Greatest Charlie Chaplin Movies

Including both his feature length films and his short films. Charlie Chaplin is a legend and every film he ever made should have place on this top ten.
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1 City Lights

I don´t know why I am voting for this, since it is already at the top spot; but I have to say, this is such a moving and wonderful film! This is pinnacle Chaplin. When you figure about the circumnstances surrounding it, you can´t believe he made such a funny film. This movie was very stressful to make, filming like 30 times every scene. And yet, Chaplin manages to make every single one so fresh and spontaneus and well acted. He is such a great genius! if ever a movie has mixed comedy and pathos is this one, and like no other has. Many times you will be laughing and being emotionally moved at the same time. And the ending is one of the most beautiful ever made. A REAL CLASSIC!

I really love this film and just got a box set of Chaplin DVD's for my High School classes. My Chinese students love Chaplin and we have had some great discussions after watching them. Great for ESL learners anywhere. City lights is both hilarious and charming. I highly recommend Chaplin movies to anyone who is a lover of great performances.

I've seen all his major films and this is by far not only his best but is also the best film ever made; I've seen Citizen Kane, Casablanca, Vertigo etc and the only reason this film isn't ranked higher is because it's silent and in black and white. The final scene alone is the best ever to be put in celluloid.

It is one of the best movie which ever I see
It is amazing and I think it is the best movie of cc.
Boxing part is the best part of the movie. It not only funniest movie but also a grate act by charlie.
Clssic Chaplin, who was the best at mixing comedy with pathos. No one was better at making you feel so strongly about a character and this film was the epitome of his genius

2 Modern Times

The issues he touched with this movie still exist even after 80 years. The first part of the movie is like a visual summary of Marx's alienation theory. The rest of the movie is like a summary of the struggle of the mankind. And he tells us everything in a funny but also clever way.

This film not only offers excellent slapstick humor, but also presents the most incisive social commentary on the potential pitfalls of capitalism gone to seed. It is more pertanent in the 21st century than when it was early in the 20th century when it was made.

I find it disappointing that people think "Limelight" is better than this. "Modern Times" is one of the most entertaining movies ever.

I saw this movie on T.V. and it's to good to see everybody. It doesn't matter whats your age now. One of the funniest movie I can say in cinema world.

3 The Gold Rush

As with all feature-length Chaplin-movies. sadness and humour, cruelty and compassion of humans, slapstick and cinematographic art go hand in hand.

Everyone raves about this one and it's easy to see why - the best story and some of the funniest moments in film history.

I loved the ending because I wasn't expecting it! And it has one of my favorite silent-movie kisses, too. It was so sweet!

Simply outstanding... I would suggest not to miss chance to watch it. Biggest stress buster.

4 The Great Dictator

I'm only fifteen, but I've seen three Chaplin films, and absolutely loved them, and love him, as a director, actor, writer, and person in general. I have seen The Kid, Modern Times, and The Great Dicator. I loved The Kid, but the latter two stood out to me more. While Modern Times is a great film, and perhaps better than The Great Dictator, this one was the first Chaplin film I saw and is my personal favorite... And that last scene with Chaplin's monologue gets me every time I watch it.

The Chaplin film that everyone should see at least once in their life. It is a massive political statement but at the same time it's side-achingly funny and his speech is worthy of Churchill.

I voted for this film because I watched it, and it is just the best mix of sadness, revenge, happiness, and mostly hilariousness! I recommend this film to any Chaplin fan.

A great story, hilarious and very smart. The speech in the end of the movie is the most moving thing you will ever listen or see. Highly recommended!

5 The Kid

Best movie of charlie chaplin ever... Everyone should watch this movie... Best punches and also some sad movements but totally awesome...

Charlie chapping is really king of human history for ever. I wish you next birth in this world. Love you king charlie chapping forever,

This is one of the most famous, and it's mainly because of how good the chemistry is between Chaplin and the kid.

Hats off to the child artist.. Unmatchable performance by charlie, awesome film with fantastic scrennplay

6 Limelight

Not that funny. Dialogs are great. But this is not one of the greatest movies of CC. It must not be put on top. It should be put on number 10. Besides story is not even of moderate quality.

LIMELIGHT has the passion, the acting, the classic script and the most important thing of all, one of the most beautiful music themes ever written (limelight), comedy with heartbreak still stands up today, a faultless combination rarely seen today in movies

One the funniest yet saddest films ever. The bittersweet blend gives one of the greatest films ever.

I love all his movies, but if I'd be held at gunpoint to decide which is my favourite, it has to be Limelight.

7 The Circus

One of the greatest romantic comedy of all time. The music by himself makes it the best.

This is the first movie of charlie I have watched... what a stunner it is... oh my god

8 Monsieur Verdoux

This, I feel, was one of the greatest Chaplin movies despite it being of a slightly darker character compared to his earlier films. His acting is absolutely incredible, though and the character of Verdoux is amazing.

9 The Adventurer

This is a severely underrated Chaplin short... it is beautifully executed, is absolutely hilarious and it's a cute story.

I am fan of Charlie Chaplin.

He was a greatest person.

10 Shoulder Arms

This is, in my opinion the greatest Chaplin short ever. There are no words to describe it's brilliance. Watch it.

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11 A King in New York

His last great film... it's got less of a story line but it's no less hilarious!

12 The Tramp
13 A Dog's Life
14 A Countess from Hong Kong
15 The Immigrant

In his early career Chaplin filmed lots of shorts. Most of them where just funny gags, but a few had something more. One of those shorts is The Immigrant

The Immigrant tells the story of man arriving to the States, and the many problems he has after arriving to the Land of Libery.

16 Making a Living
17 The Rink
18 One AM

This short had me absolutely crying with laughter. Its simplicity lends itself to the best slapstick ever. Genius.

19 Easy Street
20 A Woman of Paris
21 The Vagabond
22 The Cure

This is laugh out loud funny, minus a lot of the butt kicking and punch-ups which were a large part of the Keystone films. Chaplins' adversaries are common items which often get the best of him.

23 His New Job
24 Laughing Gas
25 The Floorwalker
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