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1 Star & Marco - Star vs. the Forces of Evil

If you had a time machine and went back to the timeline of when the show first started, and told Marco that this crazy foreign exchange student would become his friend, then his best friend, then his crush, and finally his girlfriend, I bet he wouldn't believe you. The first season of this show started off with them having no interest in each other at all, except Marco had a crush on Jackie. However, in the second season, we start to see Star acting strangely when Marco goes on a date with Jackie.

We then learn at the end of season two that Star has a crush on Marco and admits it to him. Near the beginning of season three, Jackie dumps Marco because she believes that his friendship with Star is more important than being with him. In "Lava Lake Beach," we see that Marco does like Star back, but Star is back together with her ex-boyfriend, Tom. Marco fears it's too late and gives up. Eventually, Star and Tom break up again, and the two discuss that they care about each other and get together.

I love this couple (if that wasn't clear already), and they fit each other perfectly. Vote for Marco and Star.

2 Robin & Starfire - Teen Titans

This couple is all my goals. They start out as enemies who fought and bickered almost their entire first meeting. But then, throughout the series, they slowly fell in love. Robin is so protective of her and is always explaining to her how the planet Earth is. Starfire is so caring, especially towards Robin, and enjoys Robin teaching her the ways of Earth. They always worry for each other and stick with each other no matter what.

Sure, they fall under the typical "best friends who fall in love" genre, but I love that genre. Robin and Starfire are beautiful together, and I absolutely love their chemistry. They were my first ship ever and will forever be one of my favorites.

3 Steven & Connie - Steven Universe

These two are so cute. I like how the primary focus of their relationship was friendship, not romance, for the first large chunk of the show. These characters really grew together, and watching this growth was beautiful. Also, Stevonnie is one of my favorite fusions!

If these two get together before the end of the series, then my life will not have been wasted. I've never seen two characters more meant to be together.

They are absolutely adorable. They obviously have romantic feelings for each other but also have a strong bond as well.

4 Ruby & Sapphire - Steven Universe

Ruby and Sapphire may not get much screen time, but in that time, they were groundbreaking. Literally. They broke a lot of things. Most notably, they set a world record: Their wedding was the first homosexual wedding in a kid's cartoon. The writers didn't know if they were going to be able to keep their jobs, but they went through with the Garnet wedding anyway. Steven Universe sang so Voltron could whisper.

I mean, a lesbian marriage of some hilarious cartoon characters in the greatest show ever. Why not?

This should be in the top 5 because this is one of the best queer cartoon couples out there.

5 Phineas & Isabella - Phineas and Ferb

I had dreams of these two finally getting together. Thank the lord the episode Act Your Age came out before the show ended.

These two are adorable together. And in Act Your Age when they finally get together, I dare you not to get emotional.

I like this pairing, but after Phineas ignored Isabella for so long, I kind of feel like she deserves better.

6 Homer & Marge Simpson - The Simpsons

Iconic cartoon couple. No matter how many times Homer messes up, screws up, or goofs up, Marge still loves him. Homer will do anything for Marge and vice versa. They both have their faults and love each other with or without them. Unlike Family Guy, where Peter treats his wife poorly, constantly putting her down with rude comments. If Homer makes a rude comment, it's because he didn't realize it was hurtful. He'd never hurt Marge, and in some episodes, he said he'd rather die than live without her.

They are a reference for these couples nowadays that split up at the first problem or misunderstanding.

7 Luna Loud & Sam - The Loud House

I loved Loud House when I was younger. And now, after becoming a straight ally, I am pleased to see that Nickelodeon is now branching off to talk about modern-day topics.

Great ship and to all you people who have a problem with them being on the list, too bad. Learn to deal with it.

Just saw the sneak peek for Racing Hearts. They look so cute together.

8 Aang & Katara - Avatar: The Last Airbender

Nothing is more beautiful than a relationship that starts from friendship. They complete each other. Katara's passionate nature is balanced by Aang's serenity. They're just...ugh, they're just so cute, goddammit.

It was obvious from the start. Those fangirls wanting bad boys who project themselves onto Katara just need to get over it already.

I love Aang and Katara. I'm here for two things: keeping things wholesome and keeping things canon.

9 Dipper & Pacifica - Gravity Falls

Dipper had his heart broken by his crush, Wendy, and Candy lost interest after two days. But him and Pacifica, after we saw Pacifica's true colors when her family's mansion was full of ghosts, Dipper saw a new side of who would normally be considered a "walking one-dimensional bleach blonde stereotype." Heck, Dipper taught her that looks weren't everything in the graphic novel, "Lost Legends."

