Top 10 Electronic Tracks of All Time

These are the top 10 electronic tracks of all time.
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1 Strobe - deadmau5

This song is hands down THE BEST progressive house music ever! The intro is slow and soothing and continues for the precise amount of time it would take for you to get into its groove... The bass drop is one of the most epic ones ever created that instantly sends you into a sublime overdrive that continues for a good three minutes until finally receding into a soft end!

This is a good tune but not even close to #1 material, this would be perfect for a video game where you are in a dungeon and as you get closer to the boss it escalates, but for everyday sounds this really does not do it. I would not even feel compelled to press the gas peddle, and I am one of those people who drives to the beat.

Absolutely no competition. Blows everything out of the water, truly the greatest progressive house of all time. Takes its time with its beautiful intro and gradually builds up to the greatest drop in any house song around the 6 minute mark. Truly a masterpiece

I love this song so much - how deadmau5 made a song that starts off so peaceful then get's more and more interesting is simply incredible. And it's so catchy! I've listened to many of the other songs on this list and they are no where near as good.

2 Levels - Avicii

This should be number one. It's a good and catchy song, even nerds and geeks will treat this masterpiece like candy to their ears. A shame that it didn't reach the top 10 in the Australian music charts though.

This song was very influential and did a lot for bringing the genre to the forefront, but that doesn't make it good.
I honestly don't dislike it, but it's overrated if you ask me.

This song is responsible for the rise of Big room House music. Honestly before this song there was nothing like it. Melodic genius, beautiful synths, flawless sound design. sparked change in the ddm scene

In my opinion, this is not only the best electric song but the best song ever created. This is what he got famous with amd when I heard it I understood why. Simoly brilliant

3 Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - Daft Punk

I'm very sure everyone in the world is very familiar with this song; it's a classic that's been heard at countless sporting events, and several remixes, let alone used by Kanye West. "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" despite the fact that it was still classified under French house/pop music, this Daft Punk masterpiece certainly revolutionized electronic-dance music with its addictive and contagious bass line, synth-use, drum beat, and vocal.

Avery upbeat track that never disappoints. The digitized vocals and the great-sounding beat together make an awesome combination, one of those tracks that is good for listening to at home on a Saturday afternoon on full blast with Sennheiser headphones. Reminds me of the scene on Interstella 5555, as many of Daft Punk's tracks do.

This is without a doubt the best electronic song ever! I was looking at the list on my ipod first and ACCIDENTALLY voted for Bangarang! Now it's number 11! Ughh, sorry about that everyone!

This song is literally just amazing, revolutionized a whole generation of electronic music, like Daft Punk always does.

4 Animals - Martin Garrix

My very first electronic song and this became an instant favourite. Truly deserves to be in the top ten list. Energetic, and this is a thing to listen when you are craving for a new dance move. It's so great and I got its tune in my head all the time.

Amazing and not like other electronic songs, this is unique!

This is the song that got me interested in Electronic music.

Energy rushes through my veins and mind when I hear it!

5 Spectrum - Zedd

This song reminds me of the best Mozart. It's absolutely perfect, every little detail is done right. The chords are stunning, the vocals by Matthew Koma fit really good the Zedd instrumental. There two different kicks in this song, the first one is tight and the other one is more bassy. The first one is used in the main drops to give more punch at the vocal parts. The second one is used right after the first drop, when Zedd is at his virtuosistic top side. He uses the vibrato really well. I personally think Zedd is the most virtuosistic producer in the EDM scene right now and this track represents his personal style. So virtuosistic. So perfect. So Zedd.

I think this one may not be the most complex or virtuoso track compare to others of zedd,
but it got what really makes one's spirit sublime,the breathtaking atmosphere and the sensational tones and chords. Totally crazy.

This song reminds me all the memories of the past days
Awesome! Zedd, ! @ Drop it

Beautifully manufactured piece, sound.

6 Around the World - Daft Punk

The beat of this song is funky and addictive, a classic track with equally classic music video to complement it. It is so simple and yet so effective, it grows on you with time.

This is a classic! It was impossible not to have heard this song in the 90's. Still one of my favorite Daft Punk songs; it really deserves to be higher up.

This song should've been called : "Listen to me FOREVER and never get tired"..

This song is so catchy... Best electronic track along with Strobe...

