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1 Nate Wright The Big Nate comic strip's main character. Nate is 11 years old, he is an aspiring cartoonist, drummer, underachiever, and plays funny yet overdone pranks on Prank Day (the last day or 2nd last day of school). He is somewhat self-absorbed, believing himself to be irresistible to women despite repeated rejection, a brilliant sports player despite his poor performance, and a genius despite his poor... read more

The Main charcter in the book what'd you expect he is very funny and when he interacts with Mrs. Godfrey stop giving him detentions (unless you have a good reason) JUSTICE FOR NATE!

Nate is the funniest character in the book.
the best part about this is that he thinks he is the best at everything but he really sucks at everything and that is what makes it funny

Nate's cool, funny, but most people don't see it. He deserves to be #1 on this list.

2 Chad Applewhite

He is absolutely adorable and indeed and the cutest charcter in the book.

He is awesome, do I need to say more?

So funny he needs to lose wait.

3 Teddy Ortiz

Teddy may be new, but he is one of the best characters in this series. Chill and friendly, Nate can't even get mad at him for long after he ruins his social studies report. The kid is too nice to be hated. And kudos to his Uncle Pedro.

I think he is cool. Sometimes he gets a little annoying but its fine. He is definitely one of my favorite characters. I also think he is really sporty wich is a good atitude to have. He's definitely one of the most chill characters in Big Nate

He's funny, and his attempts to keep the mood up amidst Nate and Francis' fighting are nice.See, big studios?It's not that hard to give a minority character some actual personality!

4 Francis Pope

He is just like me in a lot of ways, we both like trivia and school most of the time. Another thing is that he will always find comebacks to Nate's attacks.

Francis is nice. He's one of the first characters introduced in the comics and has been friends with Nate for a long time. It's worth noting he was one of the only people who knew Nate's fear of cats. Francis is smart but, as Nate puts it, he isn't like one of those all-weebish types of nerds. He doesn't study all the time and he plays sports. His pet peeve in correcting people is funny (and the way Nate reacts just adds to the hilarity, such as Francis telling him about the difference between lay and lie so he gets diffed with a book).

He is just like me in a lot of ways i like trivia and we both wear glasses. I love school!

5 Dee Dee Holloway

I LOVE Dee Dee!! She's everything you would want in a character. She's funny, smart, artsy, and VERY dramatic. She's always over the top in everyway. She's actually a great actor. Like the time when she pretended to faint in front of Randy Betancourt to find out if he stole Nate's
camera. Even though she blabs out secrets sometimes, we can all relate to spilling the beans. She is an amazing character! Here's my top 5:
1.Dee Dee
2. Teddy
3. Nate
5. Artur
Justice for Dee Dee!!!!

I adore Dee Dee. Sweet, annoying, nice, strong-willed, dramatic and silly. I loved how she pretended to fall flat-face on the ground which threw Francis off-guard, then suddenly shot up and scored a football. I also like that she has backup clothes and costumes for all sorts of events, especially her spy outfit that Nate regarded as "the bride of Dracula," and how she had thinking hats for the Factoids by the Trivia Slam. She's a great character.

6 Spitsy

Best funniest dog ever

He is so funny!

Haha so funny

7 Mr. Ken Rosa

He is my favorite teacher of P.S.38

Poor guy never catches a break.

8 Marty Wright

He is pretty funny, I agree.

I need more recognition

9 Mr. Galvin
10 Jenny Jenkins

She needs to visit a physiatrist. Maybe even they won't let her in to the mental hospital cause of her insanity levels.

I like how she keeps on denying Nate's girlfriend requests, but she is still friends with him.

Sad version of James and Lily in the Harry Potter series.

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11 Peter
12 Artur Pashkov

OK, I know this is TopTen BEST Big Nate characters, but I wanted to put this here. He is a really nice kid, but sometimes I resent him for not stopping Jenny from yelling at Nate. Plus I know how Nate feels when he has to be second to Artur. I'm like that too.

I've always found truly privileged people (like Nolan) to be jerks, so Artur was a nice refresher.Like, he has genuine moments that make me smile.And cry, like when Artur over heard Nate's smacktalk about him and genuinely asked, "Why do you hate me?"

HA! He makes Nate look so bad! The reason I like him is because he totally challenges Nate.

13 Pedro Ortiz

He is pretty cool

He's pretty nice

14 Mr. Wright (Nate's Dad)

Personally, I think Nate's dad isn't a good father.Of course, there's the hypocrisy with the healthy eating stuff, but remember when Nate's grades started dropping and Marty forbid Nate from participating in clubs until has grades were back on track?Understandable, right?Well, Marty never attempts to help Nate with his schoolwork, even though Nate clearly needs at least some help, and even though Nate felt miserable, Marty didn't care!Not once was he reassuring towards Nate!That's his problem, he's on and off with how much he cares about his kids.

You have to admit Mr. Wright is pretty funny especially in Big Nate Strikes back

He is way better than his stupid son. he actually cares about other people and is not shallow. he kinda resembles johnny bravo. I think he is one of the best modern big nate characters. and he is dim wited, jot full-out stupid.

15 Ellen Wright

It's nice to see what a big sister looks like through a little brother's eyes, and I got to say, they are mild compared to me and my brother.

I like Ellen the best. I'm like that to my brother same way as she is with Nate

She is mostly annoyed by Nate Wright like me!

16 Randy Betancourt

At first I didn't like him, but after big Nate blasts off came out, I feel like he is a much better character.

He stood up for his enemy and he is facing a lot right now. Overall what is happening in his life he is handling it well

Sympathetic villain.That's all I can say about why I like him and his redemption arc.

17 Paige
18 School Picture Guy

The most random name

He is a very nice guy,I don't understand why he is not in the top 10's in here.

19 Angie

I like their relationship.Both we're good for each other, and they enjoyed each other's company.Even after the breakup, both were comfortable talking to each other, so I like Angie.

She is the most similar character to Nate, she is a great character.

20 Mrs. Czerwicki
21 Vern Wright (Nate's Grandpa)

He's child hood sounds how Nate is he is the funniest grandpa.

One of my favorite tropes is the tough/funny grandpa.

Yeah, he is very funny.

22 Ruby

Should be in Big Nate funny comix instead of just one book.

23 Miranda

Funny I laughed so hard when she said "When do I get to hit someone! " And when she put makeup on Nate

24 Breckenridge Puffington III

If you guys hate him hate Chad!

He is in the last one to.

25 Mrs. Clara Godfrey

Gina: Mrs. Godfrey is breathing to loud. Mrs. Godfrey: Nate stop breathing

"Nate, stop breathing."
-Mrs. Godfrey, 2014

She is really really kind!

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