Top Ten Bloodborne Weapons

Bloodborne has many unique and diverse weapons, what are the most over-powered of them?

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1 Ludwig's Holy Blade

Ludwig's Holy Blade is a MASSIVE sword that deals damage higher than the average person at a Black Sabbath concert. This weapon had two forms, one with the cover and the other without. When with the cover it dealt massive blunt damage at a perfect speed. The charged attacks could drop ANYTHING in it's tracks. Then when the sword was taken out of the cover it was able to strike quickly and deal only the most damage. - VezdaVex

This weapon is not overrated, I have plenty of favorite weapons that I switch around with for different types of foes. However this one has come in handy and I easily use it more often than any other.

This weapon is SOOO good on bosses, and can one shot many different enemies

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2 Burial Blade

The Burial Blade offered a very long range attack when in scythe form dealing massive damage. When in blade form, The Burial Blade offered a high damage but quick slash that was able to end most average opponents quite quickly but not cleanly. This weapon is obtained after beating the final boss of the game. - VezdaVex

I just love the range on this thing. It does great damage and has a high range. - MKBeast

Fantastic weapon. Its reach is second to none

Best weapon in the Soulsborne series

And Gehrman is a badass

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3 Blade of Mercy

The Blade of Mercy is a great weapon for a dex-build. It it a very fast striking sword that deals damage so quickly it gives the look that it is melting your opponent's health bar. It almost looks as if the health bar has sprung a leak and is just gracefully draining out. When in other form it breaks into two pieces striking quicker and keeping your opponent from being able to strike. This weapon is GREAT for PVP. - VezdaVex

Bad little sidestep makes short work of most bad guys. You are pretty much untouchable if you were sidestepping with the R1. Furthermore it is a very versatile weapon With some power strokes and incredible speed in the modified form. My go to.

This weapon is lethal, especially when utilizing the Old Hunter Bone. Quickstep damage is increased on this weapon, so it's encouraged to get in quick hits after quick stepping - MKBeast

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4 Hunter Axe

The Hunter Axe is another starter weapon that is just almost over-powered. It feels great to use having a perfect charge time then swinging it in a circle getting not one but two 360 degree charged attack hits. Yes go with this if you are a strength build and you will be quite unstoppable. - VezdaVex

Exactly like ludwigs blade except without the flinching ability

5 Threaded Cane

The Threaded Cane is a starter weapon that is able to deal tons of damage to multiple opponents at once when in it's metal-wipe form. This feels badass to use but has a huge learning curve so yes you will die a lot with this weapon. Also using it, you may feel a bit like an old man wacking away at your opponents with a cain. - VezdaVex

This thing doesn't do much damage, but dammit it's fun to use. - MKBeast

6 Saw Cleaver

The Saw Cleaver is a starting weapon that is just too perfect. In it's default form it is a very fast striking but damaging saw. When extended it is a bit slower but bashes the health out of your opponent. It has a feel and charge time that just feels amazing. I - VezdaVex

This is the perfect starter for people who get in close. Where it lacks in range (untransformed), it makes up for in DPS. - MKBeast

7 Chikage

The Chikage is a katana that is obtained after completing a grueling quest-line in an over-powered area. This is an extremely powerful weapon, but there is one major draw-back keeping it from being #1 on this list. It drains your health to use. If you use this weapon you are a bloodtinge or dex type build meaning you don't have much vitality to play around with to begin with. - VezdaVex

The Chikage can be described with one word: Overpowered. Even when untransformed, the katana does ridiculous damage to anything. The only problem is the hitboxes. If you charge an attack, there's a high chance you'll miss, especially against faster bosses. - MKBeast

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8 Kirkhammer

The Kirkhammer, personally I utterly hate this weapon remembering all the times I was killed with it in my hands... BUT there is a whole community of people who worship this weapon so it deserves a spot on this list. The Kirkhammer god bless it is a sword stuck in a hammer that basically is only useful when charge-attacking an opponent. The downside is the charge attack takes SO long, you're usually dead by the time you swing the damn thing. Also not to mention it's super hard to hit your target but my bias aside, this also doubles as a sword in it's second form. It is bipolar not knowing whether it wants to be strength or dex. - VezdaVex

The axe is probably the best in the game. The cane was a great first weapon though, and my personal fave is the saw spear, which isn't even on this list lol. But I've recently started using the kirkhammer and it's been great. The hammer part is pretty slow but the sword is quick. - Mitchoo22

The sword is amazing vs brainsuckers. It leaves them no room to cast their stun spell.