If they ever make more episodes or even graphic novels, I would love to see them become a couple.

I admit I was actually quite sad and weirded out when they sort of-maybe-kinda got together, but I admit they're not that bad. However, I don't ship them that much, for the same reason I don't ship Dramione. It's just too cliché!

10 Kim Possible & Ron Stoppable - Kim Possible

I've always loved this couple. Their friendship developed so well during the series, despite their opposite personalities, that they became a couple by the end of So the Drama. How sweet? I love the wit and charm between them.

I've been rewatching the series to remember how much I loved the show. Not only did I remember how much and why I loved it so much as a kid, but watching the slow but well-planned storyline of their growing love for each other made me so happy to see them finally together. They are one of my top five fictional couples ever.

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11 Beast Boy & Raven - Teen Titans

I've never watched Teen Titans, but my best friend loves this pairing, so I'm voting for it. From what I've heard, it seems pretty cute.

I've always been a fan of this couple, basically because I really like Raven. It's good that she is paired with Beast Boy since he is nice and loves Raven for her personality. Raven may have a hard time saying it, but in the end, they are both opposites and they always attract.

I used to ship them all the time.

12 Fred & Wilma Flintstone - The Flintstones
13 Mickey & Minnie Mouse - Disney

Mickey and Minnie are staples of childhood from the beloved Disney franchise. They're cute, sweet, and full of pizzazz. They embody values of loyalty, as they have been a package deal practically forever, imagination, as they stem from one of the greatest visionaries, and history and depth because, while they connect with all generations, the wheel does not have to be reinvented to keep them relevant.

I adore this cute animated couple. Long live Mickey and Minnie!

These two are basically an example of those classic couples in showbiz. They've been around since the beginning, or when you first saw them. They are the example of the perfect fairytale life as a couple, and it makes you happy when the two are together.

14 Barney & Betty Rubble - The Flintstones
15 Arnold & Helga - Hey Arnold

I totally agree, even though my substitute math teacher only showed like five episodes of Hey Arnold. I totally saw their chemistry, and it was so cute.

Perhaps one of the few cartoon couples I can say were very nicely developed. Their chemistry is great, they shape each other for the better, and so much more. I can safely say that they are made for each other.

Arnold and Helga are the best romantic couple, one of the best for Nickelodeon. Nickelodeon should make the last Hey Arnold episode or movie, so Arnold and Helga can finally be together.

16 Lincoln Loud & Ronnie Anne - The Loud House

My top favourite animated couple. I like it when they start as enemies, become friends, and finally lovers (in the future, hopefully).

Lincoln and Ronnie Anne are so cute together.

17 Sokka & Suki - Avatar: The Last Airbender

Cutest couple in the Avatar series, possibly of all time. I love how they liked each other when they first met, but they grew to love each other over the course of the series. They're a very attractive, smart, skilled couple that likes to kiss and fight. Enter the Fan and the Sword!

I love this pairing. Two warriors, young love, two people who learn from each other and love each other. I wish they had more screen time.

Such a sweet couple. There is definitely more development between them than between Aang and Katara.

18 Lori Loud & Bobby Santiago - The Loud House

I wish I had a boyfriend like Bobby Booboo Bear.

19 Luz Noceda & Amity Blight - The Owl House

They deserve to be in the top 10 or top 5 because they have a healthy and adorable relationship.

How is this ranked 26? They should be in the top 10, even top 3. They are so perfect together. I love them.

This is one of the best couples ever. Seeing them together is so cute.

20 Belle & Beast - Beauty and the Beast

They were made for each other, and of course, who doesn't love big furry beasts like a bear?

21 Jake & Lady Rainicorn - Adventure Time

They are a cute little cartoon couple.

22 Oscar & Bea - Fish Hooks
23 Darwin & Carrie - The Amazing World of Gumball

Much better than Rachel and Darwin. Carwin is definitely the best couple.

24 Bugs Bunny & Lola Bunny - Looney Tunes

They are a funny couple. That's all I can tell.

25 Hercules & Meg - Disney's Hercules

I was surprised that these two adorable characters weren't on this list. They teach each other how to be better and stronger, they sacrifice for each other, they share with each other, and, all around, they love each other. This romance is one of the healthiest Disney romances.

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