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1 Who Will Be the Family Wizard?

I think this was a good episode yet Alex ruined her chance of being a wizard at the end of the wizard competition but professor krumbs gave her the family wizard powers, Justin got to be headmaster at wiztech and max got the sub station

I believe that Alex fully well deserves the title as Family Wizard. She does fool around with magic, but when she desperately needs it, she uses it well. It is very impressive. I love the twist at the end of the episode when Justin tells the truth of what happens. It is full of action, drama, excitement, and love. It is a tale to remember.

I like this because it's my favorite episode.
My favorite pop star is Selena Gomez so that's why she should win and shes the main character.

This episode gave me tears for several reasons. It was so sad seeing all my favorite characters having to go away :( and then Alex became wizard! it was such a sad ending to me...

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2 Quinceanera

I don't remember much about the entire series, itself. Although, I gotta say, this one was pretty decent because for once Alex did the right thing. And it wasn't for her own self-benefit. She did it for her mother: by switching body's with her, Theresa would be able to have the Quinceanera that she never had. So, go Alex! Sadly, that was just the only nicest, sweetest, and most sincere thing she has ever done.

This is the best episode ever! Sure I'm not Spanish but this episode makes me want tobe. I love how Alex is different from her mom but actually likes the Quinceanera. Alex does great deeds in a hilarious and most awesome ways. She makes me wish how awesome if I could be a wizard. Although Justin and Max were cool characters there. The Russo Family is the best family ever!

I love wizards of waverly place. This episode is sweet and cute, like every wizards of waverly place episode. Thumbs up if you like it. Thumbs down if you hate wizards of waverly place in general. I could care less! Please Please do not rub it in my face.

This is the best episode of WOWP.

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3 Wizards vs. Everything

The action in this episode is packed full with drama and love. Wizards Vs Everything is a highly rated episode to watch for Wizards of Waverly Place fans.

I love how the couples get back together and the action is so cool

I choose thees episode because it brings out the whole cast it insprire the whole storyline I llke the angles so yeah I would to see this episode again

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4 Wizards Exposed

By far the best


5 Wizards vs. Werewolves

This is an a amazing episode of wizards of waverly place. Justins girlfriend (Juliet) finds out that Alex's boyfriend is boyfriend and girlfriend a long time agoMason and. Mason looks like he still has feelings for Juliet but he does not. A long time ago Mason and Juliet was boyfriend and girlfriend

I love it because it took Justin like for ever to find Juliet again but the person who helped him was Alex's new boy friend and Juliet's ex.

I love this episode because I love the romance and the heart brake its just so juicy

This really is te best episode. So glad it's on top 10

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6 Movies

I love this episode because the spell they use, the do em ups was cool

I particurly like the song that is at the start of each serise because it has a fast beat and I think it is quite fun to street dance to due to being able to street dance it is so fun and my favouret team is Alex because she is just like me.
I like the game twister that they have also they are fun games that the russo's play.

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7 Crazy 10 Minute Sale

It the first and the best! It is the first episodes so it will be the best when all the characters are introduced and that they are wizards! Also it shows how Alex cn be bad with magic and mess up when she copies herself and. Just and max have fun with the copied Alex which affects the real Alex to!,! It is AWESOME,!

I think this episode is really cool! I wish there were other episodes like this :-)


I like the episode and I love SELENA GOMEZ she my best singer ever and shes prety and I listen to all her songs all day long I have all her magzines and all her books and posters and my room has all selena gomez stafe and I watch all the episode Inever miss it and I wil never miss it I love you selena gomez and Iam a girl

8 Harper Knows

Everyone is out about keeping their magic a secret, but in the end, Harper finds out. It shows that she's a true friend.

This episode is one of the best, because Alex finally don't have to keep their family's secret to Harper.

It's a cool episode I love it

It would have been better if Zach or Cody were actually in the episode, not just the side charcters

9 Wizards and Vampires vs. Zombies

It's scary and epic! AWESOMENESS!

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10 Alex Gives Up


I love it so much. I can't believe gow amazing this episode is I hope everyone in the whole whide world and watch it and enjoy it too

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11 Wizard vs Angels

This was my favorite episode ever

The end of this episode though.. Just heartwarming

12 Alex Saves Mason

It is so sad that Mason had to leave. When Alex found him, he was held in captivity. The struggle to change Mason back was romantic and sad. Their relationship grew after they found the beauty within each other at the end.

Disney shows rarely have good writing. This is the case. Only unlikely other shows (Shake It Up and Austin & Ally) the writing is not bad, it's actually very good and well thought out.

I love you love love you I miss you wizards please please make more episodes

13 Report Card

I think it is funny

14 Alex Tells the World

It’s so great I love this one so much

15 Dude Looks Like Shakira

I love it very weird but cool

16 Wizards of Apartment 13B

When Alex tries to be independent and put her past behind her by renting an apartment, she finds out that Mason lives there as well. The hilarious comments they tell each other are very cute. I loved this episode!

It has an awesome plot

17 Cast Away (To Another Show)

I stan both wizards of Waverly Place and the suite life on deck and I love how they mix them together


18 Alex's Choice
19 Wizards vs. Vampires on Waverly Place

A tragic love story of Justin and Juliet but no one dies

I love how it all has cool stuff on it especially with Justin and Juliet! ( my BFF is names Juliet)

20 Doll House

It's really funny

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