Best Charlotte's Web Characters

Charlotte's Web is a famous children's novel by author E. B. White. Its critical and commercial success led to numerous film adaptations, the most famous of which is a 1973 animated film.
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1 Fern Arable

Cute, sweet, smart, imaginative, brave, and strange, Fern in my opinion makes the show. I played her in the play I did and trust me she's an incredible person!

A kind brave female lead

2 Charlotte

Of course the lovely charlotte will rank high. She's friendly, helpful, smart, brave, selfless, and kind to Wilbur when everyone else isn't. She's awesome.

It is not often that someone comes along who is a true friend and a good writer

Charlottes the only reason why Wilbur is still alive.

3 Wilbur

You genuinely feel for this protagonist

The irresistible young pig stole my heart. His friendship, good nature, kindness, and cute and funny fears make me smile:) plus I'm pig obsessed (^(oo)^)

4 Templeton

I love how he's a good person in a villain like way. He's not super nice and happy, he mean but can be talked into good. Though he is selfish, sometimes he helps Wilbur in amazing ways

He's funny and memorable

I love templeton. In the 2006 version he does become very nice at the end. Also he is so cute! 🐀!

5 Goose
6 The Ram

Ok well she's not active and lively but she's got sarcasm and this lovable old person thing. I like how she tries to intimidate Wilbur

7 Avery Arable

I'll have a double cheeseburger

fern's brother is called avery?

8 John Arable

Fern's father who was about to kill Wilbur

9 Mrs. Arable

Fern's mother who educates her

10 Gander
The Contenders
11 Homer Zuckerman

He's not bad. He's funny and can be caring.

Zuckerman's famous piiiiiig

12 Henry Fussy

His mom's hard on him

13 Jeffrey the Gosling
14 Cardigan the Lamb
15 The lamb
16 Edith Zuckerman

Zuckerman's not famous wife

17 Lurvy

The 1st to notice the messages

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