this journey most people would call just a song. It avoids the pitfalls that other songs have fallen into time and time again. It is long enough to feel like an adventure, unlike Heart of Courage, and has a memorable leitmotif (cough, cough, Heart of Courage). The choruses (of which there are multiple, epic ones, unlike certain unnamed parties that start with an 'H' and end with a 'Courage') actually build, and you can tell that more instruments are being added in. I know I'm picking on Heart of Courage a little bit, but seriously? Number 1? If you agree with me, consider shooting me a comment. If you disagree with me, definitely shoot me a comment.

This flute used in this song is beautiful. The rest is awesome too.

This song just uplifts you and gives you determination, while calming you with a beautiful melody!

I absolutely believe this is the best TSFH song of all time.

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34 Love & Loss

Really? This was the first song I'd heard by them and it has always been my favorite.

Heart-pounding. Two Steps at its best.

35 Starvation

Incredibly complete and brilliantly orchestrated song the rhythmic motif in string arpeggios is complexly syncopated and suspenseful, and the sliding dissonances build drama raw, dark chant punctuates the explosive brass and percussion above it runs the haunting choral melody of the Bulgarian folksong Ayshenko, pilya shareno these intense passages alternate with those in brass, namely a soaring refrain and swashbuckling bridge in the finale, ALL of these elements are integrated into a scintillating climax the dying echoes of drums deftly complete the experience.

With its abundance of vivid motifs and masterful orchestration, Starvation is a MASSIVE snub at 40.

One of the best songs out there.

"Starvation” is an incredibly complete and brilliantly orchestrated song. The rhythmic motif in string arpeggios is complexly syncopated and suspenseful, and the sliding dissonances build drama. Raw, dark chant punctuates the explosive brass and percussion; above it runs the haunting choral melody of the Bulgarian folksong “Ayshenko, pilya shareno”. These intense passages alternate with those in brass, namely a soaring refrain and swashbuckling bridge in the finale. Finally ALL of these elements are integrated into a scintillating climax; the dying echoes of drums deftly complete the experience. With its abundance of vivid motifs and masterful orchestration, “Starvation” is a MASSIVE snub at 40.

36 High C's

This song has such an amazing opening, I honestly love it. - NymeriaWaters

37 Empire of Angels

Empire of Angels ought to be #1! It is an injustice! It is far superior to Heart of Courage (unpopular opinion, I know)! The melody is incredibly beautiful and it builds spectacularly! It may be repetitive, but that is one of the things I like about it. It doesn't stray from it's incredible melody while not failing to increase in energy.

The catchy pairing of melody and beat suffers from repetition, but it benefits from glorious orchestration and the rousing syncopation of the finale; it is a memorable piece (albeit an ear-worm).

'seriously, THIS LOW? ' should be at least top 5

Best song I have ever heard! Epic

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38 Immortal Immortal Immortal is a black metal band from Bergen, Norway, founded in 1990 by frontman and guitarist Abbath Doom Occulta and former guitarist Demonaz Doom Occulta.

Immortal is a great song, but don't confuse it with "The Immortals" (which, by the way, is another epic song)

This is amazing. One of the best in my opinion

...How on earth is Immortal #50?! There's no way! This is for sure in the top #5 Two Steps From Hell songs ever! So epic - JasonWolf727

One of their best work

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39 Sons of War

Very underrated song - could potentially beat heart of courage, it depends on the person's taste.

Underrated, it could beat Protectors of the Earth in some ways. Really depends on your tastes.

Can't believe that tis song is in the bottom

What I was going from 60 to 1 and I find sons of war in 37 not in the 10 first srslt what

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40 Undying Love

Epic and romantic. Tragic and vast. It's my favorite song by Two Steps from Hell. It conveys their expansive feeling of awe and heart wrenching movement of music.

This is probably the greatest Two Steps song ever.

Sometimes I wish their songs were longer so I could keep listening instead of pressing repeat.

This song legit breaks my heart each time I listen to it. I mean, you really connect. So romantic, too. My favorite Two Steps song! ❤️

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41 Sun & Moon

Yeah the atmosphere is very special indeed!

This has a really special feeling.

42 After the Fall

Seriously, THIS LOW? Top 5 at least?

THIS and Blackheart is the two most sad and beautiful songs of TSFH.

Up up up

One of TSFH's best songs ever!
Really surprised it didn't even make top 50!
You guys have no idea what you're missing on here!

43 False King

This song is easily one of their best! The first song that bought me closer to this band!

This song is better than all of the ones listed! It deserves to be much higher on the list! Definitely should be in the Top 5!

Best of Two Steps from Hell without a doubt

This is clearly one of their best. Should be placed in top 10 list.

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44 Jump

Jump is just awesome! Definitely not the best song. (Archangels or Aura no questions) but this needs to get higher up on this litle unfinished list.

Really good war song. Try playing dodgeball playing Blackheart in your head.

Marvelous combination of string instruments and electric guitar.

The first and best song I'be heard from tsfh in my opinion

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45 Jump!
46 Magic of Love

Whoa! What two steps music have I been listening to forever? This song is so good. - NymeriaWaters

This song is amazing! Its so uplifting, I'm suprised it isn't in the top 10

Really mind-altering and peaceful. REMINDS ME SO MUCH OF LORD OF THE RINGS!

47 Compass

This reminds me of all the things that are good in life. It's a beautiful track, both the vocal and the instrumental.

Such a beautiful, melancholic song that makes my heart cry each time I hear it

Amazing song, giving hope. I love all TSfH music, but this one has trapped my heart.

Perfection. That's it :D
Now Bergersen finally "sing" his own native language. Very motivational lyrics in my opinion, overall good orchestral impression

48 Cannon in D Minor

BattleCry was amazing, and Cannon in D represents the best the album has to offer. It's wonderfully energetic and even the name is clever!

I feel like as a general rule, Battle Cry's non Victory song go underrated. This may not be the best, but it is definitely fantastic. - NymeriaWaters

Is the best song, it's so beautiful and charge me a lot. Is the best cannon in D Minor I've ever heard in my life.

I love how energetic it is

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49 Atlantis

There is just something exotic and deeply touching in the melody. I really enjoy the perfect mix of feminine and masculine elements. This song is truly magical.

50 Breathe

The best! I would place it number 1

This is my absolute favorite from Two Steps From Hell.

Would absolute have in top 10. A better end song to a movie I cannot find. It just sets everything right no matter how bad everything has been. Total forgivness, letting go.

I've probably listened to this more times than any other TSfH song. It always makes me wish the song was longer when I listen to it.

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