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21 Bad Girl Bad Girl

It's so funky and so happy it can bring anyone out of a bad mood into a good one

22 Don't Look Down Don't Look Down V 1 Comment
23 His Mistakes His Mistakes V 2 Comments
24 Hey Daddy (Daddy's Home) V 1 Comment
25 Hot Tottie Hot Tottie

Why is this so low?! This song is awesome! I love Usher, this deserves to be way higher! Lets not forget it includes rap king Jay Z! - dragonfly99

26 Slow Jam Slow Jam

One of the most beautiful songs I ever heard

27 Pop Ya Collar

This song is not well know in the United States because it is not on any of Usher's albums and the single version is no longer available in the United States. It was originally going to be the #1 single on his album, All About U, but the project was scrapped. The song was released as a single in the United States, where it peaked at #60. However, in the United Kingdom, it did appear on his 8701 album and peaked at #2 on their chart. The song is hard to get, but it is easily one of his best songs. The instrumental and hook are very catchy and before you know it you've replayed it 50+ times! Any true Usher fan should have this song on their top 10 list. - spencermorgan23

V 1 Comment
28 Separated

Sweetest lyrics ever for sure you should hear, his voice is really soft there

V 2 Comments
29 Numb Numb

A beautiful song with beautiful music.. Dis song should reach the top 10s.

I just can't believe it, this is a beautiful and meaningful song why isn't on the top tens, it is my favorite song! :(

Its an amazing song it should be in top 25s

This is Great Song! Why In The World Isn't It In Top 10?!

V 8 Comments
30 Rest of My Life Rest of My Life

Why the song is so low... It should be above 20's in the chart... Please vote this... Superb song..

ThIz is BEsT EvEr sOnGs fEaTuRiNg wIth LuDaCrIs, Our BeSt dj David GuEttA

V 2 Comments
31 Monstar Monstar
32 Looking 4 Myself Looking 4 Myself

Well that too goes on in the list!

It should be in top10

33 Lil Freak Lil Freak

Come on this song rocks the world into pieces. Nicki minaj performed greatly I don't like her I love her. Her rap with usher makes a great combination to blow the world best of luck usher.

One of Usher's best. One of the most different songs. Not like is other great songs. Dark, heavy, great...

Amazing song.. Deserves to be higher in the last

The beat and bass in this song is pretty amazing. Nicki makes it 10x better. Very different to his other songs.

34 Red Light

The song is awesome... Why this song is not on the list.

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35 Dreamin
36 There Goes My Baby There Goes My Baby

This song is so awesome! Cool beat, nice lyrics, everything about it is the bomb! Why in the world isn't it in the top 10?!

This song should be up there, its just that no ones heard it. Chorus is so catchy listen to it and you'll love it.

One of the best songs of Usher. Must be in the top ten.

Awesome. Deserves to be in the top ten.

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37 Dirty Dancer Dirty Dancer

Please listen this song & vote. This is far better than any of the ushers songs featuring Enrique Iglesias.

Please vote this...
Because it is far better than any other songs of Usher.

Please listen it once...
Best of Usher with Featuring Enrique..
Vote this.

No words to tell...
Best Dance song of Usher & Enrique...
Perfect music.
It should be heard by all because it is a great song...

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38 Love In This Club, Pt. II Love In This Club, Pt. II

This song is way more better than that song he sings Confessions that song is not that good this Song is MORE of a BETTER song he THrew down on this one this one is my favorite one. 1) Usher - without you.
2) Usher - love in this Club the Best.

this is his best song
at least better than OMG
it should be at least 5th - kashmutt

39 Dive Dive

One of the best songs of usher's album 'Looking 4 Myself' It must be in Top 10

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40 S.O.S.

This has rihanna Avicii and usher it is the jam it should be #1

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