Top Ten Characters In the Walking Dead (Season 1)


The Top Ten

1 Rick

He's the leader of the group. He should be number one always. - OriginalVisionary

Rick is the best!

2 Darrel

Why is it spelled wrong on here? Its Daryl

3 Dale
4 Glenn

Simply, the brightest

The one seaosn when glenn was important.

The best

5 Merle
6 Carl
7 Shane

The best character of the whole show.

8 Andrea Andrea Andrea is a fictional character from the comic book series The Walking Dead and is portrayed by Laurie Holden in the American television series of the same name.

Daryl shouldn't even be in here. I hated him in s1

9 Laurie
10 Carol

The Contenders

11 Jacqui

Caring and Lovable person

12 Jim
13 Ed
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