Best Characters from The Enemy Series

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1 Edward Carter

More commonly known as Ed, he has been one of the characters who develops throughout the series. In The Dead, he is first seen cowering behind a table, while his friend Jack attempts to kill a diseased grown-up. Over the course of the series, he outgrows his cowardice and becomes one of the most respected characters.

Ed is a character with great development. He starts off as a scared child who can't even kill one sicko and now he's a respected character who appears as a nice guy but inside he's a psychopath

2 Small Sam

I'm not sure if his surname is revealed in the series, but he's mostly known as Sam, or Small Sam. And he is easily the best character. Name another character who has been captured by sickos (zombies, grown-ups, or whatever, ) and escaped, captured by cannibals and escaped, travelled through half of London, and involved in a prophecy. that's right. You can't.

Second to Shadowman, Small Sam is the bravest character in this series. He's survived hell and back and is determined to find his sister Ella.

Never read it just like this name laugh out loud.

3 Dylan Peake

PLEASE READ: If you are wondering who Dylan Peake is, he is Shadowman.

Shadowman is probably the bravest character in The Enemy series. Although unnamed, he is one of the people chosen to go with Jester to find some new kids, (Jester arrives at the Waitrose in Holloway) but is ambushed by sickos at Kings Cross Station and is left for dead. but he refuses to die and crawls to safety. Soon he sees a group of Sickos, and decides to follow them. An awesome character.

A bad ass character who can have broken ribs, a concussion, and many other injuries and still kill Sickos that outnumber him 3:1. On top of that he tries to do the right thing when he can.

4 Malik Hussein

MAJOR SPOILERS: Malik is not dead! He barely survives the young sicko attack in The Dead, but is left with a messed-up face. In The Hunted, he is known as Scarface, and helps look after Ella, but leaves Monkey Boy to die. Probably goes to show that you shouldn't judge people by their looks.

5 Arran Harper

Spoiler alert: I was so upset when Arran died. Maxie and Arran are meant to be together! They both like each other but are/were (depending on where you are in the book) too scared to tell each other.

Arran is a legend but his only purpose is to give Maxie character development so he should be a bit lower on the list. When he was in a scene though, he stole the show.

One of the best group leaders in the series. It's a shame that he died.

6 David King

One of the most powerful leaders in the series. Evil, too, but that's for another list.

7 Achilleus

Funny, badass and loyal to his group, Achilleus is an outright legend!

One of the best fighters and characters.

8 Jester

I like him because he does something to remember all of the dead people he's known since the disease struck.

9 Jack

Saddest death in the series maybe apart from (SPOILERS) Dognut and Courtney. He was only there to develop Ed's character but he was one of my favourite characters in the dead non the less.

Jack is easily the best character with a shocking and upsetting death.

His death was so sad deserved a more important role other than just developing Ed's character

10 Maxie

I like the way she is not a total badass and takes desisions wisely. She also has a lot of leadership qualitis and just shows girlpower. She can be very furious when she gets angry.

The Contenders
11 Shadowman
12 Harry Bamford

Death was so sad deserved more-one of the best fighters across the series

Honestly my favorite character until that ass Greg killed him

13 Freak

Thinking about what everyone looks like in these books is very cool and both him and DEAKY are cool. If they were still alive in the end they could've been fighting with Achilles

14 DogNut

Honestly, I think DogNut is the best character of the series.
His life was cool, but his death was downright awesome.His last words though...damn that touched my heart.
Guess what my gamer's tag is...yeah u got that right!

Funniest character ever, aside from maybe jack he and Courtney had the saddest death

15 Paddy
16 St George

Also known as Greg the Butcher, this sicko is one of the best antagonist's of all time.

17 The Collector

Though he was only in the Fear, he was definitely one of the most gruesome sickos in the whole series.

18 Blue
19 Blu-Tack Bill
20 Bam

Bam is a very underrated character. He was very light hearted and positive.

His death was very tragic

21 Johnno

Now this is a character no one probably remembers from the dead since his short appearance. Johnno in my opinion could have had a lot of character development. I thought he was gonna keep flirting with Frederique until should would turn him down. the ambush at The Fez was so surprising and unexpected and when I read that Johnno went down with the others, I was shocked. he should have had a better part in the series.

22 Big Mick
23 The Kid
24 Jordan Hordern
25 Brooke
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