Best Westerns of All Time

What is the best Western 'Cowboy' film of all time?

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1 The Good The Bad & The Ugly

That final showdown was totally epic I have this movie sure it has swearing but it is definitely the greatest western there ever where, way ahead of its time

An epic tale of testosterone and greed, this masterpiece includes the greatest shoot out and score in cinema history. Blondie is simply the "baddest" man in movie history!

Fantastic story, fantastic actors, and a well made film :) and the music is... it's the best soundtrack of all films in my opinion!

Every gun makes its own tune.

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2 Unforgiven

Man, this list is basically all Clint Eastwood movies... as well it should be. He and John Wayne are the 2 best no doubt. Tough to choose between the Good the bad and the ugly, Outlaw Josey Wales, For a Few Dollars more, Fistful of dollars and Unforgiven, but I chose Unforgiven. The aging gunslinger goes on one final tear. And Gene Hackman was just amazing in this and he won an Oscar for his performance, as he should have.

The Quick and the Dead?. Hard Country?.
The Searchers is considered the best all time western by critics, High Noon, and The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly merit a top ten, but what happened to Dances with Wolves, and The Outlaw Josey Wales?. My favorite is "Unforgiven". The story structure is simple, but masterfully told, and it did something the other film's on the list did not. IT WON BEST PICTURE!.

Amazing! Wow! This movie is unbelievable! I'll never forget this movie! It is my all time favorite movie! It's number 1! How is it number 3? This is the only one out of the top 3 that won best picture! It's story is great. The ending of this film couldn't be better! Definitely the best!

Personally I think it's the most boreing film ever made how he won a Oscar for it is beyond me and I like clint

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3 Once Upon A Time In The West

GBU will go down as the quintessential western and fair enough it is an incredible film. However three years after Leone made the best western, he made one better that I don't think can be topped. Sure GBU has the best score but that's about it. Acting, characters, cinematography, choreography, narrative and scope are all greater. An intense, epic film the demonstrates the power of cinema and epitomises everything great about westerns. - DysenteryGary

Another great Morricone soundtrack - plmilligan1968

Way more epic, intense and iconic than TGTBATU, which is already a highlight of movie history. - Martin_Canine

Sergio Leone is best western movie and cinema director of all time. And this movie his best movie and one of the best movie of all cinema history! Better then dolar triology!
1- Once Upon a Time in the West
2- The Good The Bad The Ugly
3- For a Few Dollars More
4- Shane
5- Rio Bravo
6- High Noon
7- A Fistful of Dynamit
8- Butch Cassdy and Sundance Kid
9- The Wild Bunch
10- The Searchers

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4 Tombstone

Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday makes the movie the great, but Kurt Russell plays Wyatt Earp well. Overall Tombstone is the best western and it came out in a time where western's were not THE genre of movie, and it completely surpassed "Wyatt Earp" with Kevin Costner, not to mention the shootout at the O.K. corral was a monumental event in the west, and this movie not only depicts it, but relives it. Try and name a better western, you're a daisy if you do.

Val Kilmer stole the movie. Truly a modern classic. "Why, Johnny Ringo, you look like somebody just walked over your grave. "

Kurt Russell is a badass in this movie, the acting from everyone was brilliant and is way better than any eastwood or wayne movie

Without a question, the best western ever made. Just look at the cast, it’s second to none. The story never gets old either. It depicts the old west perfectly.

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5 The Searchers

Obviously a lot of people haven't seen this masterpiece. John Wayne's BEST performance, hands down. It's an epic that stands the test of time. - Andherewego08

The greatest western ever made. The Duke deserved the Oscar

This film is incredible! It's a daring, epic endeavour, that dares to take a stand against some of the more poisonous Western movie sterotypes... Awesome!

The harshest psychological journey ever seen on film the cinematography is beyond perfection the story and acting never better
A true masterpiece

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6 A Fistful of Dollars

"The Good the bad & the Ugly", " Once Upon a time in the West" and "A Fistful of Dollars" those are the top three- hands down. The rest trail far behind!

A classic Sergio Leone & Ennio Morricone collaboration - plmilligan1968

7 For a Few Dollars More

Probably the best Western sound track of all time - plmilligan1968

Should definitely make the top 5 best westerns of all time.

This is for me the best Western of all time.

Best final scene ever, better than tgtbtu.

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8 The Magnificent Seven

Translates the story of Seven Samurai rather nicely. Only a handful of characters receive any complexity, like Horst Bucholz's Chico, but it's entertaining enough and Elmer Bernstein's score is lovely.

Really good list for change. This should be higher. Great acting great score

The old version is way better than the 2016 reboot (in my opinion).

A picture I revisit on a frequent basis
Yul Brynner commanding presence and dry delivery blows everyone off the screen the support is fantastic a masterwork from the very talented director John Sturgess

9 The Outlaw Josey Wales

Love the storyline how well it sticks, acting Clint's of course,

Vote for this movie or Wales is gonna send you on a Missouri boat ride.

