Best Valve Games

The Top Ten Best Valve Games

1 Half Life 2

Best game ever

My Favorite Game Of All Time

I played this game with a really crappy computer. Every loading screen took about 5 minutes to finish. Some took longer. I still played through and still thought it was the best game ever made.

Do you want to kill enemies with throwing things? Do you want to see the miracle? Then play Half Life 2! The best game ever made!

2 Team Fortress 2

This deserves to be in first place, not only for its great graphics and physics engine, but also because of its community spirit, many of the regular players and users of team fortress 2 can share their ideas and make mini films using the source filmmaker.
Next, the style of the game is great, its not to realistic, but at the same time maintaining a good and even feel, the 9 classes are a great idea, meaning that ever user can play as the class they are most used to.
Team Fortress 2 has a certain humour to it which makes it more attractive, each character has a different personality and has the ability to say phrases in the game to liven it up a bit! Honestly this game deserves to be first.

This game is so unique and has a funny spin to it. making it my favorite game of all time

This should be number 1 because you can play as 9 classes its fun. Its cool. and the graphics is insane

Honestly... Owning all the valve games to date I say that this is the best. I don't know why but its charming and is one of the best fps ever. It improves on all faults on other fps games. For instance this game has spawn protection. Other fps release updates they call games but each new game is just a update, new maps and guns etc. But here each one is free and offers whole new experiences (MvM)

3 Portal 2

This is my favorite game of all time! I've played it a lot of hours in my life. The best thing in this game is the story that's being told. It really makes you think about everything all over again!

Cave johnson

"When Life gives you lemons, don't make lemonade. Make Life take the lemons back! "

-Cave Johnson

Best game ever

4 Left 4 Dead 2

We just need another finger raised...

Best multiplayer team based game ever made. The strategy that goes into this game gets very complex. The developers did an amazing job!


Best zombie apocalypse game ever, even when compared to resident evil

5 Portal

The perfect game

THIS GAME IS SO FUN! I LOVE IT! I PLAY PORTAL 2 WITH MY DAD ALL THE TIME! Why is it rated T-for teen? It really gets your mind into place. I think it should be on the top of the list. For my fathers day card, it is ALL portal!

It is awesome!
You won't ever regret playing. I promise. It is beast ok?

This game is absolute genius! Exhilarating, immersive, personal, beautiful, humorous (dark and deadpan), unique, and mentally stimulating. Play the game, you won't regret it. ;-)

6 Half-Life

A fantastic first person shooter

Seriously? Six! Behind Left 4 Dead and the first Portal? Outrageous! This was the granddaddy of all these games, introducing scripted events, grenade mechanics, intelligent AI and a crap-ton of varied and interesting weaponry. With a detailed and mysterious new take on the hackneyed alien invasion story, this FPS legend at least deserves 4th place behind Portal 2, TF2 and it's brilliant sequel. Half-Life 2 may have improved on the gameplay, but this amazing game put it all on the table. 18 years old and still kicks major ass compared to the repeditive, hand-holding excrement that sells these days. You want to talk about mods? Counter-Strike, Team Fortress Classic, Day of Defeat. All fantastic games that would have never become a reality if not for this. The list would be half as short without Mr Freeman's first outing. Graphics that were the best in 1998, expansive and interesting campaign, fun gameplay, great multiplayer and a massive legacy is why this game rocks. And any other ...more

When a 1998 game manages to get your attention from start to end, in 2019 (! ) then that game deserves way more! Leaves you speechless! - allen28

This game is the best. Good weaponry, good story, good graphics, good physics (thanks to the Valve's Source Engine), good A.I.s, good lip sinking, good sound effects, & etc. Its true that Half-Life is the best game ever made. Other games made by the other companies especially the latest games,... NO THANKS!. Yes, this is classic, because it was released on 1998 but this is still one of the best game. Again,...the story is good. That's all.

7 Left 4 Dead

4 player, online, extreme graphics, exellent quality-all mixed in with zombies that do exellent death animations!? This is Left 4 Dead.

d best eva almost better then getting rlly hot girls numbers - AcoupleOFmeanMOTORscooters

This is the best freaking game in the world

Scary music and sound effects make this game feel terrific than others

8 Dota 2

Great game with high end graphics and a fulfilling online experience one of the best MOBAs I've ever played the Dota2 is awesome surpassing the original warcraft 3 dota hope it moves up

New age of valve... Good graphics, good gameplay, good one

Dota 2 great game

Dota 2 was a shock to Steam, as Dota 2 never go down to #2 in Top 10 Most Playable Games in Steam

9 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

One of the most competitive First Person Shooter in the market to date.

This is actually the most profitable game value ever released due to the skins and cases, it was the profit from skins in a game ever until fortnite. Do not forget that it had an average of 1.6 million playing this game around 2015 and 2016. I personally have played the game and highly recommend it.

Are you kidding? This should be higher than 8!

This is much more addicting than most of those above. Besides it's the 2nd most played game on steam.

10 Garry's Mod

But this isn't by Valve. Valve SPONSORED IT. It used to be an indie game for pete's sake.

An amazing game with endless things to do,its worth your money,you have endless gamemodes,play with friends and tons of mods

Do people consider this a game? Is it worth $25? Garry's Mod is a physics sandbox that allows you to do whatever you want. GET IT.

This game is great, whole lotta mods but Garry's Mod need Counter-Strike: Source to get more textures. Overall still good game though.- - malamJONES

The Contenders

11 Counter-Strike

Cs 1.6 is best

I'm shocked at how low this is on the list. It was one of the games/mods that made the FPS genre what it is today, and introduced tactical depth and strategy in the form of not respawning until the next round. It also tops CS:S in gameplay, and many "pros" still play this game. This should be higher on the list though. An absence of physics and HD graphics does not make a game any worse than another.

