Top Ten Best Board Games

As the title of the list implies, this list is a collection of the top games played on a game board; which by definition excludes games such as Connect Four and card games.

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81 Campaign Trail

I love this game. I have been looking for a copy but they are never available.

82 Mancala

Awesome game, once both players have mastered the rules, it never gets boring!

A beautiful game. Good for family. I remember playing this game with my daughters. There is skill to this game...mastered over time.

83 Talisman

Great game superb style as well

Love it,it's old school but fun especially with the many expansions,

84 Pay Day
85 Quirkle

Quirkle is a Mensa game. Developed for ages 6+. The first time I ever played, I was whomped by an extremely precocious 5 year old. I've been practicing since then... and have introduced this fascinating game to many friends, young and old.

This game is excellent for all age levels and can be played with great strategy or as a social experience. I love itQQ

It is spelled "Qwirkle", not "Quirkle". MindWare released this game and sold it at Walmart. - playstationfan66

86 Cranium Hoopla

Hasbro is going to release another Cranium board game in the near future aimed towards girls - Cranium Girl Talk: The Brain-Induced Game of Truth or Dare. - playstationfan66

87 Xymyx The Evolution Of Chess

New chess variant, pieces move simultaneously

88 Caylus

Another favorite of eurogame fans, constantly popping up on ton ten lists everywhere. - RedArmyIan

89 Weapons and Warriors

Cool weapons

90 Pointless

Pointless? I thought that someone said "Clueless". - playstationfan66

Awesome game but could do with more questions.

Based on the BBC1 quiz of the same name. - jezza0

91 Cosmic Encounter

Best game I ever played with a good mix of randomness luck and knowing when and how to use your abilities. Truly a brilliant game

This game is beautiful. Some races (red) are broken, but it's so fun you don't care who wins.

92 Bang!

How come this had never been added until I added it? This is the best game that I have ever played!

This game is pretty amazing for the whole family or a group of friends.

Great game to play with a large the character names.

93 Parcheesi

Why is parcheesi listed twice!?

94 Would I Lie to You?

Funny,I play Lee Mack and my dad is David Mitchell its fun takes 30 mins and great for a family 2-8 players.

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96 Space War
97 Earth Reborn

Ridiculous fun. Best with 2 players. An endless amount of scenarios that will always play out differently no matter how many times you play. Most fun I have had with a board game in quite awhile

98 Draughts

play on

99 Alhambra
100 Quarriors
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