Top 10 Birds in New Guinea

New Guinea is a large island in Oceania (north of Australia's Top End) and it's like a bird paradise.
The eastern half of the island of New Guinea is occupied by Papua New Guinea. The western half of the island belongs to Indonesia (Indonesian provinces of Papua and West Papua).

New Guinea has 578 species of breeding birds, of which 324 species are endemic. 'Endemic' means that the species are unique to this island (and some smaller islands nearby) and can't be found elsewhere (animals in zoos around the world don't count).

This island has unique, colorful and beautiful birds. The most prominent birds are from the bird-of-paradise family, indigenous to the island.

The Top Ten

1 Raggiana Bird-of-Paradise Raggiana Bird-of-Paradise

Native to the island (the flag of Papua New Guinea features this bird).
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2 Victoria Crowned Pigeon Victoria Crowned Pigeon

Very large, ground-dwelling pigeons native to the New Guinea region. Their crests are like beautiful laces. - Metal_Treasure

3 Red Bird-of-Paradise Red Bird-of-Paradise
4 Greater Bird-of-Paradise Greater Bird-of-Paradise
5 Wilson's Bird-of-Paradise Wilson's Bird-of-Paradise
6 Ribbon-Tailed Astrapia Ribbon-Tailed Astrapia
7 Lesser Bird-of-Paradise Lesser Bird-of-Paradise
8 Blue Bird-of-Paradise Blue Bird-of-Paradise
9 Magnificent Bird-Of-Paradise Magnificent Bird-Of-Paradise
10 Doria's Goshawk Doria's Goshawk

A raptor, endemic to lowland rainforests of New Guinea and Batanta Island. - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11 Eclectus Parrot Eclectus Parrot
12 King Bird-Of-Paradise King Bird-Of-Paradise
13 Papuan Frogmouth Papuan Frogmouth
14 Superb Bird Of Paradise Superb Bird Of Paradise
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