Damon Salvatore


Damon by far has had the best story and character development of this whole show. He has been the bad guy, the good guy, the savior, the laid back one, the decision maker, the trustworthy one, etc. His character really makes the show. The writers did a fantastic job on Damon's personality. He ended up being the most neutral character, which I believe is the best thing. He was never a bad guy as much as Klaus was and was never a goody-two-shoes like Elena. He has his own spark to him, which I think is great.

It used to be a bit of a love-hate thing for me, especially Damon as the antagonist back in season one, I personally hated his morals but he was hot. He was so mysterious and secretive, yet dangerous and selfish and emotionally damaged, yet he would do anything for love, his character dynamic is flawed and that makes it more realistic. There's been moments especially in Damon's fights where the enemy catches him off guard and he seemed weak, but the next moment he's dealing back double. Who doesn't love Damon?

Damon is mean, but mostly has a heart. I hated him when he "killed" Jeremy (we don't know if he saw the ring), but there is the possibility of doubt plus he has such charm. Ian plays him great, but unfortunately comes across a bit much on charm-autopilot in real life. But he is committed to saving animals - this is what makes a man sexy - decency and a love for innocent creatures in distress.

Damon is such a complex and rich character. He is completely my favourite, the way he delivers his lines and cynical quips is amazing. He is seen as the 'bad' guy a lot, but come on, he does everything for love. His whole motives are for the love of Katherine (only at first), and Elena and Stefan and... well I'm not going to list everyone. I love how he is the anti hero. Out of all the characters, he is the one I will always stand by. Ian somerhalder is truly SO talented.

He's not just the pretty faced anti-hero, he's much more than that. In every season you get something plus so you can understand him and his actions more and more. He's not good, not mean - he's just a man who went through a lot of bad things. Even though he's probably the most dangerous vamp around, he makes also the most human mistakes.

In my opinion (don't kill me) I don't Kirk him. He abused (yes season 1 that's abuse and I can't forgive that) Caroline. Then he was responsible for killing his brother's best friend Lexi. (THEN ELENA DATES THE GUY THAT ABUSED HER SUPPOSED BFF BUT WHATEVER)

Oh My God!
This guy is like damn awesome
I love him like hell! Best character I've ever seen.. He is the most prettiest man on Earth and I just wanna meet him some day..
Its my one of the greatest desires to meet him one day..
Lv you Damon.. Lv you Ian... You have to get Elena, at any cost! ;):P

No, not because 'he is hot' (oh my god... ) but because I actually like the character.
He sort of seems evil at first, but he isn't really.
I like layers in a character, and he's got those. I think.

Really great character because of the way he develops and changes through the series. He starts as the antagonist that we should hate, but he turns into one of the best hero's.

I love Damon Salvatore! He's the most complex, beautiful and awesome character on The Vampire Diaries! I will forever a big fan of this vampire!

Damon is the best character he's the bad boy but he refuses to take advantage of Elena he's extremely attractive he's mysterious and the vampire diaries just couldn't be as good without him also he has one of the best actors portraying him (ian somerhalder) and I have been on team delena since the beginning

Best vampire ever seen.. Hottest

He is like everything in the series, a hero, a villain, a comedian, everything. Great character!

Such a deep character, he has so much pain in his life, it's all he's ever know and I just think that he is such a tragic character

When I first saw Damon, I nearly died. It was so hard to take in that someone could be so good looking.

Elena's goodbye at season 6 tore out my heart, stomped on it, drowned it, and threw it across the room.

Damon is my personal favorite because he's is a bad ass and he is the most popular among any other characters

He is, hands down, the BEST character on The Vampire Diaries. He is the reason I started to watch this show and he is the reason that I'm still watching it. He's mysterious and sexy, sassy and claasy. His eyes just reel you in, its difficult not to be affected by his charm. He is an enigma! A little rough around the edges but I love him.
He will always have a soft spot in my heart. Love you Damon and love you Ian!

Damon is like this most mysterious character. He wants to show everyone that he does not care but the real thing is that he cares about them and he does let anything happen to the people he loves. He is like a villan but at the same time a protector.

Damon is the best vampire and the best character of all the universe of The Vampire Diaries!

Damon is my favorite character and it is a relief that the whole world has him as the most top favorite character

Damon is the hottest character on the vampire diaries. Everyone likes Damon that's the reason he is number 1

Damon is A really good Actor, not to mention he is Hot! Kentucky Girls Love Him :-)

I can't help it. Even when he's bad I love him.

He is extremely stylish vampire