How is this number 10? This pretty much boosted the franchise. People still play it and it came out in 1999! There's no RIP for this game!

Without the source engine, this game doesn't have physics, or very good graphics. But its still fun to play!

12 Half-Life 2: Episode Two

This should be way higher

The ending of a first part trilogy has kept gamers on the edge of their seats for seven years waiting for its sequel, half life 3. No one knows if valve will ever get there though...

One of the valve games with the best soundtrack. The design of the combine characters are insane! The destruction engine insane also and should be #1

13 Counter-Strike: Source

Source is really fun and even though 20 bucks on steam still really fun

CS: Source is the best game for me, in my opinion, your physics, graphics and gameplay make this game so AWESOME!

Addictive. Good in graphical terms. Lots of people still play it. What could be better? In my opinion it's the best game here. Counter Strike: GO is just a reskin of this game

Way better than csgo, aka the kids casino

14 Team Fortress Classic

Best game ever made in the world. Does not exist such a game like this, you can play it for years and years and it never gets boring. Shame that there is so few players now...

Words cannot describe how awesome this game is. It's an absolute legend which never gets old.

if you ever played it then you would know thats its awesome

It's TF2. But less content, worse graphics, and $5 dollars? No thanks. - toptenzen

15 Half-Life 2: Episode One
16 The Orange Box

Ye very true

Valves three best games all in one small orange box.

Its literally all the games in one box

17 Half-Life 1: Source

It's the game that started everything... Gave us scripted sequences, realistic AI, grenade mechanics, team mechanics...

And it opened the door for a far more intelligent modding community...
If you had a copy of Half-Life, you could get Team Fortress Classic for free! Then Day of Defeat, and finally COUNTER-STRIKE FOR FREE (a retail version followed, but still)

It gave us Gordon Freeman, it gave us the G-man, it gave us scripted sequences, it gave us realism, it gave us AI that worked, it gave us team mechanics, it gave us realistic aliens, and it gave us the greatest multiplayer mods of all time for free!

Yeah, HL2 perfected what was already there, but Half Life gave us most of that 6 years before. It's a milestone, a landmark, a triumph.

This should be number 1 to be honest. It was so amazing in its time and some many games after half life 1 were influenced hugely by this and it set the standard for any first person game to come. The story was told so well and entirely in first-person. To sum it up Half Life 1 (in my opinion and many others) is the best game that will ever be made for a very very long time!

The game that started it all! Renewed to have a physics system, better lighting and higher quality.

18 Day of Defeat

Great game

People are getting tired of WW2 games. This game has classes that you can choose from and good graphics (like cs:s and hl2 and hl:dm)

A great multiplayer game with probably the best community I've seen ever. Every player is skilled and polite and educated and heck, you might join a server with a blazing political battle which is pretty exciting! GO REPUBLICANS!

The graphics of this game were insane for games in ww 2 setting, sadly it only include 1 game mode

19 Half-Life: Opposing Force

All Half-Life games are cool! Hoping for more...

20 Alien Swarm

The most underrated valve game in my opinion, I have hundreds of hours playing this game it's so fun but I think valve abandoned this game :( - malamJONES

21 Ricochet

Wrong picture - Granton8ter05

This game is crap just admitted its crap

Lol that picture

I was playing alone for about 25 minutes, found this guy. We played and talked for like the whole night, and towards the end I started to notice his language and actions in game were a bit off - almost as if he was either really young and silly or had some sort of problem. I ended looking at his steam profile later out of interest after he left where I saw no profile pic, background info or anything and only one game: "Ricochet" which we had been playing. Something suddenly caught my eye: "2-0-0 H-O-U-R-S" My jaw dropped... I'm surprised he is still alive!

22 Half-Life 2: Deathmatch

If you have played HL2 you are probably wishing you could play with theese guns and enemies multiplayer-This game is just that.

23 Half-Life: Blue Shift
24 Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

Having internet problems no problem just play this!

This game is so funny

Best cs game with story line it's like old mw3

25 The Lab
26 Deathmatch Classic

It's kinda fun if you find somebody

The most underrated Valve game ever! It is a multiplayer Quake, but on the superior GoldSrc engine! It's the best of both worlds: Valve and id Software. It is a lot slower than Quake, but it is still fun. Also, they modified the GoldSrc engine so that you can do things in it that you can't do in in other Valve games. The only bad thing about this game is that nobody plays. The tiny community is super nice and helpful. If more people played this game this would be so much higher on the list. What's not to love when it comes to Deathmatch Classic?

Dead community, but pretty epic if you can play with someone

Quake deathmatch on drugs

27 The Super Mario Bros Super Show The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! is an American television series, conceived by Andy Heyward, produced by DIC Animation City, and distributed by Viacom Enterprises in association with Nintendo, airing during 1989 from 4 September to 1 December.

This game has everything, impressive gunplay, impressive graphic. The use of the source engine opened up a whole new door for modder, mods like "The Super Wario Bros Super Show" are great little things to play my themselve

Probably the best valve games there is starring captain lou albino and his twin brother too albino

The best valve game there is starring lou albano and his evil twin brother boo albino

28 Half-Life 2: Lost Coast

Cool but short game

29 Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies

It is actually a very good game and I am having a very good time playing it. It is just like the original and has more game modes. Plus it is Free!

It wasn't made by valve but it was made by Nexon I found this out on steam

Wow I can't believe it made it this far

This exist just play l4d

30 Half-Life Deathmatch: Source
31 In The Valley of Gods
32 Artifact

More like fartifact

33 Book Worm Adventures
34 Air Bud

Game of the year. You can’t change my mind

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