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9 Rakuyo

Damage is a little less than its bloody counterpart, the Chikage, but its moveset more than makes up for it. - MKBeast

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10 Whirligig Saw

Very versatile weapon, both the mace and saw have an excellent move set, along with the transformation attacks. Can't forget how well it stun locks along with heavy attack power behind it.
I always went for the big weapons in the soul series, and this one blew my mind. I love the L2 move, no doubt it's the boss killer move, especially on bosses who aren't as mobile.
It's definitely my favorite weapon in Bloodborne, I love it when I pvp and get some sucker in the corner with the L2 move, it turns them into dog food real quick lol

Behold! The almighty pizza cutter! The only drawback is the range on some attacks, and the long charge wind-up. - MKBeast

Amazing strength scaling, damage and overall feels great to use.

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11 Blunderbuss

The Blunderbust ANOTHER starter weapon is good for staggering opponents. It is very useful for any build because hey, who doesn't love a good stagger on those pesky wolves? - VezdaVex

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12 Hunter Pistol

The Hunter Pistol has no stagger but high damage for a gun. Most people choose this beauty and use it to the end. - VezdaVex

This is quite literally the only gun you need. - MKBeast

13 Beasthunter Saif

Probably the most under rated weapon of all time in a souls game.

Looks like just another saw type weapon but with out the aerated edge so it is useless against the beasts of the hunt right? Wrong!

This thing has the greatest move set of all time. Short form R1 attacks are faster then you trusty saw cleaver/spear and the bane of many a enemy! Not only is it quick but you dash forward with each strike so it helps to close down the space between you and your target.

In long form it resembles the legendary murukumbo from dark souls and deals good damage with heavy swings, it has great range and the ability to dead angle unsuspecting targets with its sweeping move set but the real reason to use this is its transform attacks a quick L1 will lunge you forward into short form faster then a hunter bone and when your stamina is low smack L1 again to get of a big curved sword swing as you backstep to safety.

Use it, abuse it and win at everything!

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14 Ludwig's Rifle
15 Beast Cutter

This thing can WRECK groups of enemies when transformed. It has huge range (transformed), great damage for this type of weapon, and wide sweeping arcs (transformed), decimating everything in front of you. - MKBeast

Slamming enemies into the ground from miles away is just too much fun. The retracted form also allows for a completely different aggressive playstyle, balancing it very well

16 Holy Moonlight Sword

In the transformed state it will outperform all but a paper/phantasm-buffed Ludwig's Holy Blade. It has a similar moveset while transformed (with a faster thrusting power attack than the LHB while in base form) but swings quicker, can perform ridiculous area knockdowns with L2 or its transformation attack, and has a built-in ranged option via the moonlight waves released from R2 attacks. Use them at close range so the blade and wave both hit and it's very easy to deal damage in the thousands, especially as the follow-up R2 is ridiculously fast for a weapon of its size and strength.

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17 Kos Parasite

Its damage is rather underwhelming, but it's one of those weapons that are really fun to use. What it does is amplify your barehand attacks to some degree, and when combined with the Milkweed rune, you become an all-powerful mushroom that has a devastating AoE attack when transformed. The only problem with the Milkweed form is how slow the thing is. - MKBeast

18 Simon's Bowblade

Good for range and melee

19 Reiterpallasch

Nobody can spell it, not many use it. But it is a thrusting sword and it is a gun, what more do you need to hunt with. Fans of poking in dark souls get to poke and shoot and look stylish while doing it. Give it a shot and a poke.

20 Beast Claw

This thing is so much fun to use, especially with the Beast's Embrace rune. Like the Saw weapons, it can do crazy DPS, but unlike the Saw weapons, it doesn't have a transformed mode that gives it more range. - MKBeast

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