Best Charlotte's Web Characters

A great book! I was in a Charlotte's Web play so I'm biased based on my role but, hey, that's why your here to vote!

The Top Ten

1 Charlotte

Of course the lovely charlotte will rank high. She's friendly, helpful, smart, brave, selfless, and kind to Wilbur when everyone else isn't. She's awesome. - baconyum

Charlottes the only reason why Wilbur is still alive.

2 Fern

Cute, sweet, smart, imaginative, brave, and strange, Fern in my opinion makes the show. I played her in the play I did and trust me she's an incredible person! - baconyum

3 Wilbur

The irresistible young pig stole my heart. His friendship, good nature, kindness, and cute and funny fears make me smile:) plus I'm pig obsessed (^(oo)^) - baconyum

4 Templeton

I love how he's a good person in a villain like way. He's not super nice and happy, he mean but can be talked into good. Though he is selfish, sometimes he helps Wilbur in amazing ways - baconyum

I love templeton. In the 2006 version he does become very nice at the end. Also he is so cute! 🐀!

5 Goose
6 The old sheep

Ok well she's not active and lively but she's got sarcasm and this lovable old person thing. I like how she tries to intimidate Wilbur - baconyum

7 Gander
8 Avery

your mom

9 Jeffrey the Gosling
10 Cardigan the Lamb

The Contenders

11 Homer Zuckerman

He's not bad. He's funny and can be caring. - baconyum

12 The lamb
13 Henry Fussy
14 Mrs. Zuckerman
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