7 Fade Into Darkness - Avicii

Avicii is one of the new guys in electronic music, and this track is just amazing. I didn't want to choose Levels, because it is overrated and it honestly isn't as good as this one. The piano melody, the beat, the vocals, the all just come together so beautifully to create this amazing piece of art.

Amazing vocals and an awesome beat. Deserves to be higher up on this list

Nice piano melody, great vocals, and a nice, basic beat and hook is the recipe for the greatest electronic somg of all time

8 Ghosts N Stuff - deadmau5

This track is upbeat, and sounds great. The Original Mix was already amazing, but the Rob Swire vocals just add even more. I just wish the lyric version was longer! Great track, highly recommended.

I have been listening to this song for straight 4 years now and believe me or not I have not gotten tired of it yet. This track is legendary. This song is just good for human soul

I adore this song. I only ever play it at top volume or not at all. And very good lyrics.

This song brings back memories of my younger years, good song.

9 Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites - Skrillex

Come on guys this deserves at LEAST top 10. It's an actual masterpiece. Not just a popular song like Levels or Fireflies but an ACTUAL masterpiece (like on the level of strobe and Harder better faster stronger). If you listen to no other dubstep song, listen to this one.

This song beats all the other songs by a long shot! ! Way better than all the other songs and deserves nothing other than the top spot!

Its just my favorite song and its alway motivating me to do hard thing. YOU just listen to it and vibe to it whit hard move.

The Magnum Opus f one of EDM's greatest artists. Sure, it's no Strobe. But can you compare it to strobe? It's o different.

10 First of the Year - Skrillex

Tis must be in top 10

Tis must in top 5

The Contenders
11 Wake Me Up - Avicii

Are you guys nuts? Take my word for it and listen to it ONCE... We'll see if you don't come back and vote for this...

This is the best song I ever heard with electronic music...

This song was so popular, why not vote on it?

Shocked to see this song on 30th position...

12 Calling (Lose My Mind) - Ingrosso & Alesso

Well, what can I say. This majestic piece by Mr. Sebastian Ingrosso, from Swedish House Mafia, and Alesso, is just fantastic. Pure Swedish Awesomeness. The drums, the build-ups, the houseness about it. It's awesome. The vocals by Ryan Tedder are so beautiful, they literally make me want to cry every time I listen to the track. Well worthy of it's place.

This song is fantastic, I feel so good when I listen to it.

Another one that brings back memories of good times.

Absolutely brilliant, this song is pure electronic music with one of the best bass drops around

13 Titanium - David Guetta

Titanium is a great song from David Guetta and Sia and one of the best songs I've ever heard.

The Guy's a Untalented 'Cock Sucker' so he is, and should no be here.

This is the golden House track in the world, my number one track.

It should be at 1st place what d hell titanium is here?

14 Clarity - Zedd

What?! This should be at top 5! Zedd's best!

The vocals in this one are great.

Will always be my best

15 Dubuasca - Bassnectar

Masterpiece. Should be heard mixed with Breathing - Bassnectar for the full experience.

16 Summer - Calvin Harris

This song has a great beat!

17 9PM (Till I Come) - ATB

The euphoric guitar riffs are amazing. Best electric trance song of all time.

18 Fireflies - Owl City

Adam young has done it again! He makes beautiful music, not just aggressive noises that make your head hurt. Somehow he makes the lyrics catchy and captivating.

His other songs are bad, but this one is actually one of the best songs. Also, if you listen to the live recording, he doesn't need autotune. Still a one-hit wonder.

A beautiful take on the electronic genre. I have nothing but good things to speak of for the great Owl City.

One of the most underrated songs out there.

19 Don't Give Up - Chicane
20 Sea of Voices - Porter Robinson

I'm so glad Sea of Voices is number 8. It deserved it. I feel like a lot of other songs on this list are mainly here because they're great to dance to, but this song is about the experience. When you listen to this song you have a spiritual experience, it can make you feel a way that no other songs can. It's just incredible.

21 Afterlife - Illenium

One of them best EDM songs ever produced.. the soothing melody to that buildup & to that drop..everything is beautifully made by the king of melodic dubstep/future bass Illenium himself..

22 Goodbye to a World - Porter Robinson

I have no words. This is the best electronic song of all time.

I definitely think this song belongs higher on the list.

23 Sun's Up - LissA & MEMBA
24 Where Them Girls At - David Guetta

This song is trash.

25 Cozza Frenzy - Bassnectar
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