Worst Transformers Repaints

As with most toy companies, Hasbro repaints their Transformers toys to not only save on the cost of having to make new molds, but so they can also make a quick buck. Some are good, like when they do this to make new characters, and some are just plain horrible. Here are some of the worst.
The Top Ten
1 Desert Ruins Brawl

Because the colors of vomit will help you blend in during your time in Egypt.

2 SG Thundercracker

The large amount of bright neon colors and the random gold head with blue face make this figure an eyesore. Not only that, but somehow even with all of these colors, the jet mode is extremely bland as it is mostly red. It doesn't even look like Thundercracker. It's just plain terrible.

3 Bombing Battle BumbleBee

Not only was the figure itself already pretty meh, but this repaint makes it worse. The pine green and yellow do not work well together and the silver legs don't help either. Also the arms are almost entirely yellow. The vehicle mode looks fine... I guess.

4 Crash Landing Attack Bumblebee

It's just so loud. Blue and yellow usually go really good together, but the blinding light yellow and bright blue plastic replacing what should be grey robots bits just add to how bad this figure looks. Throw in a bright orange missile that only makes the color choices worse, and you get a toy that will take up shelf space for a LONG time. Hey the vehicle mode looks decent though. Okay, not really.

5 Shadow Spark Optimus Prime

Not only does this figure look extremely bland, but it also has these strange rust decals that just make it look even worse. The weathering affects are also inconsistent and look terrible. I'm surprised this was even released at all considering the fact that it looks extremely unfinished. No wonder why it was such a shelf warmer in Japan.

6 Keroro Starscream

This repaint of the 2007 legends Class Starscream is meant to represent the anime frog Keroro as movie Starscream. Not only do the colors not work well for the design, the stickers make it even worse. The hearts on the chest, and the anime girls in skimpy clothing on the jet mode not only look cheap, but also extremely stupid. Why is this a thing again? Oh yeah, because money.

7 Tuner Mudflap

This toy was already pretty bad, but the brightness of the gold and the odd orange highlights make this guy look more like a cruddy Ironman. This toy was a notorious shelf warmer, and could be always be found at stores until it was placed on a heavy discount. I'll give the vehicle mode this, it does look like pretty cool upscaled Hotwheels

8 Lucky Draw Custom Color G1 Convoy.

Being limited to just 10 figures, this repaint was the result of Japan's T.V. Magazine's coloring contest, which gave kids the chance to have their own original color scheme for Optimus Prime be placed on an actual Optimus Prime toy. While I'm happy for the winner, the result isn't great. Not only is it extremely gaudy, it has way to much green and blue, which doesn't help the orange chest or yellow face plate.

9 Transformers (2007) Divebomb

If you ever wanted your Cybertron Thundercracker toy to look like a bruised banana.Upon further research it appears that this deco was based off of a real Russian Air Force SU-37 Terminator prototype. That doesn't make it any less terrible, but at least we know where it came from.

10 Matrix Glow Ultra Magnus

Have you ever wanted an Ultra Magnus figure in entirely translucent yellow plastic? No? The "Optimus Prime" part looks pretty good, but the entire Ultra Magnus part is just plain unappealing and completely bare, besides the silver on the horns and face.

The Contenders
11 Road Buster Ultra Magnus

If this strange repaint does anything, its raise several questions. Why would you repaint Ultra Magnus as an homage to G1 Roadbuster? Why are his head and waist flaps still blue? Why did Hasbro think this would sell? Why would you buy this over the original release? I could go on, but I think you get the point.

12 Burning Convoy

Have you ever thought to yourself, "Hey, this Ultra Class Optimus Primal sure is great, but I wish he was completely translucent Red."? Probably not, because that would be absolutely insane, but nonetheless Takara has you covered with their Burning Convoy repaint. Meant to simulate your favorite monkey boy erupting in flames, this toy is almost entirely translucent red, and'll probably make you crave cherry flavored treats just looking at him. Sure there's some reddish pink, and gold flame decals, a grey head, and blueish grey accessories, but they don't help this figure look any less of a cheap, poorly thought out, cash grab.

13 Studio Series Crankcase

While not a terrible repaint, as a representation of Crankcase in a line built on movie accuracy, this falls flat on it's face. Not only does the Crowbar mold look nothing like Crankcase, Hasbro could've easily just repainted the Berserker mold and called it a day, so the fact that this even exists is mind boggling.

14 Daredevil Squad Bumblebee

Oh look! Another Bumblebee! That makes 2 cruddy repaints for the RoTF Cannon Bumblebee mold. While the vehicle mode looks like something you'd see at the Philadelphia Car Show, the robot mode looks terrible. The yellow orange, and drab grey do not go well together. On top of that, The top half of this guy is almost entirely grey, while the bottom half is mostly yellow orange, which makes this guy even worse. It should be no surprise to anyone that this guy mint-in-box with the rest of his team goes for under 40 dollars online.

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