The second best of clients films just behind the good bad and ugly

10 The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

It's so good, it made the list twice!

This is repeat, needs to be removed.

The best western ever made and the baddy stole the film elite walch

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11 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Excellent western I'm surprised it is not in the top 10-- it should!

The ending was the greatest ending.

Should be higher up the list.

Great cast, suberp acting and best of all storyline.

12 Dances with Wolves

Loved it likely unrealistic but Hollywood is very racist why did a white guy have to be the star its just like the movie glory

Great movie told from Native American perspective. Great score and scenery. The plains are the star.

Told a very sad but true story of the west.

13 3:10 to Yuma (2007)

How this gets in the list is beyond me

Should have not be in the top 10.

2nd after unforgiven

Amazing movie

14 High Noon

A masterpiece that will never go out of style.

They call it a classic but I think it's as bordering as unforgiven

The Best!

15 The Quick and the Dead

Only one word crap

16 The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

Even though Wayne and Stewart were a tad old for their roles, this film is just outstanding! Sure, I think The Searchers and Unforgiven are the top 2, but this film at #20 is way too low. It's a top 10 western without a doubt.

Great Masterpiece. Stewart and Wayne in the same film.

Top 10 worthy...'enough said!

17 There Will Be Blood
18 Shane

This is the greatest western ever made. Shows how hard frontier living was, coupled with the greed and corruption of the time. Alan Ladds performance is a thing of understated perfection, and jack parlance the most menacing of bad guys. The whole movie is perfect from start to finish..

A Masterpiece that will never go out of style!

Good good guys, great bad guys, a western with heart, a wonderful story, and a hero.

Best line your nothing but a lowdown Yankee liar

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19 Django Unchained

This is the most craziest western movie that I've ever watched - mc113

I was expecting than the good the bad and the ugly was above this, but... 27?

20 Pale Rider

Authentic scenery, and true down-to-earth meaning of a western

Another typical bordering film

21 A Man Called Horse
22 The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
23 True Grit

Come on people, this has got to be in top 5! John Wayne is the west and this is his best movie

A classic John Wayne film - plmilligan1968

How is this western not in the top ten?

24 The Wild Bunch
25 Stagecoach
26 Young Guns

Best sound track of any western.

27 Hard Country
28 Hang em High
29 The Cowboys
30 Gunfight At The O.K. Corral
31 Maverick
32 Little Big Man

Great flick. A good dig at the political establishment of this country, with a humorous twist.

Absolutely original! Entertaining, funny, sad, heartbreaking. Love his Indian grandfather.

The most underrated movie on this list.

A great film

33 Rango

Does a great job of parodying Spaghetti Westerns, but has so much dignity and emotional depth that it actually kind of becomes one of them.

By far the greatest animated western of all time.

By far the greatest animated western of all time.

34 Blazing Saddles

It is good in a weird way.

35 True Grit (2010)

That is the perfect remake.

36 No Country For Old Men

This won Best Picture for a reason. I can't understand why some people hate it.

Everyone should see this one.

37 Last Man Standing
38 How the West Was Won

A great story with very good actors

39 Buck and The Preacher
40 The Big Country

Gregory Peck is outstanding as a sea captain relocating to the west as the fiancée of a rancher's daughter (Carol Baker). His character is someone who resorts to violence as a last option, but slowly as the movie unfolds, his bravery and toughness become known to all. Charlton Heston is excellent as Peck's rival for Carol Baker's affections. And Chuck Connors as the bully son of Burl Ives is great as a bad guy, and so is Ives, who is in a lifelong struggle with hated enemy Charles Bickford, the father of Carol Baker's character.

41 Apache

Great burt lancaster film

42 Bad Girls
43 Hondo

I love this! It has John Wayne in it. - jding5337

44 Red River
45 She Wore a Yellow Ribbon

A truly great western. Under rated.

46 My Name is Nobody

I have watched that movie in with my father and the movie is amazing - mc113

47 The Proposition
48 Rio Bravo

I and my friend Chris love this movie and give our vote for it. It's got everything - pretty woman, villains, heroes and great music, all of these elements put into a nice story.

Best Western Ever, like The Avengers of Westerns - Leoda1234

One of Wayne's best. - Alpha101

I am one of Duke's greatest fans. This is
my favorite movie of his. Duke, Angie
Dickinson, and Dean Martin are terrific!
Of course, The Shootist should have won
Duke his second Oscar, but even though
I bought it as soon as it was available on
DVD I can't stand to watch it!

49 Wild Wild West

A very under-rated steampunk film. Will Smith is very funny in this movie.

50 The Hateful Eight

This should at least be in the top 20. - Alpha101

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