Top 10 Bobby Tarantino Songs

Logic released Bobby Tarantino on July 1, 2016 at midnight. Bobby wanted it to be a turnt-up album, and provided for his fans to turn up during the summer.

The Top Ten

1 Flexicution

Bobby just killed it on this one. You can turn up so hard on this. FLEX! - dididan2000

Bumps hard, definitely number one.

2 44 Bars

Even though this is a fun album, this song was one of the more serious songs. It turned out so well. It's lyrically perfect. - dididan2000

The way Bobby delivered the lyrics on this track is a way I’ve never heard before. Reminiscent, but not sad. Perfection.

3 Super Mario World

Bobby totally screwed around with this song and it's amazing. It has the best beat. As the title shows, the beat sounds like the music from a Super Mario World level. It's just so good. - dididan2000

4 Wrist

Wrist is another song you could just turn up. Bobby kills it, and with the addition of Pusha T just killing it is awesome. - dididan2000

5 Deeper Than Money

Like 44 Bars, this song is definitely lyrically deep, and Bobby really expresses what he is trying to say in this song. - dididan2000

6 Slave II

Another turn up song that, again, Bobby killed. - dididan2000

7 The Jam

This is another turn up song. Great beat, great lyrics... perfect. - dididan2000

8 Slave

I put this one lower than Slave II, but it was really hard. I really like all them. This has a great beat as well. There's nothing to complain about this at all. - dididan2000

Slave is just single handedly the best song on the album. One off these songs may be your favorite song, but just take the time to listen to this entire song before voting

9 A Word From Our Sponsor

I would have put this higher, because to me, this is so gold. I felt like people would get mad at me if I put it up in the top 5, because they would say, "Oh this isn't a song," so I put it here. Personally, this is so hilarious. The first time I heard this I was laughing my ass off. It's another Marty Randolph skit, and it's so funny! In this one, Marty can't get through to Logic directly showing how much bigger Bobby has gotten. Pure gold. Love it. - dididan2000

10 Studio Ambience At Night: Malibu

This also is not a song per say, but who cares?! Bobby gives a preview of a song on his next album, and it's dope. It really is. - dididan2000

The Contenders

11 Illuminatro

If you put it in reverse, Bobby talks about his new concept album he is working on for the future. - dididan2000

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