Greatest Johnny Depp Movies

America's greatest actor (or at least in my opinion) has been in so many great films, it's hard to tell which is best. What do you think?
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1 Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Johnny Depp NAILED Captain Jack Sparrow's character! Perfect make up, drunk attitude, wobbly walking, gun handling, sword fighting. Pour the self made eunuch jokes for Will Turner (Depp made them himself) in the mix and you get one of the best character of the century.

This is my one of my favourite ever film franchises so of course its gonna be my favourite Johnny Depp has ever done.
1. Pirates of the Caribbean
2. Finding Neverland
3. Alice In Wonderland
4. Sweeney Todd
5. Edward Scissorhands.

This movie is one of my favourites! Johnny Depp, "Captain Jack Sparrow's" definitely the best character in the film, and I love how witty yet ambitious he is. I still sometimes randomly start humming the theme song

2 Edward Scissorhands

Scary, sad, and heartwarming. It's Rae to find a movie with all that.

One Of the best movie I ever watched.

3 Sweeney Todd - The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Jack Sparrow is my favorite Johnny Depp character, but Sweeney Todd is my favorite Johnny Depp movie. Great direction and performances, splendid art direction, and it's the only musical that I have loved in a while.

I thought the movie would be a disappointment so I should rather don't waste my time watching it.. But when I watched, it turns out to be the best depp's performance ever. Have never seen a movie like this

Johnny Depp was amazing as Sweeney Todd. I was a fan fan of the stage show before the movie came out, so I didn't think I would like it, but his performance blew me away.

4 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Easily the best performance of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

Exciting, funny, and overall a great movie. Johnny Depp doesn't get better than this

I love this movie, this is my all time favourite Pirates of the Caribbean movie

5 Sleepy Hollow

It was first movie of my life by johnny depp. I really loved it and still watch many time when I get time. worth watching johnny depp really a great actor.

This is the movie that got me interested in Johnny Depp and it is my FAVORITE movie!

6 A Nightmare on Elm Street

It all started with this one, unbelievable.

7 What's Eating Gilbert Grape?

This is the kind of movie that changes your live. It makes you want to change something (if there is something to change) it's the kind of movie that makes you stare at the screen for minutes even after the film ended. I loved it. It's great acting from both Johnny and Leonardo and the story is unforgettable!

A very underrated movie. People said that DiCaprio stole the show but I never believed that. The whole movie centered around Depp's character. His thoughts, relationships and actions. Anyone who places Elmstreet higher, needs to realize his role was minuscule in that film.

8 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Very good film.. Depp looks funny but gave a terrific performance.. Ideal 4 kids..

Depp gave an awesome performance... Don't know how many times I watched the film!

A classic film! Awesome! It is a film that I always watch when it comes on!

9 Alice in Wonderland

I like this alice in wonderland better then the cartoon one I think this one is much better.

10 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

This is one of my favorite movies EVER! It has everything action, comedy and romance. Johnny Depp plays the best character in the movie. My favorite part would have to be when Jack gets stuck on Davey Jones Locker.

A perfect fit for a pirate lover. Savvy?

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11 Ed Wood

A fantastic film with what is probably Johnny Depp's best performance.

I have not seen it, however, I've read the screenplay. It's fantastic.

12 Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

One of the greatest movie ever made... If you are into deep character analyzing movies this is the best bet.

13 Finding Neverland

I absolutely adore this movie it's the best Johnny depp movie ever I think

14 Tim Burton's Corpse Bride

A brilliant Tim Burton film and Johnny was brilliant for the role of Victor

15 The Lone Ranger
16 Donnie Brasco

Next to public enemies it's the best movie that's based on a true story I've ever seen. Great cast and great acting. As most johnny depp movies it makes you think

17 Blow

From this top ten I think this is my favourite... great movie and great act from johnny

18 Rango
19 Once Upon a Time in Mexico
20 Platoon
21 Dark Shadows

He was wonderfully talented in this. He managed to be endearing and funny at the same time. He deserves a lot more credit for carrying the entire movie!

Mind blowing story with johnny depp's acting and ever green the beauty!

Thumbs up 4 him... No one can match him... He is perfect in dracula's role..

22 Dead Man
23 Secret Window

I've never read the book but the movie is great. You don't get what's going on until the very end and even then you won't be sure what to believe...

Very mysterious movie. I love the plot

Love this movie. One of Johnny's finest.

24 Chocolat

Chocolat is a great movie, sweet and beautiful, with perfect soundtrack and lots of chocolate. And Johnny is so cute

Beautiful soundtrack, fun story, and yummy food!

25 Tusk
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